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Download this stock image: Elena Dementieva of Russia forehand returns during a doubles match in the Zurich Open, WTA women's tennis tournament, in Zurich, Switzerland on October 18, 2005. Dementieva, with partner Flavia Pennetta of Italy beat Benesova/Pastikova of the Czech Republic 7-5, 6-2 to advance to the 2nd round. (UPI Photo/Tom Theobald) - W0NGXW from Alamy's library of millions of ... Relationships. Elena Dementieva has had no other relationships that we know of.. About. Elena Dementieva is a 38 year old Russian Tennis Player born on 15th October, 1981 in Moscow, Russia. Her zodiac sign is Libra. Elena Dementieva is a member of the following lists: 1981 births, People from Boca Raton, Florida and Tennis players at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Partner; Fotos and videos; General information Name Elena Surname Dementieva Nationality Ukraine Member Id number (MIN) 10069436 Current age group Adult (Senior Ia) Member of All Ukrainian DanceSport Federation Licenses Athlete Division: General Status: Expired Expires on: 04/02/2018 ... All three points came from Dementieva, as she avenged her loss to Pierce at the US Open, beat Mauresmo, and then won the deciding doubles match with partner Dinara Safina. At the WTA Tour Championships, Dementieva lost all three round robin matches against Mauresmo, Pierce, and Kim Clijsters with the same score each time: 6–2, 6–3. Elena Dementieva. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. The player with Elena is her doubles partner, Flavia Pennetta from Italy, cute and also beautiful player... Top #641840 - 01/23/07 08:52 PM Re: ELENA DEMENTIEVA in australian open: HQ pics [ Re: izak ] Stats. Birth Name: Elena Viatcheslavovna Dementieva Age: 38, born 15 October 1981 Born and residing in: Russian Federation Height: 5' 11' Relationship Status: Married Partner: Maxim Afinogenov Lists View Tatiana Dementieva’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Tatiana has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Tatiana’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Recall, Dementieva and her partner officially registered their marriage on July 16, 2011. Up to this Maxim and Elena met for a long time – since the mid 2000-ies. “It just so happened that the first really met our parents. Was hockey match in Miami, and their seats in the stadium were there. Dementieva reported to be engaged to be married According to a couple of Russian newspapers, Elena Dementieva is officially engaged to her long-time partner, Buffalo Sabres right wing, Maxim Afinogenov. According to reports, they will wed in July of next year. Posted by Diane at 7:12 PM.

[Potential Spoilers] The DCTV Dream, Building and Remodeling Its Structure (5/?)

2020.04.27 22:18 FiftyOneMarks [Potential Spoilers] The DCTV Dream, Building and Remodeling Its Structure (5/?)

For those who don’t make it a habit to frequent other subs, I’ll try and keep this brief. This post is part of an ongoing series of posts I’m making to reformat the various DCTV shows. My previous post, reformatting Supergirl, can be found here. From there you can backtrack to the other previous posts (or look under my profile). My initial post which was for Arrow, and explained this whole thing in far more detail, can be found here. Now that that’s out of the way, here is my Black Lightning reformat.
Jefferson Pierce as Black Lightning,
Lynn Pierce (as Lynn Pierce),
Tatsu Yamashiro as Katana,
Maseo Yamashiro as Sarab,
Billy Henderson (as Billy Henderson),
Denise Simms (as Denise Simms),
Gardner Grayler as Shining Knight,
Joanna Pierce (as Joanna Pierce),
Jack Carella as Amberjack,
Jose Delgado as Gangbuster,
Alvin Pierce (as Alvin Pierce),
Mike Henderson (as Mike Henderson),
Peter Gambi as the Tailor,
Helga Jace (as Helga Jace)
When it comes to Jeff, I think the show should have started with him in the role of Vice Principal of Garfield. He still has his reputation, rapport with the student body, and is practically the face of Garfield but Macnair Chaplin (a comic character) is the principal. This gives Jeff a certain degree of freedom that he isn’t necessarily allowed to have as principal of the school so his early absences when he is the only hero in Freeland is easier to accept. However, he would follow a progression throughout the series where he becomes Principal and later leads the Board of Education for Freeland.
Lynn’s story would be mainly the same although I’d place her as a Lead Neuroscientist working for a Mercury Labs Research facility (with Mercury Labs later be acquired by L-Corp) that specializes in metahuman development. This would of course make her a target of various adversaries such as we’ve currently seen within the series. The character of Jose would arrive and serve as the VP of Garfield following Jeff’s ascension to Principal of the school, inspired by Jeff’s vision of the protecting and nurturing the students. He would then make his own ascension to Principal when Jeff makes a transition to the Board of Education. He would eventually be exposed as a retired vigilante who, after being paralyzed, received a cybernetic implant (the same one mass produced by Smoak Technologies) that allows him walk. At some point, he would decide to return to his former role and seek to become partners with Black Lightning. Upon joining the team, he would allow Gambi to tinker with his implant which increases his natural physical abilities.
When it comes to Gardner, I keep the basic premise of his story. After he leaves the ASA, he would relocate to Freeland and begin his own private security company. While initially only interested in beginning a new life, he would eventually find himself drawn to join Black Lightning in his endeavors and develop into his comic identity. Gardner would also have ties to the Outsiders Team and helping them set up their new base of operations (more on that later). Henderson’s story would be altered as well, his role as a Detective and friend of Jeff’s would remain although I’d have him estranged from his wife and also introduce his son from the comics, Andrew. He would slowly evolve into an antagonistic role after he learns Jeff is Black Lightning but would eventually ally himself with the team and their efforts. He would also reach a point where he becomes Chief of Police and while he doesn’t publicly embrace Black Lightning and Co’s activities, he would ensure that police inference is kept to a minimum through his Deputy Chief.
In an effort Tatsu would arrive in Freeland as well after the Soultaker is stolen by her ex brother in law. After regaining the sword and Maseo being resurrected, both parties would decide to begin a new life in Freeland. Tatsu, who has a background in biophysics, would join Lynn (and a somewhat reformed Dr. Jace) in her metahuman research. Maseo however would join Gambi (who is a recurring character along with Jace) in his tailor shop and work alongside him crafting superhero uniforms. He would also bond and work alongside Gardner as they are both former soldiers. Jack Carella would resurface as a former friend of Jeff’s who was convicted during Jeff’s early days as Black Lightning. Seeking to right his wrongs, Jack would initially join Gardner’s security firm but upon learning of Team Lightning’s existence, he would be offered the chance to help fight crime within the city and take up a new codename before joining Jeff and Co.
Jefferson’s niece and nephew, Joanna and Alvin the II, would arrive in Freeland following an attempt on their lives (orchestrated by Proctor when he learns Jeff’s identity) that resulted in their mother, his sister, being killed. Their existence, and their mother’s existence, would be previously unknown to Jeff As his mother left before his sister was born. Coming to live with Jeff, while initially unaware of who he is, the two would decide to build new lives in Freeland. Joanna would come to be the city’s ADA, helping ensure convictions for the gang members Team Lightning captures and slowly becoming a trusted ally in the process. Meanwhile, Alvin would join the Freeland Gazette and seek to become a reportejournalist like his grandfather which serves to put him in the same dangerous situations.
In addition to Henderson, the Freeland PD would be helmed by Denise Simms as Deputy Chief. Denise would seek to help reform the Freeland PD and ensure the continued cooperation and support of Team Lightning when it comes to the increasing inhuman threats plaguing the city. Denise would also help Gardner build up his security company, generally recommending decent officers to work with his. During the reformation of the police force, Henderson’s nephew Mike would arrive in Freeland as a hotshot detective who is generally indifferent towards Team Lightning. However, after meeting Alvin, the two of them team up in an effort to uncover certain truths about Freeland like it’s history with the 100, the 1000, the ASA, etc.
Given that the number of “field” members of the team is a bit smaller, there wouldn’t really be a need for a work-shift in this scenario. However, as Jeff’s professional life elevates, he would slowly begin to depend on his team to fight crime more as he attempts to fix Freeland’s ills and reform the city similar to how I would have Oliver function upon becoming Mayer. Gambi would be the only “man in the chair” and serve as the primary catalyst for discovering and informing the team of potential threats. Lynn and Henderson would occasionally step into Gambi’s role when he’s unavailable but for the most part would merely be in the know and help out only when necessary. Jace would be in a similar boat, mainly working alongside Lynn but also serving as Team Lightning’s medic when they are in need. When it comes to Denise and Joanna, who would come to discover the truth about the team, would only be involved in their efforts when their work intercepts directly with the Team while Alvin and Mike would be unaware of who the Team is but cause them problems as they often end up directly in the Teams path or cause the Teams enemy’s to come after them.
Seasonal Big Bads:
One thing I’ve always felt is that Black Lightning did too much too fast so for the first season, I would have the main antagonists be Lala, Andrew Henderson (Billy’s son), Two-Bits, Joey Toledo, and Sinzell who all lead their own different factions within the 100. Lala specifically would be supported by the recurring Tori Whale who wants to help solidify the 100’s control of Freeland.
The second season would be where magical aspects come in. Takeo Yamashiro would arrive with the Soultaker and resurrect those within it (let’s say by using a ley line convergence). His team would include the warriors Blowdark, Shuriken, Nunchaku, Stoneaxe and, early on, Maseo and they would attempt to gain control of Freeland.
Season 3 would be the first introduction of Tobias and his team following the fall of the 100. He would arrive to fill the power vacuum with his own team including Syonide, her twin brother Toxic (male Syonide in the comics), Tori (who has her own enhancement), Cutter, and for a time, Painkiller. Lady Eve would also feature in a recurring capacity as Tobias superior for the 1000 until her death.
Season 4 would be a continuation of the ASA subplot with Kara and Zeke (the dirty Deputy Chief) being exposed and working alongside Gardner, the assassin Agent Orange and serving under Proctor who seeks to continue the green light experiments.
Season 5 would lead into the ASA occupation in Freeland following Martins defeat with Odell leading the charge and Sara, Carson, Travis, the assassin Instant and others ensuring the occupation remains. The true intentions of the occupation and Martins efforts to revisit the greenlight project would be revealed and lead into the Markovian Invasion.
Season 6 would focus on the Markovian Invssion, initially led by General Karnz (who has ties to Takeo) with Yuri Mosin, Ned Creegan and the twin mercenary shapeshifters Ishmael and Queequeg working under him until Gravedigger and Martina Dementieva usurp him and takes over.
Season 7 would see a return to more “Freeland specific” enemies when Lady Eve is resurrected and becomes her 1000 comic counterpart with more comic Black Lightning rogues such as Wardog, Demolition, Piercer, Annihilist, Lazarus Prime, and Sick Nick helping in her efforts of gaining control of the city as well as the growing meta population.
Final Notes
Given the theme of Black Lightning majorly being about family, I chose to introduce relatives of some of the main cast, especially with the eventually absence of Anissa and Jennifer. I also wanted to give Jeff more of a team to lean on and do battle with him given the absence of his daughters and the shows versions of the Outsiders in this reformat. A lot of these characters are a bit more obscure or don’t have much comic history but they have all allied themselves with Jeff at one point or another so the show could have expanded upon that. The fact that the majority of Black Lightning’s comic allies also tend to be regular civilians was also a factor in why his roster is a bit larger.
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2018.05.26 21:04 bekkahthecactus18 20 Years of FO Tennis... (2004-2011)

1997-2003 Thank you for the positive reaction to my last post, and I hope that you guys enjoy this one. Please feel free to comment any other memories that you have of these years. As soon as i finish up, I'll post 2012-2017.
2004, The Year of the Argentines: Gaston Gaudio became the first Man in the open era to save match points in a slam final, and win after being bagelled in the first set against Coria, and that Guga guy beat Federer in his first slam as no.1 in the 3rd round. Thus began his run of 36 consecutive QFs at slams until that Stakhovsky guy did that thing at Wimbledon 2013. (Fun Fact, this is the most recent slam in which none of the male SFists had won a slam before.). Other notable Argentine results included Nalbandian reaching the SF (as well as Paola Suarez in the women’s draw), and Juan Ignacio Chela reaching a QF. The longest match in history (at that point) was contested between Frenchmen Santoro and Clement in the 1st round, which took 2 days and 6hr 33min to complete, and ended 16-14 in the last set, with Fabrice Santoro winning. Remarkably, Santoro won another 5 set match in his next match, before running out of gas in the 3rd round. Tomas Berdych also made his FO debut, losing in the 1st round. Anastasia Myskina and Elena Dementieva went head to head to become the first Russian woman to win a singles Slam title, and Myskina took the honours, also becoming the first woman at the FO to win the title after saving a match point (against Kuznetsova in the 4th round). She never won a slam again. Martina Navratilova played her first slam in 10 years, but lost to Gisela Dulko (another Argentine!) in the 1st round. Maria Sharapova also found herself in her first slam QF, a year after her FO debut. Malisse/O. Rochus took the men’s doubles title over Llodra/Santoro, breaking French hearts, and Ruano/Suarez took back their doubles title. Gasquet/Golovin won the mixed doubles title as wildcards for France (aged 17 and 16 respectively), over the Black Siblings, and one Gael Monfils won the boys’ title over Alex Kuznetsov.
2005: The Legacy Begins: Rafael Nadal made his first FO appearance, beat Mariano Puerta in the final for his first slam… and the rest is history. Stan Wawrinka made his first appearance at a Major, we met Gluten Novak and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, and we saw Agassi for the last time at the FO, losing to Nieminen in 5 sets in the first round. Justine Henin-Hardenne def. Mary Pierce for her 2nd FO title. Ana Ivanovic was in her 2nd ever slam main draw, and remarkably, she was seeded. Jonas Bjorkman/Mirnyi def. Bryan2, Ruano/Suarez won again, this time, Cara Black/Liezel Huber were their final Victims. Hantuchova/Santoro def. Navratilova/Paes for the mixed doubles title. A Croatian boy named Marin Cilic won the Boys’ title, and Azarenka/Szavay won the girls’ doubles title.
2006: the First Sunday Slam Start: Roger Federer made his first FO final, trying to become the first man since Rod Laver to hold all 4 majors at the same time, but… Nadal happened. It was also the 2nd time since 1985 that the 4 top seeds reached the SF (Nalbandian and Ljubicic were the 3rd and 4th seeds). 19-year old Novak Djokovic retired against Nadal in the QF (thought it was something Gluten related, but it was his back), and we saw Juan Martin del Potro in a slam for the first time, after he made his way through qualifying. Future World no.1 and FO Finalist Andy Murray made his first FO appearance, losing in the 1st round. Henin-Hardenne won again, this time, Kuznetsova was her final victim. The Men’s doubles final was exactly the same as in 2005, Raymond/Stosur won the women’s doubles, and Srebotnik/Zimonjic def. Likhovtseva/Nestor for the mixed doubles title. Klizan won the boys’ singles, and Aga Radwanska def. Pavlyuchenkova for the girls’ singles. Nishikori was one half the boys’ doubles champions, and Pavs got revenge over Aga in the girls doubles final (Aga partnered with a future singles World no.1 from Denmark).
2007: Nadal and Henin get 3 in a row: Nadal beat Federer for the 3rd straight year at RG, Federer tried to do that 4 in a row thing that Laver did but couldn’t, but he did get a record 8th consecutive slam final. Henin (no more Hardenne for her) won her 4th RG, this time without dropping a set (equalling Seles’ record of 3 consecutive RGs), so Ana Ivanovic had no chance in the final. Caroline Wozniacki, Angelique Kerber and Dominika Cibulkova all made their main-draw debuts. Knowles/Nestor finally won, beating Dlouhy/Vizner in the final, Molik/Santangelo won the women’s doubles, and Dechy/Ram won the mixed doubles. Oh, and some Alizé Cornet girl won the girls’ singles.
2008: Nadal destroys the field: Nadal. Again. This time, Federer felt the burn in the final. (it was THAT final, AKA Roger’s worst loss at a slam. Ever. Still is.) it was the 1st time that Nadal didn’t drop a set en route to the title. Gael Monfils reached the SF, losing to Federer in 4 sets, Ernests Gulbis found himself in the QF of a slam for the first time. We saw Guga for the final time, Ancic never returned to the FO, and Henin didn’t return to defend her title, as she retired from tennis only 11 days before the FO. Ivanovic won her only slam title, beating Dinara Safina in the final. Carla Suarez Navarro, who had qualified into the main draw of a slam for the first time, was stopped by Jelena Jankovic in the QFs. Petra Kvitova made her first slam main-draw appearance. Cuevas/Horna won the men’s doubles, Medina/Ruano won the women’s doubles, and Azarenka/Bob Bryan won the mixed doubles. In the girls’ singles, future no.1 Simona Halep beat Elena Bogdan for the title, and another future no.1, Henri Kontinen was one half of the boys’ doubles title winners.
2009: Federer finally triumphs, Nadal finally beaten: Federer finally got his elusive FO title, beating Nadal’s conqueror Robin Söderling, matched Sampras’ 14 Slam record, and completed the Career Grand Slam. Nadal’s loss to Söderling was his first at the FO, the end of a record 31 match winning streak in the French capital, and his first over best-of-5 on Clay. Federer also had to come back from 2 sets down against Tommy Haas to reach the QF, and then had another 5 set battle with Juan Martin Del Potro, coming back from 2 sets to 1 down to reach the final. Soderling nearly blew a 2 sets to 0 lead against Gonzalez, but won the final set 6-4 to set up the final with Federer, which included a court invader. Kuznetsova blocked Safina from getting a slam, and got her second, and Maria Sharapova made her comeback after a serious shoulder injury and surgery, and ended up losing in the QF to Dominika Cibulkova, who held a match point 6-0, 5-0 up. Dlouhy/Paes won the mens’ doubles, Medina/Ruano won the Women’s doubles, which was Ruano Pascual’s 6th FO doubles title. HubeBob Bryan won the mixed doubles. In the girls singles, Dominic Thiem’s future bae Kiki Mladenovic managed something her man never could, and won the junior FO, against a Russian Daria Gavrilova.
2010: Nadal’s Revenge: Back on that Nadal train. This time, he got revenge over Soderling in the final. Soderling in turn, got Revenge over Roger Federer in the QF. Tomas Berdych was a set away from a FO final, but Robin said “No chance, mate”, and took the last 2 sets to set up a rematch with Nadal. 4th seed Andy Murray came back from 2 sets to 0 down against Richard Gasquet in the first round, before losing to Berdych in the 4th round. Future USO finalists Kevin Anderson and Kei Nishikori got a taste of main draw Roland Garros action for the first time. Schiavone became the first Italian woman to win a Major, beating Stosur in the final, who in turn beat a returning Henin, who was on a 24 match winning streak at the FO. Simona Halep also made her slam main draw debut. NestoZimonjic won the men’s title, and Williams2 won the women’s title, their 2nd Career Golden Doubles slam, and held all 4 doubles slams at the same time. Srebotnik/Zimonjic won the mixed doubles, and Elina Svitolina won the girls’ title over Ons Jabeur. Babos/Stephens won the girls doubles title.
2011: Li Na makes History: Nadal. Number 6. But, he did get to play his 2nd 5 set match at RG, this time, against John Isner, who was 2 sets to 1 up in the 1st round, before losing. Federer ended Djokovic’s 41 match winning streak in the SF, but couldn’t get more than a set over Nadal in the final. Andy Murray reached the SF but lost to Nadal. His run included a comeback win from 2 sets to 0 down against Viktor Troicki in the 4th round. Fabio Fognini made an impressive run to the QF, including a 5 set win, 11-9 in the final set in the 4th round over Albert Montañés, but withdrew before the QF against Novak Djokovic. Grigor Dimitrov entered the FO main draw for the first time. Li Na became the first Asian Grand Slam Singles Champion, defeating defending champion Schiavone in the final. It was the first time since 2003 USO that neither Venus or Serena were in the main draw. (Serena: Pulmonary Embolism, Venus: Hip Injury). Future slam champion Sloane Stephens made her slam main draw debut. Mirnyi/Nestor won the mens doubles, Hlavackova/Hradecka won the womens doubles, and Dellacqua/Lipsky won the mixed. Bjorn Fratangelo def. Dominic Thiem in the boys final, and Ons Jabeur def. Monica Puig for the girls’ title.
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Tatiana Dementieva - General director - Pharm-Alliance ...

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Esibizione di danze latino americane e danze standard al GIOCAGIN 2013 a Montefalcone Valfortore BN. They are new players of WTA .But they're pretty. Right? Check out our merch store : Second Channel : At the Cincinnati Masters, she defeated Meghann Shaughnessy and Anna-Lena Grönefeld before losing to the 4th seed Elena Dementieva, but achieved a career high ranking of No. 23. At the US Open ... Unsubscribe from Sonya Dementieva? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 88. ... Choosing my Ghost Hunting Partner in the IT Funhouse - Duration: 11:29. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Qualifier Veronika Kudermetova managed to overturn a double break deficit in the decider to earn a second round clash with two-time Grand Slam champion Garbi...