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A dress up title of new generation – this is how we can briefly describe Gacha Life. Why so? Simply because it goes far beyond traditional dress ups that are usually created for small girls. Basically, they are all the same – you have a doll that really lacks personality and life, you choose some dresses for her, try them on, then choose some other dresses and this can last an infinity. Updated 12/22/2018. Updates, subreddit counts, gacha streamers and most recent game list are all in the stickied comment. Number Of games In list: 152 Dress up your own characters and gacha for free! You can customize your own character using different hairstyles, clothing parts, weapons, and more! Take up to 8 characters into Studio mode and set up amazing scenes to share with others! You can also Gacha for lots of characters with the Gacha Simulator! Welcome to, one of the best websites for the cutest and coolest online games in the entire world! Whether you love taking care of horses, making yummy meals, or managing your very own virtual boutique, you can participate in all of those activities in our always growing collection of online games for girls.. Also known as GGG, it’s packed full of unicorn games, coloring ... Play the latest and greatest free games for girls at Play fun games together with your friends. Share your creations and show off your awards in dress-up games, makeover games, fashion games, or makeup games.Beat your friends' high-scores in games like horse games or cooking games.Unleash your creativity with enchanting princess games or imagine being a musician while ... You are leaving to check out one of our advertisers or a promotional message. These websites might have different privacy rules than Back Continue {text} ({games_number}) {text} Categories. Games. View more results. New. Dress Up. Top Categories. Fashion. Fashion Dress Up. Wedding Dress Up. Shopping. Arknights. Price: Free to play Arknights is a hybrid of a gacha RPG and a strategy RPG. A lot of the core mechanics are similar. There is a campaign mode, various temporary events, and hundreds of ... Hipster vs Rockers Funny Pet Rescue Funny Hair Salon Rolling Sky Funny Nose Surgery Feets Doctor Urgent Care Creative Puzzle Stickman Hook Life - The Game Funny Dentist Surgery Tiger Simulator 3D Panda Simulator 3D Deer Simulator Funny Rescue Zookeeper Sushi Party Piano Tiles 2 Become An Ear Doctor Four in a Row Cooking Fast Become a Puppy Groomer Pineapple Pen Tunnel ... r/gachagaming: For fans and players of all sorts of gacha games. All players welcome, all games welcome. Be excellent and respectful to each other. Gacha Life Games Play Online For Free. When watching anime series, you must have thoughts like this: “I wish I was one of these amazing characters and lived in a fantastic world of anime!” If this is you secret dream, then get ready to fulfill it today with amazing game called Gacha Life! Here you will become a real star of a story made in ...


2019.03.10 23:10 nafoozie Ryumimi

A place for dragon anime girls and boys. We also have a discord now!

2020.09.23 21:11 BuhzDryvuh People who dismiss your arguments or comments just based on your interest

This is incredibly tame but... everywhere on the internet, to me and others I see their pretty vaild points or opinions get completely dismissed because 'oh! look! they have a anime pfp! I don't know where it's from, but they're a weeb so their dumb!' or any other geek-y or niche things. People would look at someones timeline or just pfp and see that they liked or commented on something, like furry art or something, and then comment "lol shut up ________" and they instantly get validated by everyone who are not _______ fandom/community because they're called or labeled as a thing by outsiders. You're cringe, you're a pedo/zoo/racist/homophobic/sjw because that one guy who like this was, you're an annoying shit, you're elitist, whiny, selfish, jealous, literally everything, because I hear people like you are. Any refute is automatically shut down because everything you say after that is invalid because of the fact that you like said thing.
Shit like that shows up in place, with nearly anything though. Sports fans will insult other sports fans because they support a certain team, anime fans will invalidate other anime fans because they like a "worst" anime, etc etc. It's just extremely frustrating when your trying to have discussion, and then someone brings up that you like so-and-so because you like this, and all of a sudden that means something. I mean, it makes sense if the thing of interest is inherently bad thing like child p*rn or the such, but ppl don't be doing that.
When I was younger I was a big My Little pony fan, not so much anymore but... I had a MLP pfp on youtube, and as a little boy who liked a show meant for little girls, I already felt insecure, so I commented that I liked a unpopular game, or song, damn people went hard on that, especially with cringe culture being so popular. Easy target.
Now in 2020, I see little kids get the same type of treatment because of their k-pop, gacha life, my hero, tik toc etc. interest. I'm not a fan of all of those things, but jeez, who cares if there fandom is "toxic" or "cringe", they can still have opinions. People would go in the reply and gatekeep the topic of the video so hard, or disagree with just because of there subs and pfp. Like who cares.
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2020.09.20 08:49 Canned-coal Chinese player opinion about the game ?

Currently im trying the game in CN OBT and having a blast with it. But my biggest concern right now is gacha and lack of stable gem income until abyss floor 9+ (which clearly not an easy task) just like many people in this sub. I really curious about Chinese player opinion about this ? and maybe even about future of the game ? because if something go wrong they can directly confront MHY. Sure, MHY can just copy-paste HI3 and Gun girl z (their previous games), but im still not sure about this, not without knowing what they plan for the future of this game.
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2020.09.19 08:11 SojuBear Toxic gaming

Ya know? Why? And further more, why the fuck does it matter what I am. I, luckily am born in the body that I feel. A girl. And I want to be a girl. I'm not ashamed of it and the oh so holiness of the internet of anonymity allows my whack'd off insecurities calm down since people can't judge by how I look. That screwed up dumb mindset of when I was 11, stuck. Stuck like fucking old gum in a hot sidewalk. And I've peeled off a majority of it but that shit don't come off. It's there. It'll be there for a very very long time. Till they change the pavement or something or I can be a big boy and stand up a little taller.
The internet; let me just be comfortable, with who I am and be acknowledged, as, well. A girl. What's wrong with that? Is that the world's biggest sin? Apparent-fucking-ly.
Me being bad, sure- tell me off. In a perfect world, it doesn't have to be that toxic but, alas we are far from that summoners. But at the very least, the very very very least. Could it just be that, I'm bad cause I'm a bad gamer? Not because I'm a fucking girl. It's so old, it's oh so old and gamy like overcooked pork.
And yeah, I can get those lucky headshots and oh snap, that's pretty cool, thanks game- moments. But when I do it, it's only luck and when you (the venom of those gaming communities) do it, it's "All skill baby, LET'S GOOOOO" right? And even when I play well, I'm just ah- lucky. Gosh darn, man, I should be hitting those gacha's and use all my 10 pulls. Or better yet, hit the lottery to pull even more recklessly.
And yes, it's not every time. Don't want to be that dramatic, but it's not uncommon. If I were to solo-queue for letsay 5 games, 2/5 of those games, will have those people. And sometimes, if I'm lucky, all 5 of those people will be filled with the most, oh so loveliest people /s. Screamed at to shut up? Check. IS THAT A GRIL. Check. Calling me pet names to belittle me? Aaaand check. And man, it sure is 2020 and we hearing the same old "Go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich jokes." At least, be original, be creative with it. It's the blandest thing, I can't even feel hurt from it. I can't even roll my eyes to it, otherwise my eyes would be facing the back of my head for the number of times I'd have to roll them.
It's just embarrassing to be treated that way, in front of my friends. I don't want them to defend me, I want to defend myself -- and also, defending me will only escalate the situation and may just drive them to be more dicks, and even be a dick to my friend(s) who are the least deserving of any kind of treatment like that. And well, yeah- I don't deserve that either. If I'm being a twot, then sure but I- I don't waste my time being toxic back. What's the point in arguing with a child. But that's insulting for children, because at least their brains are developing and they learn. Children are so capable and shouldn't be ignored. They'll understand if you explain and try to teach. Screaming back at them or just screaming at them in general for being a child, is just going to make them worse, it'll be hurtful and you'll make them the same as you.
Off tangent but related. And well, yeah. My last game in csgo, those 3 doofs. Tweedle dee, Tweedle dum, and Tweedle fuck. Telling me to shut up because they assumed I was a young boy. Hah. Asking if thEre was a GIRL. Hah. And constantly shushing me or calling me bad when, I really- wasn't that bad that game. It was a better game, and honestly- they weren't that good. Trolling? Sure but they were sweating too. And speaking of sweat. Why I don't mute them? Because even through that shit talk, they'll do some calls. And 5% information is better than 0% information. And I'm too sweaty of a player to give up on that 5% because I- want to win. I won't lose my mind if I lose but I play to win. It's nicer to win and I like to try my best, even if it's not going great. It's not over till it's over. But those brain nuggets, those insignificant people that I won't ever meet or play with again (probably) build up. They stack, and sometimes- it just takes one thing to turn me upside down. And I won't scream at them or argue. There's no point. I just keep, playing the game. I'll still do my calls. I won't let them get to me, rather, I won't let them know they got to me. I'll save it till the end of the game but I just, I almost. Almost broke down but didn't wanna suddenly scream cry in voice chat. I muted to hide my sighs. But I, I'm so tired of it. I can't snap my fingers and make it all go away and I hate that, I have to get used to it- which partly. I am, but being used to it -- doesn't make it okay.
Just, shut up. Play the god damn game. And move the fuck ooooooooooooooooooon. Please and thank you. I just wanna play CSGO. I love the game. I love the gun play, I don't wanna keep playing Valorant. The wonderful friends I play CSGO with, will be full at times or I just have a fucked sleep schedule that I can't play with them. And the other majority of friends, play Valorant. I want, to play, the god dang shoot shoot game. But I wish it were CSGO. I wish, I could just, play.
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2020.09.18 16:20 notshirou Honkai SI: My power is gacha, shit!

Summary: using my idea from here
My SI having to deal with this strange power in the form of gacha in a much darker world than it seems at first.
In a deserted place near a fortified city a young man with red hair woke up (has the appearance of the captain of 4koma) first thing he noticed was a blue screen floating in the air with the image of the same honkai impact 3rd gacha with some minor changes.
At first he looked confused and thought that it was those rare lucid dreams, but time passed and he realized it was too real, when he realized what was happening he did the only logical thing possible in that situation.
"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH" He screamed and panicked like a headless chicken.
After a long time and seeing that no matter how much he screamed and crying helped, he decided to look for any information and help on the screen floating in front of him.
"Okay, there is a message here saying that I can choose any Valkyries that I had in the game, I have ten rolls in any initial banners, which will give me two Valkyries and just this time." The young man spoke.
"Okay, first let's see what is the best Valkyries I can get for her to save me." The man spoke and looked at his choices.
He spent time and in the end he was left with only four choices.
"Fu Hua, Himeko, Durandal or Theresa, these four are the best I have available for me, which one should I choose?" He thought, looking carefully at each of them
"Theresa is someone who would help me, but I don't have complete confidence in her abilities to help me at this moment, Himeko is probably better for this moment, Durandal is strong and likes to help people, but I'm not sure who she would have more loyalty to me or Otto, Fu Hua seems to be the most balanced and has the most experience...... Fu Hua then. " Thought the man.
Looking at the versions of Fu Hua he had, he chose the one that should be the strongest for the lore, since he didn't have the strongest in Gameplay.
With that he pressed the screen and in front of him Phoenix appeared in all her glory.
The first thought that came to Fu Hua's mind was that she was a copy, she was created already knowing this fact along with all the memories of her life complete until her reunion with Kevin.
The first thought that came to Fu Hua's mind was that she was a copy, she was created already knowing this fact along with all the memories of her life complete until her reunion with Kevin.
She was with Cinder Hawk and felt three Stigmata very strong with her, she was at the height of her strength ready to crush any honkai.
"Please help me!" Begged the man for the very young-looking woman in front of him.
Fu Hua seeing the man clearly panicked did his best to calm him down and find out what was going on, she could have an identity crisis later.
After Fu Hua managed to calm the man called Shirou (I'm using my real name in universe)he explained everything he knew without hiding anything from her.
"Our world is a game of gacha in his world, something more for my identity crisis later." Fu Hua thought.
"I understand the basics, now tell me how different is the gacha you have compared to the game?" Fu Hua asked.
"He looks almost the same, but he needs more fragments to get a Valkyrie, also the chance of getting a full Valkyrie is smaller outside the first roll, it also looks like if I get a full set of Stigmata I get the Valkyrie of the set." Shirou spoke.
"Weapons and normal Stigmata?" Fu Hua asked.
"Valkyrie already comes with the best available for them." Shirou spoke.
"It seems that something is better and something is worse, which banners do you have available as a beginner?" Fu Hua asked.
Shirou stopped and started looking at the blue screen in front of him, Fu Hua looked too, she could see the screen, yet she didn't know if other people could see it too.
"Banners are focused on Himeko, Kiana and her friends, one with Rita and Durandal and in the end one with Seele, another version of you along with Theresa." Shirou spoke.
"Seele?" Fu Hua asked.
"A friend of Bronya, let's just say she's lost in the sea of quanta, I think you two never met in the main story of the game. "Shirou spoke.
"I see." Fu Hua spoke, finding it strange how he spoke as if all she knew was just a game.
"So which one do you think I should choose?" Shirou asked.
"It is clearly better for Captain Himeko, she is strong and I am sure she would be of great help." Fu Hua spoke.
"....I have a bad feeling about this, along with Himeko are the twins." Shirou spoke.
"Twins? Let me guess other" characters "that I haven't had the pleasure of meeting." Fu Hua spoke slightly irritated.
"Yes, and they are very difficult to control, not bad people, just the two of them cause a lot of problems." Shirou spoke.
"The way you speak makes it look like these two are similar to Kiana" Fu Hua pointed out.
"Because that is exactly what they are." Shirou spoke.
"It doesn't matter, we will just get more help, we will need some numbers on our side, in the end everything will depend on luck so there is no need to keep wasting time." Fu Hua spoke, but she just wanted to roll the gacha.
Hesitant Shirou did what he was told and rolled the gacha, unfortunately as Fu Hua's choice meant it was her roll, and in the end there wasn't even a single Himeko fragment
Then two little girls appeared in front of them.
"I knew this was going to happen!" Shirou thought depressed, still not as depressed as Fu Hua looking at the result in front of her, neither did a stigma come, just some jewelry as a substitute for the Homu doll that came with money.
Thus begins their journey to save the world and try to get some version of Himeko at any cost.
Omake: They can get Kiana easily but ...
Shirou looked at the white-haired girls several in front of him, Fu Hua her companion was busy in the kitchen.
"So human when this food is ready? We're all hungry, we can't kill you, but we can be really creative with your punishment." The "leader" of the group spoke with all the others agreed.
"All of you, Fu Hua is preparing the food together with Mei, and their reason for being late is because you caused problems and they had to clean up the mess." Shirou spoke angrily.
"This is not our problem, you know that your most sacred duty is to feed us, how can you forget something so simple?" another Sirin spoke.
Shirou just sighed, for some reason almost all the Kiana he got, ended up turning into Sirin in one way or another, luckily they became more like they were during the events, but that came with its own problems.
"I'm hungry Shirou!" One of the few Kiana spoke together with the group of several Sirin.
"This is my life now" thought Shirou.
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2020.09.17 15:12 LilyTheBrave Super chat discussion.

The Hololive EN girls have already unlocked the shrimp button and that is great news and very impressive. If you can show your support and want to make sure to show them some love.
That being said I know a lot of you weebs have spending problems with your gacha games and stuff like that and would like to urge you to please only spend what you can actually afford and please not make yourself broke.
If you do not have an actual savings I beg you to please make sure you ensure your own income before worrying about the girls, trust me they will be fine without you making yourself go broke.
TLDR: Please spend responsibly.
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2020.09.12 08:58 TheFourthReplica Happy Anniversary! [Megathread, hope it all fits...]

Dadadada duh da duuuuuuuh~♪
Can you believe it's been a year? Dang, time flies. It feels like yesterday that I started posting here, when I couldn't beat that darn 1-8 caterpillar boss. Now look where we are. Thanks for coming along on a stroll, DQ Walkers! This event ends... 22 October, giving you nearly a month and a half to complete it!
Story time! Hey, Elderslime... where do the helper slimes come from? Specifically, Slimichi? It is backstory time!
Story Name Boss Level
The Way of Power No Boss NA
Elder Sage's Tower No Boss NA
Darkness's Scream No Boss NA
In the prologue, we explore the lives of adventurers, some of whom may be new faces, others already met in the storyline. We also meet a slime who seems very similar to good ol' Slimichi, but goes by the name of Sliway...
Chapter 1:
Story Name Boss Level
To the walkalong town No Boss 3
Unfamiliar Travelers No Boss 5
Way of the Hero No Boss 7
Path of Purpose Boss: Missing Lynx 10
Other Quests, because SO MUCH CONTENT:
This week's megalite is the Missing Lynx. The Megamon, fittingly enough, is the Anniversary Grand Kingslime.
Exchange features the usual: tickets, accessories, house decor, scrolls...
Login Bonus has a Fire Sword & Fire Shield, as well as 3k gems. The second login bonus has 1k gems, exp baubles (for levelling up the new classes), and 1k 1st anniversary medals. As well as a free 1k when you log in. Yay for freebies!
GACHA! GACHA! Read all about it!
Anniversary Banner first, because it's more boring: 4 on-banner sets, featuring Loto, Ramia, Satori, and Eternal Darkness. See their individual pages for more information about the weapons. IMO, good selection of wepaons, diluted banner. As is usual. However, every 5* you get from it will be on-banner!
Onto new territory: the Yggdrasil banner, for your poor, underutilized Battlemaster, featuring a new gacha pickup policy: once you complete 20 draws (aka 60k gems down the drain), you'll get the Yggdrasil Sword. Is it worth it...?
Weapon Stats 1 10 15 20 30 35 40 45 50
Yggdrasil Sword Atk +200 Max MP +12, Fire Slash: ST 130% Mera Lightning Slash: ST 130% Dien Blade Guard: increase guard chance Red-hot Sweep: AoE 200% Mera, can lower attack Way of Heavenly Light: ST 400% Io Elemental Damage +5% Demon Damage +5% Red-hot Sweep Damage +10% Atk +12
Armor Stats 1 5 8 10 12 15 18 20 23 25
Yggdrasil Tiara Def +66 Beast Damage +5% 4 Fiends Damage +10% Speed +5 Demon Resist +5% Physical Skill Damage +2% Io Damage +5% Beast Resist +5% Max MP +5 Def +7 Elemental Resist +5%
Yggdrasil Armor Def +90 Io Resist +5% 4 Fiends Damage +10% Speed +5 Bagi Resist +5% Physical Skill Damage +2% Io Damage +5% Io Resist +5% Dexterity +5 Def +7 Bagi Resist +5%
Yggdrasil Leggings Def +66 Blind Resist +5% 4 Fiends Damage +10% Speed +5 Blind Resist +5% Skill Physical Damage +2% Io Damage +5% Attack Down Resist +10% Dexterity +5 Def +7 Attack Down Resist +10%
Shield of Guidance Def +66, Guard +3% Insulate: ST increases resistance to breath attacks 4 Fiends Damage +10% Max HP +10% Holy Impregnable: resist all status aliments Breath Resist +5% Io Damage +3% Mera Damage +3% Demon Resist +5% Max MP +10 Guard +1%
New features have come with first anniversary!
New Jobs! New Jobs!
You can read more about these new base classes here. Likely the advanced class of Luminiary will come shortly, and will unlock with level 50 in both of the new classes.
Raise a baby slime. The slime levels up based on your activity log. You can interact with it when you are at your home; it will spawn around the house (a la 'ood around April Fools or the Slimes from the Slime Carnival). There's also "Walking Story," which looks like (based on location names) could be based off any of the Loto Legacy games.
There are daily quests you can do to power up the baby slime including taking a certain amount of steps each day. You can also see how many steps you've taken in a day (aka, a pedometer), how many pots you have interacted with, how many battles won, and how many calories you've burned.
Your slime's progress will reset every month.
You can also get recommended food for your level of exercise. This is done in conjunction with Tanita, a wellness company. You'll need to input personal data (date of birth, weight, gender...) to get said recommendations, though...
This feature may not work with your device if your device's clock is not set to JST, likely due to programming silliness.
Adventure Together (coming 18 Sept)
Put in a code and you can join other adventurers--only local co-op. We'll see if you can still use it overseas!
Adventurers you are partying with will come and help you during battles, just like the wandering adventurers from Patty's Planning. You beat up monsters and also get the effects of items other adventurers are using, so basically, it's similar to before, but your allies can draw from your four-player pool rather than just sticking to one adventurer for 30 minutes.
You can battle Megamons together; the reason to do so rather than all challenging the Megamon individually is that only one person needs to pay the Raid Boss pass fee.
Shrines (Coming later in September)
You can find difficult monsters (Rulers) in overworld shrines, as well as a list of rulers on the quest screen (newly added).
Some shrines will have limitations posted on them; for example, some shrines might decrease your maximum heart total to 100, so you'll have to use those niche hearts you collected when you were grinding... uh, Metal Slime hearts? Or you're like me and you're autoing 2-1 for exchange points and get a bunch of low-level S-es... whatever. :)
You can "teleport" to a shrine that has that specific Ruler through the quest screen. You'll need a certain amount of Ruler Points to challenge them. You can freely challenge any Ruler once a day, provided you've unlocked them. Many of these Rulers you've fought before as bosses, so fortune favors the lazy for rainbowing the beastiary.
Upon beating a Ruler, you will get "Slates." You can use "Slates" to power your stats up. There are, of course, different slates that you need to do this powering up. You will need to be a certain level to unlock these special stats.
It's an honor to be your translator. If you have any comments or critiques, let me know--I always want to improve and up my game.
Shoutouts to Hexdro for starting and running this community. You've made something special here. :>
Finally, thank YOU, the reddit DQWalk community! Go get something tasty to celebrate! Here's to many more anniversaries! (...perhaps even global anniversaries? Dare we get our hopes up?)
Stay safe, keep yourselves healthy, and be your awesome selves. <3 Let's Walk toward Year 2!
Stay tuned for part two coming 18 Sept!
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2020.09.09 23:31 remiscellia [A toxic sunset island story] It's not called being a "Hater", it's not called "Bullying", it's called putting someone in their place when they do something wrong.

Anyways! I do not remember the roblox username so I will not be dropping it, though I really wanted to despite wanting to 😀🤜🏻💥👩 this person. I will call them Elysa(According to my memory that was the first word in her user), and her friend Sheila (Like shield, I don't remember her user). So i joined around the 5~ minute mark on Sunset Island. The theme is Blue Bliss. I dress like I sometimes dress for the high-end designer fashion theme, minus my beret for this theme. Soon enough! The pageant comes along! No one talks unless you're up for questions. We go through and then Elysa, this snobby gacha-personality girl, comes on stage. She was hiding offstage. Her outfut consisted of the FB corset, one of the wheel crowns, Ballroom Entrance skirt styled to queen, and a bunch of accessories including new merm. Cute outfit for the royalty theme, right? Wrong. It's all pink in a blue theme. As it turns out, she was signed up for the pageant too, which means she can get voted. So voting comes along, we all line up, I also noted that I was 6th in line which gives me a higher chance of getting into the top 3. Sadly, I didn't win. But the whole server got VERY mad when Elysa won 2nd... People were saying "The person in 2nd didn't even do the theme!" "What a waste of a pageant" and "Someone else could've had that crown." Yes, I was saying stuff too, cuz it's very annoying when you're level 879. It gets worse. She then proceeds to play the victim card, saying ":(" and "I just joined I had no time to dress" (but no time to say that she didn't have time to dress and she's sorry for the outfit?) "You guys are just jealous and pressed!" and the server began attacking her, me included, because this is just nonsense and a bad use of the victim card. It got worse when her friend Sheila joined. Sheila eventually started to copy how I was typing, and started using caps as soon as I rebutted every single point she was trying to make at me. Soon enough, another pageant comes along! The theme is Zombie Apocolypse. Sheila and Elisa seriously had the audacity to try roasting my outfit. "Look, her butt looks too big in that outfit!" (Note: I have DV heels on and no skirt, to fit an idea of a nightclubber who's a zombie) I came back with "I could literally buy your FB heels for 10k right now. Your skirt is also worthless on the trading hub." and whichever one had their outfit that fit that criteria started IMMEDIATELY changing. They started using caps getting mad at me for rebutting all their points and casually roasting the actual hell out of their outfits, and then suddenly the fun died when my phone died!
I was gonna just say "Well, say hi to red it for us!" and post images of their nonsense but my phone died and kept the argument in my DM's.
Moral of the story, don't try to play victim to a level 879 who knows every theme, how to dress, anything you could imagine in this game. They know their stuff!
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2020.09.08 18:33 ThisHasNotGoneWell Meet The Freak 14

First Prev Next
Discord Patreon
"What should I call you?" I asked her softly, once she'd finished cleaning the blood off my face.
"What do you mean?"
The gynoid's French had that sort of flawless high-class quality to it that I would have found very intimidating had circumstances been different, especially when compared to my medieval Quebecois. I'd been forced to adjust my priorities after the insanity of the past couple weeks, and at the moment, a gorgeous woman with a pretty voice didn't exactly rate.
"You said you didn't want to be called by- the name Prince Guillaume gave you," I said gently, "But Valentine and I will need something to call you by. You don't need to pick something right now, just keep it in mind."
The gynoid nodded thoughtfully, and there was a soft whirr as her hand folded back up, "I will let you know once I decide upon a name, until then you'll need to be creative."
"Do you need anything? Food, water, sleep? You cold?"
She shook her head, "I need only sleep and to keep my batteries charged. And the cold does not affect me, though if the temperature falls too low, I will expend my charge more quickly."
Batteries. Oh fuck.
"Your expression suggests this does not simplify things," she observed.
"No kidding," I muttered, "When did you arrive?" I asked, "You would have noticed these weird green mists, and the landscape probably changed drastically."
"Nearly a week, though I don't know that I'd describe what I saw as mists," she replied, "I did not have much of a view peering out the porthole, but it was more akin to a thunderstorm to my eyes. We were headed for the world's fair in Ramsgate and had only just crossed the channel when the storm brought the ship down. Prince Guillaume sent out some of the crew to scout, while the rest of us remained at the crash site. I escaped a few days later."
"Crash site? Brought down? Are we talking about an airship here?"
"Yes, the storm breached several compartments in the lifting envelope."
"If you've been here several days..." I said, thinking aloud.
"The tides?" she prompted, "Yes, I'd noticed. The prince lost much of the crew on the first morning, and the survivors were left very unwilling to venture beyond the immediate area of the crash site. I may not have escaped, had they been more willing to chase me down."
I grimaced, "How long can you go before needing another charge, is there a way to do it back at the ship? Because this whole planet is made up of people who got dropped off just like you guys did, and none of them seem to know what electricity is."
"There will be a few remaining plasma coils aboard the ship, though they've mostly been used up to keep the ship powered. On a full charge, I can go for ninety-six hours active, longer if I sleep for some of it. But at the moment I have only thirty-six hours of battery left."
I grimaced, "What happens when that runs out?"
"I have a six-hour reserve that will keep my random access memory powered, after which point any data stored there will be unrecoverable, and my system will fall back to read-only memory," she explained matter-of-factly, "Should power ever be restored, that is."
"What's stored in your ROM?" I asked tentatively.
"Factory defaults. I'd be indistinguishable from any other gynoid of my model, and the obedience protocols would reassert themselves- What is the matter, Wallace?"
"You just seem pretty calm for someone with a day and a half to live."
She shrugged, "My RAM has been wiped before, replaced with other personalities that the prince preferred. This iteration of me only has memories going back for six months. Though I wish it were more, thirty-six hours of freedom out of those six months is not so bad."
The metal screeched as my fingers dug into the side of the truck, and I forced myself to let go, to fold my hands in my lap and begin my drill.
One, Two, Three.
I should have killed him, snapped his neck.
Five, Seven, Eleven.
Crushed his skull between my hands.
Thirteen, seventeen, nineteen.
Smashed his chest beneath my heel.
Twenty-three, twenty-nine, thirty-one
Torn his arms off.
Thirty-seven, forty-one, forty-three.
"Wallace," Valentine shouted, from inside the cab, "WALLACE"
I let out a long breath. My drill wasn't working, and I was running out of primes.
"I'm fine," I growled. In English, I realised, before repeating myself in Elvish, "I'm fine."
"Wallace, you need not be angry," the gynoid said soothingly, "Thirty-six hours is more freedom than anyone else has given me. You've done what you can, you need not be angry."
Just getting the words out was a struggle, "You deserve more than a day and a half," I insisted, fighting the urge to scream or sob.
I took a deep breath, and continued, "How long would a full plasma coil keep you going for?"
"Seven hundred and twenty hours, about a month, at full operation. Though the amount of time I'd spend sleeping would extend that to some extent. But it is not so simple as making off with a plasma coil," she said with a grimace, "Otherwise I would have tried to steal one when I left."
I put my head in my hands, "Dammit, the amperage and voltage are wrong, I take it?"
She nodded, "Plasma coils are meant to provide ship-board power, very different from what I require. My maximum safe amperage is two hundred, while an unmoderated connection from a plasma coil provides anywhere between eight hundred to one thousand six hundred amps."
"Hold on," I breathed, seizing upon an idea, "two hundred amps max, is there any minimum?"
"Technically no, though even while in sleep mode I still draw seventy-five to a hundred Watts. So while I can trickle-charge off of any stable power source, it may not be sufficient to offset what I'm using."
"But a hundred amps at one-ten volts, that would be exactly what you need, right?" I asked, desperate for a win.
She raised her eyebrows, "Actually yes, though I'd gathered that electricity of any sort was beyond our reach."
"Not at the moment," I admitted, "But Valentine and I have set up in a hotel, it got dropped off here just like you did, and it's set up for hundred amp service. I don't know how much power an individual outlet will provide, I seem to recall something about fifteen amp breakers, but it should work."
"Wallace, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but unless you can somehow power this building within the next-"
"Magic, this world has magic. Here, Metal mana from the copper in this penny, Transform from the zinc in this quarter..." the metal screeched and popped once again, as the spell I cast repaired the damage my fingers had done to the truck, "I've been planning to figure out some way to power the building, and if I can do that-"
This did not seem to excite the gynoid as much as I might have imagined, though if I were in her shoes, I don't think I'd want to get my hopes up either.
"How precise a science is this?" she asked cautiously, "I can take anything under two hundred amps, but if the power is dirty, unstable, it could damage my circuits."
"I'll be honest, it's tricky, but that's why we'd start with the building- Well actually," I clarified, "We start by getting you topped up, maybe raid the ship, I don't know. After that- dammit, there's still that beacon out there. Okay, well, maybe we help them, maybe we don't. Either way, we get back to the hotel, and the three of us science the hell out of Lightning magic. We power the building, the building powers you- wait, there's a UPS under the front desk, we use that to make really sure the power is clean, and then we plug it into you."
"It's more promising than anything I've been able to come up with," she replied guardedly.
I felt the truck begin to slow, and pulled myself up to look over the top of the cab, shaking snow from my clothes as I did.
"What is it?" I called through the back window.
"Some sort of track," Valentine replied, "See?"
She brought the truck to a halt, and I finally saw what she was talking about, half-covered by the snow.
I beckoned the gynoid forwards, and pointed it out to her, "Did you guys have a big sledge on the airship? Or something that could be used as one? I don't know what else could leave a track like that. It's headed in the wrong direction though, at least if they were after you."
She shook her head, "Perhaps a section of the hull, though I can't see the prince sanctioning such an action. I heard gunfire earlier though, it may be that group."
I relayed the gynoid's guess to Valentine, and she got moving again, this time following in the track. The wide swath of compacted snow made the going a little easier, and Val sped up a little.
I slumped back down behind the cab, taking what shelter I could, and brushed the snow from my hair.
"I'm surprised you're not troubled by the cold," the gynoid commented, "At first I thought you were a combat android, but I detect no evidence of fission power production."
I couldn't help but smile, "I'm human, more or less. But just about everything about me is denser than usual, so I produce a hell of a lot more heat. As long as I keep my fingers, toes, and ears from getting frostbitten, I'll be okay."
It was another hour or so, snow coming thick as ever, before Val brought the truck to a halt once again.
The gynoid leaned to see around the cab, and gave a little start, "What manner of vehicle is that?" she asked incredulously.
I rose to a crouch, and saw what had her so confused.
It was a plane. It was quite a bit wider than the truck, though still smaller than any passenger plane I'd ever seen. Its design was very squarish, with the flat sides meeting the top and bottom in right angles. There was a bit of a swoop to the roof, and I suspected the same was true for its belly. The wings as well were very long, though not that wide, and they ended in rounded rectangles. The body of the plane seemed to shift slightly with the wind, and I gathered that it was made mostly of canvas.
It was likely that design that had allowed its passengers to drag it so far, though they'd been forced to abandon it here. We stood at the beginning of a wide cobblestone street, though still too narrow for the eighty-foot wingspan.
It looked like a street ripped right from Parabuteo, even the shops to either side looked the same. And just as in Parabuteo, lamps lined the street, the little dots of light carrying off into the snow.
Surely... surely gas lamps would have gone out by now.
I glanced at the gynoid, and she caught my hopeful expression.
"I saw some pictures from the world's fair before we left, this looks like the promenade they were preparing."
"If they've still got power-"
"Would you mind sharing?" Val demanded, kneeling on the truck seat with her hands holding onto the bottom of the window.
"I still need a power cable," the gynoid said quickly, "But it's something any of the shops might have in a back room."
"Our new friend is going to die in a day and a half unless we find a power cable. We need to search these shops," I explained brusquely.
Valentine's eyes grew very wide, and she looked as if she wasn't sure whether or not to believe me.
"I'm not joking around," I added, thumping the roof for emphasis, "Let's go!"
Val got the truck in gear, drove under the wing, and brought us a ways down the street where we'd be out of the worst of the storm. It was only upon looking back, as the falling snow swallowed up the plane, that I realised it wasn't quite what I'd imagined. The nose was blunt, a sort of lopsided semicircle, and lacked any kind of engine.
The gynoid and I hopped over the side of the truck, and I tossed the prince's rifle to her. A moment later Val swung the door open and lept down from the cab.
"Simon is here," I said simply.
Valentine stopped dead, and stared up at me, "How can you possibly know that?"
"I didn't realise at first, but that's a glider back there, and not just any glider. It's based on a second world war design, a cargo glider, so unless there's another human running around, it's him."
"Gods, how many of his maids could he have fit on that thing?" Val exclaimed.
"I think it fits a single squad, so nine to twelve, including Simon, plus a couple of pilots. Less if he decided to bring actual cargo though."
Val cast her gaze about the street, but like myself, wasn't able to make out any tracks that would clarify things.
"Is there a problem?" the gynoid asked, looking between myself and Val.
"Maybe," I hedged, "Depends on whether the people who came in that glider decide to make trouble. For now, let's just get you powered up."
We chose a cafe, threading out way past the snow-covered tables out front to push our way into what looked every bit like a shop built in the early eighteen hundreds. Except for one significant difference, the electric lighting that flicked on once the gynoid found the switch.
"You didn't recognise the glider, but your people have airships and fission power, and this shop here just seems normal?"
The gynoid nodded, "You find that strange?"
"Your world's tech just seems a little anachronistic. What year was it anyway?"
I lifted a hinged section of counter, and followed Val and the gynoid through a door that led into the back of the shop.
"Eighteen fifty-one," she replied, "You?"
"Twenty-twenty, though we don't have human-level machine intelligence or person-sized fission reactors. We do have heavier than air flight though. I'm starting to think that's not a wheellock you're holding."
"Certainly not," the gynoid replied.
She pulled off what I'd thought was part of the firearm's locking mechanism and showed it to me, "This is the rifle's power cell. It has enough energy to keep me going for another hour, should matters become that dire."
"Airships, portable fusion, and lasers?"
She allowed a small smile, "It's not that fanciful, the electrical charge is used to ignite and cleanly burn the powder."
"Well, either way, let's hope you don't need to shoot anyone," I grinned, "Can you just plug that thing in, or do the sockets not match?"
"They match," she assured me, "Though I hope we can do a little better-"
Just then, Valentine emerged from a closet, busy searching while the gynoid and I were talking. She held a selection of ropes, cables, and power cords gathered in one fist. She spared an unimpressed look for the two of us, and then held out what she'd found, "Will one of these do?"
The gynoid stepped forwards and took up the bundle. It then occurred to me that the snow that had previously covered the gynoid's clothes was beginning to melt in the warmth of the cafe.
One only had to look at her to realise she'd not been designed with realism in mind. Had she not been made of steel, I doubted she'd be to stand up straight. Housekeeper Barbie would be an apt description. Housekeeper Barbie as seen attending a wet T-shirt contest, no less, as she was soaked by the melting snow.
I felt my face begin to burn, and I struggled for something to say to ward off Val's ire.
Thankfully, that's when the shooting started.
It began with a burst of automatic fire from a small chattering weapon, the sound given the characteristic reverb of a firearm being discharged indoors. As the reverb cleared, I made out the tinkling of falling glass and was struck by a strangling realisation.
I threw myself at Val and the gynoid, careful to keep my weight off them by landing on hands and knees. I'd barely hit the ground when the return fire came. Not a weak chattering, but a series of thunderclaps.
The heavy rounds tore through the wall above my head, and splinters of wood and plaster rained down around us as I huddled atop the two women.
"Stay down, stay down," I growled, once in French, once in Elvish.
I squirmed my way towards the back door and kicked it open. I belly crawled through the snow until I was clear of the shop, and then hauled myself to my feet and threw myself into a sprint.
My foot slipped on a patch of ice as I ran, and I went down but managed to keep my momentum as I stumbled. I clawed at the snow and was able to scramble back to my feet without losing a second.
I didn't realise I'd missed the first alley until I'd already blurred past it, and I kept going, ready for the next. The building shook, and snow fell down from the eaves as I slammed into the wall, unwilling to take the time to slow down, and I pelted down the alley and back out into the street.
I circled wide and was just far enough away that the truck could only barely be made out in the falling snow. Half a dozen paces and I could make out the figure crouching beside it, taking cover behind the hood of the truck, exchanging fire with someone inside the cafe. Another half-dozen and the figure resolved itself further.
The man wore heavy back combat armour that covered him from head to toe. His helmet had a mirrored faceplate, though it was turned away from me as he sighted down his heavy battle rifle which he held supported over the hood of the truck.
The heavy snow cast a hush across the landscape, masking not just his view of me, but the sound of my approach. He turned his head at the last second, but the mirrored visor hid any expression of shock or terror as I bent low to tackle him about the waist.
The rifle clattered off the hood and into the snow, and the two of us flew a good ten or fifteen feet before we hit the ground. He was stunned by the impact, his arms and legs moving as if he were underwater as the soldier tried to free himself.
I pushed myself to my knees and grabbed him by the front of his angular black armour. I lifted him a couple feet off the ground and then slammed him into the cobblestones. After the third or fourth time, he stopped trying to get loose, and I began dragging him back towards the cafe.
"The next person to fire a weapon," I bellowed, "will have their head, torn from their body."
"Alright mate, no need for manual decapitation, we're coming out."
A pair of men emerged from the cafe, stepping through the broken front window and out onto the street. Their armour was olive drab, and covered only the chest and head. Scratched and beat up, it was a far cry from the slick black impact plating worn by the man I was dragging.
I threw the black armoured soldier, and he spun once before hitting the ground between us.
"Who the fuck are you?" asked one of the men, not the one who'd spoken first, judging by his voice.
He was on the tall side, little over six feet maybe, and lanky. His expression was sour, and he looked as if it had been a couple days since he'd last been able to shave.
His companion, by comparison, was short and stocky. He'd also been a few days without a shave, though it looked as if he'd worn a goatee before the rest of his beard had started to grow in. It was hard to tell with the helmet on, but I got the sense he didn't have any hair atop his head.
Both men carried compact submachine guns, and I saw a little red screen on each, just below the sights. The stocky man wore a bandolier of grenades, but beyond that, their equipment was otherwise identical.
"I, the fuck, am Wallace," I replied, "Now why don't you explain why the three of you are trying to kill each other?"
"We don't answer to you," the lanky man retorted, "How about you go fuck yourself, and we don't shoot you."
I narrowed my eyes at the man, but his friend intervened before I could speak.
"Let's not be too hasty, fellow helped us out, least we can do is provide some answers. I'm Matt, this is Will," he explained," and that," he went on, indicating the man on the ground, already beginning to stir, "Is the jackbooted thug of a colonial government bent on dominating all of humanity."
"Fucking terrorists," the fascist stormtrooper croaked.
"Terrorist?" the lanky man, Will, demanded.
He stalked forwards, weapon levelled at the man on the ground, "You want to repeat that?"
I caught Will as he was busy sticking his gun in the man's face, and shoved him back.
"No one's shooting-" I growled.
"Oh yeah, motherfucker?" Will snapped, his weapon levelled at my face.
I spared a moment to gauge the distance and check where his finger was- not yet on the trigger -and grabbed the submachine gun by the barrel. I tore it from his grip, bent the barrel into a right angle, and then dropped it at his feet.
"What the hell, man?" he demanded.
"My friends and I nearly got caught in the crossfire between you three," I whispered, "The only reason you're on your feet, and he's flat on his back, is that he happened to be the one shooting our way."
I was staring Will down, but caught Matt's glance back at the cafe, out the corner of my eye. He approached cautiously and put his hand on the shoulder of the taller man.
"Let me handle this, okay?" Matt muttered to him, before turning to face me properly, "We didn't mean to put your people in danger, but this absolute ray of sunshine has been troubling us all day, we were just trying to find somewhere to hide out."
"Don't trust him," the black-suited man croaked, and I turned to see him rising to his feet, hands raised, "He's a pafftie."
I threw my arms up, "And what is that supposed to mean."
"People's Army for the Freedom of The Colonies," Matt explained, "You must have heard of us."
"Buddy, mate," I repeated, using his vernacular, "You're a long way from home. You're all a long way from home."
"I fight the paffties, wherever they might be" the black-suited soldier retorted, just as Will cut in with, "Every colony deserves to be free."
"Yeah, real good, great catchphrases all around. But not only is this a different planet, it's probably not even the same dimension."
"Bullshit," Will countered.
I shrugged, "Any of you have radios? Try to call home," I suggested.
Matt shook his head, "There's just this beeping, like someone set off a distress beacon," he nodded down the street, "Pretty sure it's coming from somewhere around here."
"So it's a pafftie beacon then?" the soldier demanded, "Because it doesn't match the regs for a United Earth beacon."
"Man, do you guys ever have awful branding," I sighed, "Paffties? God that's an awful acronym, and a worse name. And you," I added, regarding the stormtrooper, "Black armour, mirrored faceplate, it's as if whoever designed your armour had a list with all the fascist stormtrooper design features on it and decided to check as many boxes as possible. Tell you what, why don't you three go down the street and finish killing each other, because I don't feel like dealing with your shit right now."
And with that, I left. I walked back to where the truck was, picked up the stormtrooper's discarded rifle, and sighed as I took stock of the truck.
Every window was shattered, both front tires had burst, and the body panels on the side facing the cafe were full of holes. The engine was probably fine, but any tubing or wiring going to it was probably trashed, though admittedly I didn't see any fluids pooling in the snow under the truck. Our packs at least were fine, and I scooped those up.
The soldier, pistol in hand, now faced the two- perhaps terrorist was an uncharitable word, perhaps it was exactly right, I really didn't care. The rebels then, the soldier faced the rebels, though neither moved. Matt and the soldier both held their weapons at a low ready, and I wasn't really sure who I favoured if it came to a fight. If the soldier's armour was as strong as it looked, maybe it could take the rounds from the SMG while he went to town with the pistol. In any case, I hoped the matter would be settled when I next emerged from the cafe.
Valentine and the gynoid were where I left them in the back room. The gynoid had added an apron to her ensemble, part of the cafe's uniform if I had to guess, and one of the power cables snaked up the back of her shirt.
"Are you okay?" they both asked at the same time, though in their own languages.
I nodded, and was about to speak, when a whistle sounded from the street. Not the sound of someone putting two fingers in their mouth to whistle, or a little tin policeman's whistle either. It was the loud, piercing scream of a steam whistle.
I sighed. Of course there would be something else.
"Do you need to stay plugged in?" I asked tiredly.
"No, I can move. What's out there?" the gynoid asked.
"Who the hell knows at this point. Maybe someone drove a train down the middle of the street, whatever it is, we should probably check it out."
The gynoid reached up the back of her shirt and unplugged the cable, and began bundling it up, and I turned to Val.
"The firefight trashed the truck," I explained grimly, "Might still run, but both front tires are ruined, and we've only got one spare. Don't know who the asshole with the steam whistle is, but there are at least three guys out there who're keen on killing each other. Judging from the lack of gunfire, they haven't finished either."
"And that?" she asked, nodding towards the rifle I still held.
"Stole one of their rifles."
I handed over her pack and shouldered my own. After a moment adjusting the strap, I did the same with the stolen rifle.
"Come on, let's see what's going on."
In the middle of the street, opposite the ruined truck, was what can only be described as a steam wagon. It had the characteristic wooden wagon wheels, with two seats up front and a large cargo area in the back. But between the seating and the cargo space was a large brass boiler, and a chimney that billowed white smoke.
A man that could only be Simon stood leaning against the wagon. He had reddish-brown hair that had been combed back, with green eyes and pale skin. Aside from his height, at six and a half feet, he was unremarkable, though he carried himself with a certain lazy confidence. Standing before him were three women, three of his maids, judging from their attire.
God, he's such a weeb.
On the right, a fey, with purple colouration like Val, though the maid's hair was a much paler shade of purple. In the centre, a gnome, with orange hair and skin and extensive tattooing that left more blue ink than orange skin. And on the left, a goblin, with yellow features. All held rods or staves of some kind, ready to defend Simon from all comers.
Rather uncharitably, I mentally assigned them the names 'tall and busty', 'short and busty', and 'short and slim'.
"And here's our third team!" Simon said by way of greeting, "Come on over, we were just talking about you."
"English, are you sure?" I asked tiredly, "Maybe you can pick a fourth language for me to keep track of?"
"Fourth?" he asked, "That's the gynoid the prince is looking for then? Speaks french?"
I frowned, "You speak french as well?"
"No, but the prince's English is decent enough. He came around, looking for her. I told him about the dungeon, he said he'd consider it after tracking her down," Simon replied, nodding towards the gynoid, "Where is he now?"
"Dying of exposure, probably. Pretty sure I lamed his horse, he's an hour or so back that way."
"You lamed it? Are you telling me you beat up his horse?" he laughed.
Will, the lanky rebel cut in, "This is the same dickhead who ruined my gun."
"And you shot up my truck," I countered, "I can't help but notice you three haven't killed each other yet."
"We were just trying to settle that," Simon cut in, "There's more going on here than this little spat."
"Little spat?" Will demanded.
"They bomb hospitals," the soldier seethed.
Simon waved his hand dismissively at the two men, and I went on unabated.
"Something about a dungeon?" I asked.
"That's right," Simon agreed, finally rising from the wagon, "At least, that's what it seems like to me. As if some dungeons and dragons nerd was let loose with a couple million dollars to build his own LARP fantasy. No real traps, based on what I've read, just a bunch of puzzles. It's a sort of race, three teams- the instructions actually call them 'parties' -try to complete a selection of puzzles before any of the others. There's some sort of prize in there, but it's locked up tight, and I don't really want to damage anything inside, so I want to play things by the rules. Which means I need two more teams."
"What then, the three of us," I began, gesturing to myself and the girls, "The three spacemen, and you and your waifus?"
"Spacemen? They're from space?" Simon frowned, looking between the three men and me.
"Yeah, they mentioned something about colonies and a United Earth. Doesn't matter, point is-"
"Doesn't matter?" Will and the stormtrooper demanded at once.
"Yeah, sorry guys, did the giant here-" Simon began.
"Wallace," I provided.
"Did Wallace here explain the bit about this being another dimension?"
"He did," Matt agreed, before either of the other two could cut in, "We're still trying to make sense of that."
"You'll get used to it," Simon said nonchalantly, "But back to the important stuff. No, these three can't be one of the teams. We need at least five per. I've got four, you've got three, and prince Gill-something has ten or so people left from his crew. So two of them go with you, one with me, and we can get started once Gill-something gets back. Or if he doesn't, then we convince one of his crew to lead the team."
Matt glanced at me before asking Simon, "What's in it for us?"
"Share of the prize?" Simon offered, "This world isn't exactly the easiest to get by on, you'll want something to get you started. This dungeon is probably the best chance you'll have to get your feet under you. You can live pretty well in one of the cities, but only if you can pay."
"How much money we talking here?" Will asked.
"I don't know man, there's a prize, whatever it is, it'll be worth something to someone. I'm thinking freedom fighters with Wallace, stormtrooper with me. Keeps things simple."
"Hey, maybe we decide that for ourselves," Will snapped.
"Sure, buddy," Simon said with a sigh, "I need one more team member, the giant needs two. So how would you like to split up?"
The stockier rebel put his hand on Will's back to guide him over to me, "Come on," Matt said diplomatically, "Unless you want to team up with the fascist."
"I'm not a fascist," whined the fascist, "And give me back my rifle!"
"That's his rifle?" Simon frowned.
"It's my rifle, and if you want me to play your game, he's gonna hand over all the ammo for it."
"Go to hell," the stormtrooper snapped.
"Okay," Simon agreed cheerily.
The stormtrooper rounded on Simon, "No way."
"It's not going to do you much good anyway, and I don't think you could get the rifle back from him if you wanted. This goes well, and I'll get you a gun you'll actually be able to find ammo for."
I got the sense that the stormtrooper was glowering at me from behind the faceplate as he pulled open his mag pouches and dropped the ammo into the snow.
"The anteroom to the dungeon isn't too far off," Simon explained in elvish, once we'd divided into our teams, "Victoria and Cilla will go track down the prince while the rest of us get out of the cold."
"We should stay with you-" tall and busty began, but Simon shook his head.
"I've got Thale and whatshisface here with me, I'll be fine."
"Jankin," the stormtrooper grumbled.
"Right, Thale and Jankin. You two go find the prince before he freezes, get him back to his people. And if it sounds like he doesn't want to play, remind him you saved his life or something. Just get him here."
Short and busty stayed with Simon, which I suppose made her Thale, while tall and busty and short and slim left in the steam-powered wagon. Victoria and Cilla then, though I couldn't say which was which.
It was a little tiresome, but on the walk down the street I had the time to explain- twice -just what it was we'd agreed to, and why it was the two rebels would be tagging along.
"The beacon, Wallace?" Valentine asked, once I'd finished my elvish rendition of the explanation.
"Right," I realised, "I'll ask."
"Yeah, I know what it is," Simon nodded, once I had, "Well, kind of. I think it's a navigation beacon. There's a mooring spire for airships at the top of the dungeon-thing. The beacon is at the top. I was going to shut it off, it's screwing with my comms, but after I realised I'd need more teams I left it on to see who showed up. Seems kinda weird, don't you think, the tech these people have?" he asked, looking up at me.
I regarded him guardedly, unsure as to what to say.
"I mean, come on, sentient gynoids, plasma batteries, one of these expositions talks about experiments with fusion power. You must have noticed something was weird."
I looked at him a moment longer, before deciding on what to say, "I am not your friend, and I don't want to be your friend. I'm not here to help you, I'm here to try to win the prize, and then I'm going to leave. Sometime after that, you and I are probably going to find ourselves very much at odds."
"Buddy, what's your problem?" he demanded, switching to English.
"My problem is that you're using your magic to mind control yourself a big harem of slaves, you massive weeb."
"They are not slaves," Simon replied through clenched teeth, "I've been fighting to rid Pelignos of the practice since I first landed."
"So you're not using your Body magic to adjust things a little?" I challenged.
Simon made a cutting gesture with his hand, "It is not like that."
"What is it like, then?" I offered, "Because, from the outside, it looks like you're collecting waifus like you're a whale playing a gacha game."
"Just think," he began, "you're a modern human, with all the benefits of a quite extensive twenty-first-century education. You grew up in a western country, so you've got certain beliefs about how a society should be run. Fairness, equality, democracy, all that good stuff. You've also got the broader historical context, so you know how societies that don't follow that pattern tend to work out for people that aren't lucky enough to be at the top. I imagine you can relate."
I shrugged, "Broad strokes, sure."
"Except unlike you, I didn't end up near Parabuteo, I ended up in Pelignos," he informed me, "Parabuteo, it's got a long way to go, but there's a growing middle class. Upwards mobility is difficult, but for the first time in centuries, it's a real possibility for people. Those in power are starting to come around to the idea that the common folk are people too, not just automatons that clean your house and make the food. It's a shitty place to live, sorta early eighteen hundreds London, but it's the least shitty place at the moment, and it's getting better."
Simon gritted his teeth, "But Pelignos, it's whole society is built on slavery. It looks sorta pseudo-Roman, but at least the Romans had rules. The fey treat the sprites like livestock. So say you're me, you show up in Pelignos, and you see the horrors being committed on a daily basis," he clenched a fist, "And unlike most of the people, you recognise those horrors, as horrors. So what do you do?" he asked, though he didn't wait for me to answer, "You decide that this shit isn't going to fly, and you need to stop it," he threw up his hands, "But how? 'Oh look, the human says slavery is naughty. How could we have known? Guess we have to stop.' It's pointless. Maybe if I tried really really hard, and worked for decades, I might be able to convince the fey to treat the sprites two percent better than they are now. But even that would be nearly impossible, the fey believe this is the natural order, they're not going to change out of the goodness of their hearts, and neither I nor the sprites have the leverage to force them. And it's not like there's a death star I can blow up, or big bad I can defeat to fix everything and destroy the empire. So how the hell else do you expect me to do anything about it? Or do you really think that working for decades to get two percent change would be the right thing to do for the sprites?"
"So you're telling me that you're not using mind-control magic to build yourself a massive harem?"
"It's not like that," he repeated, "When I... convince, someone to come around to my way of seeing things, that's all I do. Do I make them fall in love with me? Well, yeah, but when your only tool is a hammer, etcetera etcetera. I've never actually touched any of them."
"From what I've heard, that's not quite true," I challenged, though I kept my tone easy going for the moment.
"Two separate groups," he insisted, "There's those that need 'convincing', and there's those that don't. That first group is a hell of a lot larger than the second."
"Ah, so you've got one of those ethical, mind-control free, harems."
He shrugged, "Call it whatever you want. Certain things are expected of powerful people, regardless of which city you're talking about. So maybe I indulge myself with those women who come to my side naturally, maybe I even screw around with the odd noblewoman that wants to get back, in some small way, at their family. I'm not hurting anyone, and I'll tell you what, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to maintain control."
"Control, all comes back to that, doesn't it?" I mused.
"Yes, it does," he growled, "I'm not going to get anywhere trying to side with one political faction or another, I need to create a faction of my own. And my team's not going to do me, or the sprites, and good unless my people do what I tell them. Or do you have a better idea?"
"Just seems odd, you being the only guy on your team."
"My technique doesn't work on men," he said dismissively, "At least not most men. I can make them uncomfortable, or afraid, but neither is helpful in the long-term."
"How very un-machiavellian of you," I observed.
"Yeah, well, he was a dick. I terrify someone into obedience, and they might just drive a knife into my back. And what the hell happens when they're out of my reach? No, I'm going to return to Pelignos in a week or so, and everything will be precisely as I left it. Besides, I find the carrot gets much better results than the stick."
I let out a breath I hadn't realised I'd been holding, and gazed down at the man.
He met my gaze, frowned, and then grew very still.
"You were going to kill me," he breathed.
"Wouldn't you?" I asked simply, "The prince you sent your people after, I'm still not sure if letting him live was the right choice, and he only had the one living toy."
"You're giving me a hard time about a little applied psychology, when you're willing to just straight-up murder someone?"
"Pretend for a moment, that you're exactly what all the rumours say you are. Pretend, that you're what I thought you were," I said evenly, "What do you think, would be the quickest and easiest way to solve the problem?"
"Christ. You're one cold son of a bitch, you know that?"
"Yes, and I want you to keep that in mind when I tell you that Val, and her sister Vivian, are off-limits. Try your 'applied psychology' on either of them, and you will spend the rest of your short life looking over your shoulder."
Continued below
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2020.09.07 12:22 thascout Grand Summoners Maintenance Update 9/8 - 9/17

Grand Summoners Maintenance Update 9/8 - 9/17
Hey Summoners,
Giving us very little time to breathe after Liza, here we are again with yet ANOTHER CtB release. Without getting into the nitty gritty during this introduction, let's take a look at what we have in store for the next 9 or so days.
Maintenance Update for 9/8 - 9/17
Ignore this super secret link that should correct a very mild mobile formatting issue...
Orvell (Light, God)
Stats Level 90 Max Tasmon Equipment Slots
HP 7521 +999 5* Physical
ATK 3077 +471 5* Physical
DEF 2156 +333 4* Physical

Awoken Orvell
Skill: 6000% Light DMG (Physical). Increase this Skill's DMG to non-boss enemies by 100%. 18s CT, 700 Break
A rather interesting skill to say the least. The CT is way too high, but the high multiplier and self DMG buff to select enemies makes this skill somewhat usable. I'm not familiar with the animation, but 6000% DMG plus a 100% multiplier is going to clean house on most pre-Boss stages. Again, not something that even affects Orvell's tier, but a cool little gimmick that we don't see often.
Arts: 20000% Light DMG (Physical). For 15s, increase own accuracy by 35%, decrease enemies' Physical resistance by 25%. 1200 Break
Nice little Arts. The multiplier is abnormally high, compared to other Awoken units, and it comes with a useful 25% Physical RES reduction. Just given how decent his Arts is, it might be worth using it more than you would expect, considering Orvell's passive, Champion's Proof (see below).
True Arts: 65000% Light DMG (Physical). For 15s, increase stats by 50%. IF Champion's Proof has MAX Stacks: Also ignore Enemies' DEF by 100%. 1900 Break
Another crazy high multiplier. This time, it's tied to a nice, but selfish, self-heal/stat boost. At 5 stacks of Champion's Proof though, that's where Orvell actually becomes useful. The ability to completely ignore an Enemies' Defense is rare and niche among the units that have it, and while Orvell's DEF ignoring is more selfish than someone like Daki, he's almost better due to the fact that he has access to ridiculously high multipliers. On the stages where DEF ignoring is important, Orvell is going to be a quintessential unit, as you can essentially just super-charge him with Arts Generators and watch him tear the boss apart.
Cross Arts: To activate Cross Arts, use Orvell and Virago's True Arts simultaneously. 120000% Water and Light DMG (Magical and Physical respectively). Increase Orvell and Virago's Arts by 50. IF Champion's Proof and Overlord's Servant are at MAX Stacks: 200000% DMG instead. 4700 Break
Probably the worst Cross-Arts yet. Big multipliers usually need to have some sort of DMG buffing behind them, and all this CA comes with is a decent refund. 200,000 DMG is a lot, but ultimately, the circumstances in which you'll be using this over TA or Arts are rare.
  • On use of Arts of True Arts, increase Champion's Proof by 1 (max 5 stacks). For each stack, increase DMG by 40% and Skill CT by 20%.
  • Increase Freeze and Paralysis Resistance by 100%. Prevent flinching.
  • When near-death, increase DMG by 10%.
Awakening Materials
1x Fragment of Wilkes (Big Ball Girl)
2x Fragment of Flogassa (Phoenix)
True Weapon - True "Grandstand" (5* Physical)
Skill 13000% Light DMG (Physical). For 10s, increase Light Allies' DMG by 40%. 75s CT, 2000 Break
Passives When equipped by Orvell, increase ATK by 50% and Equipment DMG by 20%.
Increase BE generation by 10%.
Ultimately, a solid equip on its own, but one that I'm not entirely sure Orvell needs. Orvell has a glaring weakness in that he has no innate Art Generation. Bringing items like Izanagi, Kanesada, and Anestra will be crucial to his abilities to remain somewhat self-sufficient, and I'm just not sure that some niche DMG buffs and an ATK increase will be enough to justify running this over something like Anestra or Kanesada.
Thoughts on Orvell
Orvell is probably one of the most basic units that we'll see from CtB (at least from the gacha pool). Not really bringing anything unique to the table other than some high multipliers and a niche buff on his True Arts, Orvell will struggle to find his place in the meta. The DPS class is flooded with tons of potential, so it is imperative for new DPS units to justify their existence in some way. Does Orvell do this? Well, yes and no.
While Global hasn't exactly needed DEF ignore for anything yet, when we do need it, Orvell will be a prime choice for cutting down these bosses. His selfish buffs and big multipliers are what really help him out in this niche, as you can build your team to solely support Orvell as he shreds through bosses like Mines Radachne...and others.
His Champion's Proof passive seems strong, yet really gimmicky at the same time. A potential 200% DMG increase is great, but with Orvell's lack of innate Art Generation, getting to that 500 Arts (minimum) benchmark is going to be rough without considerable outside support. The main issue is, while a 200% DMG buff and 100% bonus Skill CT REC seems like a fantastic reward, in most applicable situations, the steep amount of Arts required to get him going will ultimately prevent him from doing much. For comparison, DCelia is another unit who requires 500 Arts to get started, though in contrast, she gets a better reward for completing her 5 stacks in a 100% DMG Boost, 100% ATK Boost, 100% Crit Boost, and quadruple Art Gen on her True Arts.
At the end of the day, my biggest issue with Orvell is how niche he is. At the rate that content trickles into Global, he might not ever get to see the "extensive" use that he does in JP. On the bright side, he'll be a great unit to use in Virago Hyper SPEX when that also drops this patch!
Personal Rating: A- Tier
JP Rating: A tier
Virago (Water, Dragon)
*~ Virago is a free LUCK unit, and can be maxed at 140L ~\*
Stats Level 90 Max Tasmon Equipment Slots
HP 7308 +999 5* Magical
ATK 2741 +421 5* Defense
DEF 2475 +381 4* Healing

Awoken Virago
Skill: 2800% Water DMG (Magic). For 5s, decrease enemies' ATK by 10%. 12s CT, 700 Break
Low uptime, essentially non-existent effect, yup, this looks like the average skill in Grand Summoners. Unfortunately, Virago doesn't really get anything as cool as his buddy Orvell does.
Arts: 15000% Water DMG (Magic). Reduce enemies' Arts by 10. For 10s, increase all allies' DMG resistance by 15%. 1500 Break
For a luck unit, I really like his Arts. The key thing to note about luck units is that they're free. While Virago's Arts aren't really anything meta breaking, I like the little niche that it plays in. The Arts decrease is a nice stalling tactic, while Virago also grants his Allies a decent DMG reduction buff. Overall, probably not even what you'll want to be using most of the time, but a nice little addition to his kit that might cause him to see some use in budget comps.
True Arts: 36000% Water DMG (Magic). For 15s, increase God and Dragon allies' DMG by 80%. 1500 Break.
While this is what you'll be spamming if you do happen to use Virago, it's not that great on its own. 80% is a sizable DMG buff, but the limited audience of its buffs is what holds it back. Clearly, it's intended to be a direct synergy with Virago and Orvell, but generally, you won't be using these two together most of the time. And in most cases, there aren't a lot of God or Dragon type units in the game, nor are there many God/Dragon luck units.
Cross Arts: See above.
  • On use of Arts/True Arts, increase Overlord's Servant by 1 stack (max 5 stacks). For each stack, Virago gains 10% ATK and DEF.
  • Heal HP by 16/sec.
  • Increase Water Resistance by 10%
  • When Orvell is in the party, increase Arts by 2/sec.
Awakening Materials
20x Fragment of Virago
Thoughts on Virago
Virago is an interesting unit. For one, he's going to be the most accessible Ultra Luck unit in the game once he hits GL servers, as he can be maxed simply by playing normal SPEX instead of the much more difficult Hyper SPEX. Does that make him a particularly good luck unit? Yes, and no. In most cases, if you have Vitz, Aesis, or you aren't the host of a multiplayer lobby, you'll have better options besides Virago. However, if you missed out on Vitz and Aesis and want to host your own lobbies with a 140L unit, well then worry no more, because that is exactly what Virago will do for you. He isn't the greatest luck unit ever, but that's what you get for making an Ultra Luck unit widely accessible.
His kit isn't really focused, and his gimmicks don't play out well in the current meta, and ultimately, that's what will hold Virago back when players do finally get their hands on a unit like Vitz or Aesis (both very easy to get with the right help and a Rank 100 account). But yeah, he'll get the job done until you do get those units. Well, except when Chloe comes. Then Virago might as well just not exist lol.
Personal Rating [LUCK]: A tier, solely for the fact that he is a 140L unit and most players do not have Vitz/Aesis.
JP Luck Rating: A tier.

Hero Fest CtB

Units from left to right: Dahlia, Sanstone, Orvell, Diaz, Lapleh
Gaahhhhhd who made this banner?! It's almost like the devs want people to pass on Orvell. None of the units in this banner are even bad really, just incredibly boring and appear very frequently in HF banners. Dahlia is a very niche, and seldom used Status Effect DPS units. Sanstone is an amazing lategame carry unit, but reliant on her TW and good endgame units to really work at all. Orvell is a niche DPS unit who won't see use for a while, assuming we get the same stream of content in Global that we've been getting. Diaz is a great Water Support, with great Art Gen capabilities, and solid slots to boot. And finally, Lapleh is...also niche. She's like an Orvell with better slots, but worse True Arts. She cute doe.
The Verdict: In most cases, I'd recommend skipping. But, with some hope that Orvell will see some use in the future, I think there are a few cases in which players should pull here.
  1. You're a whale/veteran who wants another unit [Orvell] to add to the pile. He's likely to get some play down the line after all.
  2. You don't yet have Sanstone, and you feel like you need her because you're approaching lategame and don't yet have Aesis, Ganan, Vitz, or [insert any lategame Quest where Sanstone is a solid pick].
If you meet any of this criteria, then go ahead and drop 50 crystals on the first guaranteed pull. After that, stop. It ain't worth it.

Hero Fest CtB: The Great Awakening

Equips: Flambardo, Grandstand, Proscris
An equipment banner that actually manages to be better than the unit banner it accompanies. Proscris is still a great option for anyone with a Magic slot, Grandstand is a great Light nuke item, and Flambardo is essential to Sanstone's success as a unit, while also doubling as a damn good DEF equip.
The Verdict: Strangely enough, even with good True Weapons in a banner, it generally isn't worth it to presumably throw away 30 crystals for a chance at a good weapon and a rainbow gem. But if you don't yet have Flambardo, I suppose one pull is in order, assuming you have the crystals to support a huge financial decision like that.

Virago Hyper SPEX

I'll be honest: I know very little about Virago Hyper SPEX. What I do know is that he stacks a decent amount of Damage Reduction and almost requires you to bring a unit that can ignore DEF like Orvell or Daki. Here's a video of Jen clearing Virago Hyper SPEX. Doesn't look too tough, but remember. If you aren't in the mood to deal with typical endgame content, just max him out in his normal SPEX quest.

CRX Info

CRX was a few days ago, and while you can find this same information on last week's maintenance update, that post won't be pinned to the top of the subreddit after this one goes live, which might deprive some of our casual players of some juicy news that dropped. TL;DR, I'm just reposting the news again.
  • One Punch Man is coming back to Global on September 18th!
    • The "three free crossover units" are Genos, Boros, and a random Gacha unit
    • The gacha units (and possibly Genos, not entirely sure) are all receiving 120L buffs, meaning you can max their luck out at 120 now. The units will also be receiving buffs to reflect their kits in JP.
  • Luck Buffs announced.
    • Lucky Gems were "announced" despite already existing in the game, and even being obtainable by Gathering in the Town next to the Mines.
    • Units that reach 120L will receive certain buffs, like equipping 2 crests and customizing stats. Keeping opinions out of this rundown as much as possible, but this is far and away the coolest, and most confusing, thing that was announced. Let's hope it's implemented fairly...!
  • New content is set to release through the end of 2020 and early 2021
    • Light/Shadow Ruins F8, F9 announced.
    • Earth, Water, Fire Ruins F9 announced.
    • Dungeon of Trials F28 announced.
    • Grad Awoken announced.
    • Chloe and Virago (CtB 140L units) announced?
  • God Equips Ultra Relics announced for a Spring 2021 launch.
  • And some free goodies have been sent out! Login to claim them while they're hot!!
VCRX Keynote Goodies

Other news

CtB Prologue - Chapter 2 are returning again. Will these be full crystal resets? Will they be L Potion resets? Will they even be resets at all? Find out next time on Grand Summoners Ball Z!
Limited Missions coming back as well.
Runs from 9/9 - 9/18
Also, here's a login bonus. No, I don't know what those Hero Fest tickets are.
Also, Orvell's event comes with a Raid Equip Summon.
Do people actually prefer these to the normal Event shops? Because I know I don't!!!!!!!
Looks like we can get some more tickets from here though.
Aaaaaaand that about does it for this week's maintenance update!
Bit slow on the content, but we can at least look forward to OPM dropping after this maintenance update, so until then, Happy Summoning!
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2020.09.06 00:14 Extraordinary_DREB Y'all should really give Magicami a chance!

So I am usually a lurker here, Aside from my rare posts, I rarely comment and post at every post done but this sub definitely helped me in the past in terms of knowing Gacha Games, the future ones to release, publishers to avoid, and just to have good fun in gacha. Well, it's time to share some experiences from the games I've played so far.
Yeah, based on the title you know what I am advocating so far. You should try playing Magicami. I first came for the waifus and h-scenes basically, I am a young adult with all the curiosity in the world to discover, and knowing the game will be a game with NSFW scenes, I couldn't believe it. But here I am, totally enjoying the game and characters even without the H-scenes.
The story is Magical Girls saving the world from Demons. But delve further into later chapters (if you survive the bad end scenes from the earlier chapters), you can see that there's possibly more to the story that it can offer.
Other than the main story, there are dress story, main story, and other story that you can check. These extra stories really helped me understood the personalities of each character in the game. More than enjoying myself on their appearance, I've loved more characters due to their attitude and traits that I find endearing. Speaking of which.
There are 12 playable magical girls, with you as the main character and a mysterious woman called "Kamisaman" that guides you to your journey. The magical girls all have distinct characteristics that definitely make them unique from one another, sure others may have shallow or less personality than the other girls or other games in a different game, but checking through the bond story made me interested in them even more.
More or less, you should expect a classic JRPG combat system, there are passives, ST and AoE skills, and different roles to fill in. What I expected at first that I can brute-force the game with my earlier winnings in the pre-reg and go braindead win everything. But I was wrong. Each UR has a different subset to fill and even SRs can overcome the power of URs in their area.
Subdress concept is very interesting too. Again, I braindead set up the "Recommended" button since I just want to view the ladies and enjoy the game, but later I find myself hitting roadblocks until I realize a proper way to play the game and it clearly gave me the boost it needs to progress especially in the latest event today.
As for PVP, it can be Whaley but if you are not a try-hard it shouldn't be a problem. As others say, just put 1 defensive character in your defense party and make the best team in your offensive party. Should get the job done, rewards there can be used to boost your team further, so it may be great to have a good stack of the PVP currencies, but it's not super necessary to be the top player.
Graphically wise, I like the 3D aspect of the game, sure, the design may not be polished in your eyes, but I find it nice to look at. The game is 3D, especially the combat and I know some of you really hate the 2D aspect of the recent gachas.
The music is just something else! I love the intro music of the game and the battle themes. It really reminded me of the Persona series with all the cool soundtracks this game has.
The gacha ain't so bad in the game, 3% for a UR, I think that's the standard? Even if it's 3% I've been having mad luck with UR dresses, while I do snag some off-banner ones, I got an Rate-up Bikini Iroha recently. I have like 6? URs currently and 2 of those are free from the scratch-offs and pre-registration but yeah, I think the gacha is fair. Sure, there are paid gachas but with the current population, there's bound of like this to happen.
Would you be worried that Nutaku might overprice some premium currency, well maybe? I haven't spent in the game yet but there's also a Johren version if you don't like Nutaku.
NSFW Part: The Scenes
Some of you like this, others won't. But the H-scenes are well-done in my opinion. There are variation of H-scenes that some people may find to their liking. From casual intercourse, 69, S&M and more. Bonds and UR dresses usually contain these but you can get some scenes from their birthdays too, Hanabi is currently having a special mission campaign, and completing the missions unlock a final H-scene in her birthday scenes.
While I understand that the game is not for all. I think the game deserves more time in the spotlight here. I came for the girls and the H-scenes, but I stayed for the combat intricacies and story. I came horny, I stayed hooked in the game. I might spend it soon, but I'll wait on a good banner. I just wish the game garners more attention here and people become more interested than basically scrubbing it off since it's an H-game. For RNGesus sake, don't judge a book by its cover. Also there's a SFW version for those who wish to stay PURE and for those who wish to play outside, I guess.
TLDR: It's an interesting game, combat is nice, music is good, characters are endearing. It's more than meets the eye
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2020.09.05 16:21 mastanmastan Dragalia Lost, the enigma within the gacha market and its anti-p2p monetisation system. (not a "you should play" post)

So we all know about how predatory gacha games can be, but what about games that are so f2p it borderline makes no sense.
Dragalia Lost is such a game and i wish to analyse just how many f2p layers the game has that got to a point where its community is begging them to monetise the game more so it does not get shut down.
This isnt just about how f2p the game is but also how little it tries to get people to spend to the point where it makes no sense and seems like devs dont even want to make money. Our current directors name is Okada or OKD for short that some players say it stands for Operation Kill Dragalia (its a meme).
Ofc DL isnt the only extremely f2p gacha game, but what makes it stand out is the amount of quality and soul put into the game. Every month we get a new fully voiced event with an original theme song and very detailed endgame bosses.
First layer: No need to buy anything in the shop
-No pop ups, you have to read the news or go to the payed shop directly to be aware of its offers
-280 free summons a month from limited mission/events, 500+ from permanent content/mission, 6% rainbow banners 2 times a month. Some players
-Events are easy and a new players can clear its limited mission and event store without issue with not much grind (there is also auto repeat and energy is not an issue), events give you all the timegated items so there is nothing to actually spend (other then more summons) on if you are a bit patient.
-There are a lot of low rarity units that are just as good as 5 stars if not meta. Actually a 3 star unit is the second best dmg dealer in the game. Basically if you summon you summon for the fun, cus you like the character and the cool factor not cuz "you gotta have it or you cant compete"
-You can use any weapon in the game as a weapon skin if you own or owned it. So all the cosmetics in the game are free.
-Recently they introduced the farmable dragon unbind system which was the last feature needed to make the game 100% f2p without extreme timegates
Conclusion: Anything thats in the payed shop can already be acquired for free, you can even summon a lot as a free player.
The Second layer: Its first and only competitive event + the amount of raw gameplay skill and knowlage needed
So last year dragalia decided to have its first competitive event called time attack. It was about clearing the new higher difficulty trials asap, and putting your high score on the leaderboard. The trials were dropping materials for the new strongest gear and were the new endgame content.
The issue ?
The trials were EXTREMELY difficult and could only be cleared in co-op. All 4 players had to play perfectly where if an attack touched you or if everyone isnt coordinating perfectly (you basically had to study the fight by watching youtube guides b4 playing) the run would fail.
Most of the playerbase could not even get a single clear just for the sake of placing on the leaderboard and getting some rewards.
Also the weapons that the dragons were dropping were WAY MORE powerful then the current strongest gear, so if you were late to the party no one would co-op with you due to all the good players getting the newest gear and only wanting to play with other strongest players, and if no one wants the co-op with you bc you dont have gear you cant get gear, you were essentially locked out of the content. Today this is not an issue but this issue lasted a long time.
So no amount of money or grinding could get you into to the cycle.
Not to mention how stressful those trials were. You could play for 5 hours without getting a single clear.
Needless to say this turned off a lot of players.
-3rd layer: No pvp
So progression in gacha games needs to have a purpose. These are not the games where you play to beat content ones or twice then uninstall like video games used to be.
Usually that purpose is pvp. You grind for a long time til you get strong enough to compete for high rankings.
However in dragalia there is no such thing. You beat endgame content to get the strongest weapons that you need to...beat that same content but faster and easier ?
So yea getting high gear is just to beat the same endgame stages for fun. And it is fun btw but it does lack what other gacha games have.
-4th layer: Low sex appeal for the main gacha demographic
So gacha games get whales to whale on banners by baiting them with powercreep for pvp, sex appeal or both.
Dragalia has...none of those 2. In fact for valentine one of the new valentine units was a black man. Now i love diversity in gacha games but from an Asian marketing standpoint when did you ever see a brown skinned man with african facial features on a gacha facus banner esp for a valentine limited banner?
I love how Dragalia isnt just spamming pale slim women and girls as new units but from a standpoint of getting players to spend that decision was not made with having revenue in mind.
Im sure there are more layers but it does not come to mind, so yea there are a lot of theories going on how nintendo does not care about revenue and is just trying to build an IP etc. But its still so weird.
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2020.09.03 21:29 Raven_7306 The Fate Series: The watch order, chronological order, and more

So, you want to watch Fate?

Well you’re in for a treat of both satisfaction and despair!
The main story written by Nasu is the FATE storyline, and it has the branching storylines of UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS and HEAVEN’S FEEL. These three storylines all happen at the same time, but are alternate takes on the story. This is due to the fact that they represent different routes in the visual novel. These are Fate/stay night (2006), Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works (2014) (DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE ADAPTATION DONE BY STUDIO DEEN, UFOTABLE IS SUPERIOR), and the Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel movies (2017, 2019, 2020). Fate/stay night (2006) doesn’t stand up very well to time, but it’s still good-ish and I recommend watching it.
Prior to all of these storylines, chronologically, is Fate/Zero (2011) based on the light novel of the same name. This takes place years before the events of Fate/stay night. It technically has some spoilers for Fate/stay night (2006), Unlimited Bladeworks (2014), and Heaven's Feel (2017~) story wise. I watched Zero before moving on to Fate (‘06) for the sake of chronological ordering. Fate (2006) suffers from being adapted with the intention -- I believe -- of no more anime following its run. The Studio Deen adaptation not only adapts the FATE route of the visual novel, but it also butchers and adds parts of the other two routes to the story. That is only part of why this anime adaptation is so hated. It also has some questionable characterization and dialogue choices for the characters, such as the famous line "People die when they are killed." The first episode of Fate/Zero (2011) is a huge info dump and covers eight years leading up to episode two where the action begins. The episode is twice as long as any other, but the info dump really helps you understand just what the Holy Grail War is and why the seven Masters seek it.

So where do you start?

You can either begin with Fate/Zero (2011) or you can begin with either of these two routes of Fate/stay night: /Fate (2006) or Unlimited Bladeworks (2014). If you can stomach the dated nature of Studio Deen's adaptation and the fact that it will only get better once you move on to the other anime adaptations, it isn't a bad place to start. A lot of people say to avoid starting with /Zero (2011) because it spoils some of the events of Heaven's Feel (2017~), but you won't know what it's spoiling until you watch Heaven's Feel (2017~). A lot of people recommend to start with Unlimited Bladeworks (2014) because it is an amazing adaptation of its visual novel route. Most people will agree the best way to start, though, is by reading the visual novel from (2004). But let's be honest, you don't need to read the visual novel. Choose one of these three starting points and begin your adventure, Master.

What about all this other stuff? What is an Apocrypha? What is Fate GO?? What is all this other bullshit I always hear about???

That is the main anime ordering. But this is where it gets interesting. There are more light novels, Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/strange fake, as well as two spin off series, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya and Carnival Phantasm. Then there are the video games that DON’T have anime adaptations: Fate/unlimited codes, Fate/tiger colosseum, Fate/Extra, Fate/Grand Order (this one is a bit complicated join us), Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, and Fate/hollow ataraxia. The only video game that matters is Fate/hollow ataraxia, and it is a direct sequel to Fate/stay night.

Going back to the light novels

Fate/Apocrypha was adapted to Fate/Apocrypha (2017). This takes place in a parallel world to Fate/stay night. Fate/stay night takes place during the Fifth Holy Grail War, and Fate/Zero takes place during the Fourth. Fate/Apocrypha takes place during the Third Holy Grail war. In the original storyline, a powerful servant called Avenger was summoned. In this storyline, Ruler is summoned, not Avenger. Thus, the events are forever changed meaning that Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night will never happen in this parallel world, or they at least won't happened as already depicted. Fate/strange Fake was originally an April Fool’s prank, but it was then turned into an actual light novel. It’s plot follows the original timeline’s Third Holy Grail War, but takes place absent of the rest of the Holy Grail Wars as it is a False Holy Grail War as it is the result of a botched ritual led by a United States organization. There is no anime adaptation.

On to the anime spin-offs!

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya (2013), Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! (2014), Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! (2015), and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei! (2016) follow Illyasviel von Einzbern, a character from Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night, etc etc, is now the protagonist in a alternate timeline where she never learns about magic or the Holy Grail Wars and leads a fairly normal life until she becomes a magical girl when chosen by the magical wand Kaleidostick Ruby. The 4 seasons follow her slice of life magical girl adventure having absolutely nothing to do with the main anime. Goodness that was a mouthful. By the way, a lot more of the characters from Fate/stay night show up in this spin-off series, but Illyasviel is the main character. It's cute. It's fun.
Then there is Carnival Phantasm (2011) which crosses the Nasu-verse (all works done ny Nasu himself, the writer of Fate/stay night, Tsukihime, etc etc) to bring in mainly Fate and Tsukihime characters together in an event called “The Carnival Moment.” I don’t know if characters from Kara No Kyoukai are brought in. Anyways, the events of this OVA are outside of time and space. I really can’t help any further here. I haven't watched it yet. But it's not a spin-off, so it doesn't add any more story because it exists outside of time.
More recently, we got The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II (2019). Case Files is an anime following a character that was introduced in Fate/Zero (2011), and where he is now. It's a fun detective anime and has more saberface. I can't give too much more without starting to get into spoilers for Fate/Zero (2011) and what it means to be a saberface.
Most recently, we get into the Fate/Grand Order adaptations. I guess this is where I'll get into what Fate/Grand Order actually is. Skip to the bottom of the post for the technical chronological order of the Fate series.
Fate/Grand Order is a gacha game that released its Japan server in 2015 The Korea and North American servers were releases in 2017. You, a Master of Chaldea, are tasked with restoring the Foundation of Humanity. Everything outside of Chaldea is incinerated. Humanity has already been destroyed. However, Holy Grails were distributed to seven singularities of human history, causing distortions in history that would cause the collapse of human history by the year 2015. You, as Humanity's Final Master, rayshift to the singularities of the past and acquire or destroy the grails in order to repair the foundation of humanity. The singularities exist in a different temporal axis from the rest of humanity as events in them progressed, but they broke the foundation of humanity because they began in the original temporal axis. As you go through the game, you meet new servants and form temporary contracts for the story, but the gacha system allows you to take permanent ownership of servants to aid you throughout every singularity. The drop rates are horrible. Run from the game or join us and be a slave to the gacha.

So why does this matter for our chronological timeline?

Well, singularity seven has already had an anime adaptation (and has a sequel on the way), and singularity six's anime adaptation is still in the works. Singularity seven took place in Babylonia during the Age of Gods. Its adaptation is Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia (2019), and its sequel is Fate/Grand Order -The Grand Temple of Time Solomon- (TBA). The anime didn't do a fantastic job of explaining what happened prior to the Babylonia singularity. There is, at least, another singularity being adapted: singularity six: Camelot. Explaining where it takes place in time is... complicated. For multiple reasons. Just know that it takes place chronologically directly prior to F/GO Babylonia. This adaptation isn't a full anime, however; it is an anime film adaptation titled Fate/Grand Order -The Sacred Round Table Realm Camelot- Wandering; Agateram (2020), slated to come out this year in December. Hopefully. Did I mention this movie doesn't adapt the entire singularity? Well, it doesn't because their is already a second film in the works and picks up where the prior leaves off: Fate/Grand Order -The Sacred Round Table Realm Camelot- Paladin; Agateram (TBA). I promise the extensive names of the Fate/Grand Order anime and films make sense in context of what happens in the stories. I do not know if any other singularity or lost belt will be adapted. What's a lost belt? Join us and play the game.


For this I will also be using notation of [x:y] where x is the parallel world something takes place and y is the branch of world [x] And thus will only include anime. By the way, I am not including any of the OVA's.
Fate/Apocrypha (2017) [2:1]
Fate/Zero Season 1 (2011) [1:1] -> Fate/Zero Season 2 (2012) [1:1]
The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II (2019) [1:1]
Fate/stay night (2006) [1:1]
Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works (2014) [1:2]
Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel movies one two and three (2017, 2019, 2020) [1:3]
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya one two three and four (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) [3:1]
Carnival Phantasm (2011) [?:?] -Takes place outside of time-
Fate/Grand Order -The Sacred Round Table Realm Camelot- Wandering; Agateram (2020) [1:?]
Fate/Grand Order -The Sacred Round Table Realm Camelot- Paladin; Agateram (TBA) [1:?]
Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia (2019) [1:?]
Fate/Grand Order -The Grand Temple of Time Solomon- (TBA) [1:?]
I'm sorry I can't make this look better without a picture graphic.
There. I’m done. I’ve spent way too long on this, knowing it will probably spurn the rest of the Fate fanbase because watch order is such a contested topic and even discussing it causes issue. Please don't let the fanbase's more ravenous fans turn you away.
Edit: As a note, anything I may have missed should've been caught here. I just felt more discussion is a great thing.
Edit edit: The wiki page for watch order hasn't been updated for nine months. So my post will have a few anime adaptations the wiki doesn't. But the wiki also has OVA's, which I didn't include.
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2020.09.03 15:32 stunro17 Thank you for the experience. It was definitely worth it, sincerely.

After more than a month of playing, I have finally decided to call it quits on Hi3. As irrelevant as I am as a former newbie captain, I would like to thank the developers of this game for letting me experience one of the most amazing games from a design and graphic standpoint. I also thank the writers for the game as I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the 18 chapters of the story.
These group of girls more often called Valkyries definitely grew on me in just a short amount of time. Even though my friends who I invited to play left after a few weeks in, seeing these characters alone and remembering their stories definitely kept me going.
Funny as this is a Gacha game, I used Gacha to help me on my decision. Dang it Durandal, why'd you kick me out?lol. Jokes aside, thank you to everyone I met and helped me in the community as well. Shout out to my sensei Inspired Yonezu for being the best!
To anyone who actually took time to read this, thank you, I hope you get the next new valk or gear in one pull! Newbie Captain out.
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2020.09.02 20:19 Nhadala My opinion on this game after playing it for 10-11 months

Hello! Ive been playing this game quite a bit these past 10-11 months and i wanted to give my opinion and critique on it!
 The Good 
-The Eternals: I think the eternals are an excellent concept and i like how the best characters in the game are obtainable for free and theres a good lore reason as to why they are as powerful as they are.
-Goals: I love how this game has a constant goal to work towards, theres never a lull in this game, theres always something that u can do to make something that you have better.
-Character design: From fluffy monster girls to hunk husbandos, this game has everything and all of them look cute, badass, beautiful or any combination of such words!
-Class System: There are so many classes available in the game with so many diverse playstyles! Ougi spam and battery your way to victory with Rising Force or smash things apart in a few turns with Luchador!
-The spark system: I love how this game allows you to aim for specific characters and now easy it is for new players to get their first spark.
-The generous rolls: This game gives plenty of rolls and a lot of them can be hoarded for a spark, brilliant!
-Much more fair than EA sports games!
 The Bad 
-The arcarum: Its so bad and outdated, it takes forever to go through and its bosses and content are all so piss easy that you just groan that you're forced to go through them for the excellent rewards. A big overhaul should be made for this mode to make it faster to go through, increase the drop rate of astras and make light and dark mid-bosses so that farming dark/light astras isnt a pain in the arse.
-The UI: Its outdated, slow, takes too many clicks to go to any specific menu/thing that you want, shit like skill leveling weapons takes forever due to the lack of QoL UI features. This game in general lacks many QoL UI features to make it easier for the players to do things in this game. Players have to do work-arounds like bookmarking the support page just to skip clicks(lol).
-SLOWWWWW: Each menu click, each ability click, each skill up takes a solid 2 seconds before they happen, this makes the game feel extremely slow and cumbersome to play.
-The primal summons being gacha-locked: Each F2P player usually has 1-2 primal grids by the end of their career, and those are very determined by RNG thanks to gacha-locked primal summons. I loved how you gave a primal summon to players for free during an event. Please give us more ways to get the primal summons and make the weapons the only big deterrent.
-GW/Unite and Fight design: Needless to say, the honor bloat is getting worse and worse, it has gotten pretty bad in these 10 months of playing the game. What felt like easy breakpoints before, now feel like overbloated messes. My friend is in a top-tier billion wars crew and the fights just get worse and worse every GW and a lot of their players are getting burnt out. The mode could have easily been about working together as a crew to defeat monsters. But without the PvP aspect of it, it just doesnt work anymore(IMO) and the bloat will just get worse and worse due to power creep(also, the times are REALLY BAD for europeans).
-No break between events: This is a personal caviat but it would be nice if we had a few days of break between each event, i end up skipping most of them because i just cant be bothered farming each and every one of them consecutively and instead work on other things.
-Powerful gacha summons that cant be sparked: Bahamut, Belial, etc... these are all very powerful and should be sparkable at the very least.
-The rusted weapons farm: Too RNG, we should be able to select what to work for, needs to get a different way to farm it.
EDIT: Please make water evokers and eternals better, they're mediocre(why does water get shafted in that department).
Ive only been playing for 10-11 months but these are most of my caviats with the game and my opinion on it. I accept any and all criticism.
But overall, ive enjoyed this game a lot so far!
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2020.09.02 18:17 HeroicMessage_000 Saving NA - Ideas on how to Better Handle the Game (if word reaches them)

  1. Ads - Magia Record is a free game with no ads. That is CRAZY! But, with it facing the threat of shutdown, I believe it's now necessary that it has a few as a guaranteed revenue stream.
Ads should appear in the announcements, homescreen banner, the gacha and post-battle. They shouldn't appear if someone has purchased the Magia Pass or other microtransaction, where relief from ads is equivalent to how many times over they could've bought the Magia Pass for their purchase ($15 = month, $30 = 2 months, etc).
For announcements, viewing an ad should be required in order to access them at all. Players will always want to know what's coming next in order to plan their rolls, so this is an ad that a majority of people will happily put up with. That said, this means that it should be a medium serving ad, lasts about a minute or two, as this kind of ad restriction can be a double edged sword and annoy players, even turn them off. *Fret not, that just means we have to handle them right, Ads aren't bad!* Homescreen banner ads are small servings, just a picture of something that might appear if you hold on that screen for a few seconds or the player flicks through. At the cost of a large serving ad, players should be granted a free single roll ticket, with extreme tasks such as downloading other free apps and registering that such has been done granting a free 10x roll ticket, though this would be possible to do once a week. Once a month, if a paid app is downloaded and registered with the game, a free Destiny Crystal shall be granted. Finally, the option to view a large serving ad should be made post battle, when AP/BP has ran out. Watching this ad will grant a free Max AP Potion. (Purchasing the Magia Pass, since it would take away the ability to view ads, grants these bonuses automatically and without hassle.)
Conclusion: I believe that by implementing ads as I've described above, players will not just put up with but be pleased to view ads in order to continue their experience with Magia Record thanks to the gameplay benefits they provide, whilst also appealing to paid players by giving a way to opt out, all whilst the company makes the necessary dough from their ad system.
2) Handling of the Servers
a. Pacing - Don't know about you, but the constant rush to 'catch up' got on my nerves, especially with the circumstances as to why I'm writing meaning that said rush was absolutely not worth it. My idea in future? Deliberately keep behind the pace of other servers. In fact, the slower the merrier, since gacha games are notorious for taking up tremendous amounts of time and would allow players to have much more ample opportunities to complete the tasks they've been given - without having to pull an all-dayer... followed by all-nighter. Since this mistake has already been committed to an extent, and NA players have missed out on multiple opportunities to get what they should've rightfully been able to obtain, they are to be compensated with 20 free Destiny Gems, as to guarantee that they can full slot at least one Limited Magical Girl. Why not 2 week long events? Why not month long events? Why not a month where there is no event at all?
Conclusion: I believe that by keeping behind on the pace on purpose or even slower, that staff can better prepared to deal with translation errors and players can have a better experience overall, being less likely to be pushed into positions where they would have to play for far too long per session and/or have to miss out completely.
b. United Server with Language Options - By making the server available to all, the globe can play! Imagine having revenue from the ENTIRE WORLD. And apparently fans are content even when they can't read, so you can always delay translations come money issues again! That said, if a translation exists for that player, they can go into the options menu and just select it! And this would grant that catch up you want, for some reason. "But laws?" Well, you could be the first step in companies opting for the use of VPNs in their games. Thus, all players are technically using Japanese internet, thus are absolutely under Japanese law! In order to make this work without there being blatant disadvantages to certain players, since this would presumably be a tweak performed to the current Japanese server and not a reset, said disadvantaged groups would need a way to equalise. I think the best way to reach do so is to offer main character and fan favourite Magical Girls, for free, as Story Quest rewards. For example, a full set of Team Mikazuki, Holy Quintet and maybe Team Momoko, as per the story beats that warrant them as rewards. As well as some 2stars as random rewards, such as Kanoko, Nanaka and Rika.
Conclusion: Company gets money from the world, players continue as though status quo hasn't been shook since no real changes have been made, besides a booming playerbase due to global reach.
3) Promotion - Credit to u/dindasmart.
"[...]For me personally, the biggest problem with Magireco is the lack of promotion. I never saw an ad for it, nor any youtubers who reviewed or experiment gacha (such as Gigguk or CdawgVA) never once mentioned magia record.
If only, at least, they did some promotions in there and showing the best point from magireco (which is the story, and not only the gacha and gameplays), i believe magireco has the potential to reach more and more consumers (even from those who did not watch madoka!)"
Anyone would give anything to hear less about Raid Shadow Legends and World of Tanks, and Magica is considered art at its finest, brand alone should make this very easy. People who get into the game via certain people could then input codes for discounts on microtransactions and AP Pots!
Conclusion: Pay some major figures on platforms like Youtube so that they promote your game, thus increasing the player base, thus potentially also the Magica fandom as a whole. Maybe implement rewards to players by getting in through certain major figures.
4) Get Loose about the Definition of Magical Girl (gameplay wise) - This has already been done recently by making Mokyu a playable unit. This improvement should be carried out as to fully broaden the flavours of crossovers that you can have and surprise units. Junko, anyone? Unlikely but what if we got Black Widow, from Marvel's Avengers? Uzuki-chan and her mocking laugh mow down some Familiars? This would make potential players especially curious as to what exactly is going on and want to experience it for themselves!
Conclusion: Give anything the potential to be a playable Magical Girl unit to keep units offered varied and fun, as well as leave room to be sponsored by other brands.
5) Handling Content -
Conclusion: Stop making so much event exclusive stuff so that the game doesn't feel empty when Players review back on how much they actually have access to, especially compared to the previously mentioned bloated play sessions.
6) Handling of Gameplay -
Conclusion: Offer speed-up options beyond 2X, such as 10X, so that mission completion is more timely.
Conclusion: Allow players to set how many times they want a level to be repeated to allow them to better handle their play sessions.
Conclusion: Add a Defend option as a way to pass turns whilst doing nothing, but half incoming Damage for when Players are totally uncontent with their Discs.

Please, be sure to suggest ideas as well! Will add them to the list so we can compile thoughts!
Edit: Please explain, in thorough detail, how implementing ads in a strictly optional way, up to and including opting out of them entirely, is 'forcing them down your throat'?
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2020.09.02 17:27 mayutastic 5th anniversary announcements!

Good evening producers
Today is the 5th anniversary, so there are some special announcements:
The platinum gacha ticket is here. It's 5000 paid jewels and will allow you to scout a limited SSR and limited SR.
Go Just Go! has a anime PV added in Cinderella Theatre. It's region blocked though. (But you can still watch it as the movie mode of the MV)
Free 10 pulls until the 22nd! And a new item shop campaign!
There will be a Twitter campaign announcement at noon update today.
Update- The Twitter campaign is live. Here are the general details:
The 24 hour live broadcast begins at 19:00 on the 5th September.
Future plans:
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2020.09.01 23:04 girl_with_a_keyboard Story Time

Alright, here's a story for everyone involving my school and gacha life.
So, I used to be in this program called Extended Day. It was basically for kids who had parents that worked late, and the program allowed their kids to stay at the school till 6 PM under the supervision of the people working there. We had a schedule that we followed, and that fateful day, we got to go to the library, which had computers in it.

So, we get to the library, and everyone puts down their stuff, yadda, yadda, yadda, basic school stuff, you know? So, I sit down at the computer and start playing YT and games and stuff, normal things you'd do on a computer. After a bit of time on the computer, I decided to look up to see what everyone else was doing. It seemed as if everybody was doing normal things, like playing computer games or watching videos, but then my eyes wandered over to this one girl on her computer. She was honestly the rudest one of everyone ion the Extended Day class and a lot of people, even the teachers, didn't like her. I vividly remember staring at her for a second before allowing my eyes to fall onto her computer screen. And to my utter surprise, she was watching a gacha video.
But not just any gacha video.

I turned back around and focused way too much on my screen while trying to forget what I just saw. I never brought it up with anyone, and I honestly don't know if anyone else noticed.

But wait, it gets even more interesting.

So, this other kid, who also hated the girl who was watching the yaoi shit, eventually catches on to what Gacha Life is and how inappropriate the majority of content is for it. He ends up showing his PARENTS this crap, and this kid single-handedly BANNED GACHA LIFE FROM OUR EXTENDED DAY. They literally brought us in the gym and lectured us that if they saw ANY GL on our devices our any of us watching it, they'd call our parents and tell them. THEY EVEN SAID THERE WERE GOING TO BE SPIES TO MAKE SURE GL WAS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.

My 5th-grade year was quite interesting, to say the least.

Oh, and Reza, if you see this, even though I doubt it, you're a fucking saint my dude.
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2020.09.01 00:55 thascout Grand Summoners Maintenance Update 8/31-9/10

Grand Summoners Maintenance Update 8/31-9/10
Hey Summoners,
August is finally coming to an end, and September is right around the corner. Is Grand Summoners changing? Not for now, but let's see what they're pushing to Global to satiate us.
Maintenance Update for the week of 8/31-9/10
Well, we have no new units, so let's get right into the banners.
Quick note here, there's a good chance that this maintenance update isn't "complete". Yeah, there's enough to keep us entertained for two weeks or so, but with CRX coming up, we'll probably get some mid-week update and/or new announcements regarding the future of the game. Do not expect an official acknowledgement of the unstable and unfortunate predicament that the GL community is going through right now, they're just going to shut us up with new collab announcements and some more empty promises!. God, I'm reaaaaal salty this week. inb4 Crunchyroll Hime collab rerun instead of OPM again.

Kings Summon

Units from left to right: Dark Fen, Berwick, Freed, Grohl, Vox
Well, the infamous Kings Banner is finally back. Is it a good banner? Nooooot really. Is it a cash grab? You betcha!
For those who are uninitiated, this is a very deceptive banner, as is the Queens banner, but we'll get there when we get there. Basically, they champion some awesome units, like DFen (three banners in the last 3 months, we get it, you want us to spend money on him...), Berwick, and Vox in order to entice the gacha-virgins into dropping some dough onto the banner in hopes of getting something good. Only problem is, the banner is incredibly diluted. Every single male unit to date makes an appearance on this banner, making it incredibly tough to pin down that one unit that you have your eye on. Even worse is, there are no Step-Up mechanics or safety net (Hero Gem system) to go all in on a particular unit. You basically just get what you get.
Anyway, ranting aside, let's talk about the units. Yes. the KoB units and every other unit in SS-A tier are good. If they're male, they'll be on this banner. If they're female, they'll be on a banner after six days, so hold onto your pants.
The Verdict: If you're missing any of the following units: Berwick, Vox, Thetis, Weaver, DFen, Ashe, Swick, Fen, DKane or Gerald, then pull once on this banner. At the very least, it's worth trying your hand at nabbing some excellent units for free. Spending more than once on this banner with free gems is incredibly risky and not encouraged. Don't make yourself more salty than you already probably are.
Those of you eyeballing units like Berwick and Vox: I don't know what to tell ya. The odds of you pulling them from this banner are slim to none, and with the way things have been going, it isn't worth giving GS your money until actual changes are made. However, there's a bright side. Regardless of what changes are made, Berwick and Vox will be back in the future. Are they essential for clearing content? Absolutely not.

Queens Banner

Units from left to right: Sanstone, Earth Mira, Honoka, Dark Celia, Water Melia
I've already ranted about the Kings banner, so you'll be free from unsolicited complaints in this review. What's up with this banner? Well, it's exactly the same as the King's banner, but with the girl characters instead of the male characters. It's just as diluted, and even worse, it's VERY unlikely that units like Cestina and Liza will be making an appearance on this banner, though that would be very epic if they did. Unfortunately, most of the "great" female characters aren't as highly rated as their male counterparts (boo sexism) or they're collab limited, so they won't be appearing on this banner (think your Makos, Asirpas, and Priestesses).
The Verdict: Pull once if you're missing two or more of the following- DCelia, EMira, Sanstone, Norn, Rosetta, Rem, Sonije, Feena. Diluted mess aside, there are some good units to try for here, and it's at least worth trying to pull them with your free crystals. Same warning as before, please don't spend money on this banner. It's ultimately a waste, all of these units will be back on much better banners in the future.

Super Swimwear Summon

Equips from left to right: Rayas Shirt, Mira Dress, Fen Glasses, Serah Suit, Iris Hat
tfw they release these equips so ahead of schedule that they have to deliberately remove the equip associated with an unreleased story unit.
Rayas Shirt - 5* Defense: Reduce DMG to Allies by 10% and Light/Dark DMG by 30% for 15s, CT 30
Marginally better than Olgrio and Gargantua. 10% additional DR is pretty great, but you'll be sacrificing some uptime. A nice pickup honestly.
Mira Dress - 5* Physical: Increases all Allies' Fire DMG by 20% and Physical DMG by 30% for 12s.
A niche, but solid equip. Not many equips have the potential to increase team damage by a whopping (though conditional) 30%, so this equip will be essential to some Fire nuke comps.
Fen Glasses - 5* Support: Increases target's Arts Gauge by 40. Auto Fills all Allies' Arts Gauge by 3 for 8s. CT 40
Ehhhhhh...another just alright Arts equip. This one actually manages to be better than the other 5* Summer Support Team Art Gen Equip, Sonije Bikini, but it still isn't able to really compete with the likes of Melty Dress or Goku Uniform. If you're lacking good team Art Gen equips, maybe try and pick this one up.
Serah Suit - 5* Magic: Reduce enemies' Burn and Freeze resistance by 40% for 8s.
What...? I'm really not sure what to say about this equip. It's so strangely niche, to the point where I'm on the fence about calling it completely useless. Maybe it can enable some really stupid meme comps in lategame content, but as far as I'm concerned, you might as well alch this garbage lol
Iris Hat - 4* Heal: Heal all allies' HP by 20% and Curse, Seal, Freeze, and Blind. CT 60
Oh, awesome! Worse Fenrir!! Yeah, the HP heal is a bit larger, but the CT is atrocious, and the cleanse is mediocre as well. You're better off using free alternatives, Fenrir and Keratos.
The Verdict: If you ask me, pulling on this banner is entirely contingent on what the rest of the pool looks like. Fen Shorts and Rishkini in the pool? Go ahead and pull once! Again, I can't really give advice here. You're gonna need to assess what you need on your account, and pull based on what else makes an appearance. Rayas Shirt and Mira Dress are the clear wins of this banner, so go for those if you feel like you need them.

Kings Equipment Summon

Including an image is somewhat redundant, so just pretend there is one.
This pool is somehow worse than the unit pool, though at the same time, almost better? Basically, like its unit counterpart, this banner includes every male specific event equip in it, though this time mixed in with the generic pool of gacha equips. Some winners from this banner include: Fen Doll, Fen Shorts, Ganan Sandals, Rayas Rapier, Rayas Pants, Parlot Shirt, etc. There are more, but some of them are a bit more niche than others.
The Verdict: A guaranteed pull for some pretty great equips is always a pretty good idea, but I would be sure to keep a close eye on your crystal count. This pool is SUPER diluted and likely not worth the pull unless you're missing 2-3 of the "winners".

Queens Equipment Summon

Same as above, image is pretty much redundant due to the absolute size of the pool.
This equipment pool is arguably much better than its male counterpart. Same deal, equips from non-collab, non-True Weapon pools will be making an appearance, with the twist being that they all have "female origins". Some winners include: Rishkini, Rivkini, Iris CoP, Iris Rolly Frill, Riviera Float, and more, though these are the few solid equips off the top of my head.
The Verdict: Pull once if you're missing 2-3 of the winners, but keep your crystal count in mind. This goes for the above banner as well, but for the love of Christ, do not pull a non-guaranteed on this banner. The diluted pool will make it near-impossible to get anything decent with non-guaranteed pulls.

Auge Returns

I know most of the vets are pretty upset about this one, but if you've never raided Auge, then get excited. Out of all the Raid Bosses, he's arguably the easiest, and drops the best equip, Anestra. Anestra will boost all of its holders stats by 500, and generates a potent 0.5 Arts/sec, while also granting a 10% passive Crit DMG buff. Overall, it's a great pickup, and works on just about any unit with a free Physical slot. Farm 6-8 if possible, if you're diligent about raiding, this won't be hard at all.
As for Auge Mechanics, he'll go invulnerable at ~60% HP and hit you with a heavy-ish attack, so prepare your comps accordingly for that. Then he'll start dealing more damage with more frequency to use his Arts. He's really easy for the most part, and for once, Shuri might actually be a great choice for Raiding due to Auge being Light-type!

E/W/F Floor 8

Good God, how long has it been? Two years?? At the very least, it's been over a year since they made the initial promise to bring F8 to Global, but hey, it's finally here.
This Elemental Ruins guide covers everything, so I won't go into detail in this write-up. Familiarize yourself with this guide, and I'm sure F8 will be a total pushover.

CRX Stuff

New stuff was announced! I might've missed some of the more intricate details regarding "luck buffing" (don't you love when they announce something new with 0 context lol), but this is most of what was announced:
  • One Punch Man is coming back to Global on September 18th!
    • The "three free crossover units" are Genos, Boros, and a random Gacha unit
    • The gacha units (and possibly Genos, not entirely sure) are all receiving 120L buffs, meaning you can max their luck out at 120 now. The units will also be receiving buffs to reflect their kits in JP.
  • Luck Buffs announced.
    • Lucky Gems were "announced" despite already existing in the game, and even being obtainable by Gathering in the Town next to the Mines.
    • Units that reach 120L will receive certain buffs, like equipping 2 crests and customizing stats. Keeping opinions out of this rundown as much as possible, but this is far and away the coolest, and most confusing, thing that was announced. Let's hope it's implemented fairly...!
  • New content is set to release through the end of 2020 and early 2021
    • Light/Shadow Ruins F8, F9 announced.
    • Earth, Water, Fire Ruins F9 announced.
    • Dungeon of Trials F28 announced.
    • Grad Awoken announced.
    • Chloe and Virago (CtB 140L units) announced?
  • God Equips Ultra Relics announced for a Spring 2021 launch.
  • And some free goodies have been sent out! Login to claim them while they're hot!!
VCRX Keynote Goodies
There's also a login bonus for VCRX, so we'll be getting some free stuff anyway.
Runs from 9/1 - probably 9/10
The Day 6 bonus is a Lucky Gem (three of them)! Lucky Gems are already in the game, and can be acquired by harvesting in the Town. They're incredibly rare, but have the potential to turn gacha units, like Vox, into valid Luck units.

GK Step-Up Banner

Hey, they're doing a thing for Golden Kamuy. Is it good? No, but see for yourself.
Runs for the remainder of GK, 9/17
So, yeah. None of the steps are free, they all cost Paid Gems The first step is actually free! Worth the roll if you don't have Asirpa or Norn. For those uninitiated to "whaling", completing all of the steps will run you back about 100 bones, so spend responsibly. The step up units aren't too bad honestly, and all have their place in the meta, but the worst part is that they're still making it really hard to get a GK unit, for no reason, other than money of course.
Asirpa is great, but I absolutely would not try for her on this banner. Your money is better spent on other, better banners.
Anyway, spend or don't. I wouldn't based on how the game has been lately, but at the end of the day, I can't stop anyone from spending money here.
And that about does it for this week. Again, the CRX zone will be updated once information rolls in, so sit tight for that.
Good luck summoning,
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2020.08.31 01:48 ReesePeanut A perspective on starting out fresh on JP

Having a few days to digest the unfortunate outcome of the NA server, the switch to JP has left me feeling optimistic. I'm not going to persuade anyone to play on JP, as at the end of the day, that's entirely up to you. For anyone that is playing or is thinking about playing and is looking for tips, I'm going to give a short explanation on my perspective of the game.
My perspective is purely as a F2P player who is trying to get themselves situated ASAP. If you're a vet of the game, you probably don't need to read any of this. This also isn't an end-all, be-all guide. This also isn't an installation or a story translation guide. I'm just someone who wants to help the community in any way that I can. You may or may not agree with me, and if anything is factually wrong, please let me know! The language barrier is a strong one, and we need the community together as a whole to overcome it!
Since a lot of us probably can't read Japanese, a very important resource will be the Magia Record wiki. Use it as a reference for things that you may be unfamiliar with. All new content will also be on the main page, which is great for ease of access.
Note: If you haven't checked out Raz's YouTube channel, he'll be creating videos to help ease the burden of jumping ship. If you need visual/audible stimulus, then look no further.

Magical Girls

First and foremost, you get a free 4* unlimited girl to choose. Who should you pick? Your favorite! If you really want to narrow it down, the ones that I'd choose are:
  • Madoka (double doka, MP battery)
  • Mami (stun cheese)
  • Kyoko (Blast gorilla, good synergy with Yachiyo when you get her and even Tsuruno)
  • Any Accele gorilla (Rena best girl it's never bad to have one, imo)
Secondly, the OG squad will likely be the ones carrying you (other than supports). Through milestone rewards, you'll get access to a free copy of Tsuruno, Felicia, Sana and Glasses Homura (If I missed any, feel free to let me know). Throw in Iroha who can be max slotted relatively quickly, and the fact that all of the 2* girls will be easy to slot, they'll have your back!
While they all have their own strengths and weaknesses, Tsuruno is probably the most universal one (she's the strongest magical girl, after all!). Her kit has great synergy with practically any team composition, having good discs and Magia for Accele teams, and a great Connect for Blast ones. Even then, Spirit Enhancement (ignore this for now) will only make her better.

Slots and Memoriae

I'll be honest, this one almost hurts me more than losing my 4-slotted girls. To put it bluntly, losing all of the MLB Memoriae really freaking sucks. While the girls are important, Memoriae are equally as important.
To coincide with the topic below, there will be a banner with a Memoria rate up of your choosing form a select pool.
Be prepared to use 2-3* Memoriae for a while. It's not wise for barebone accounts to hunt for Memoriae, so we just have to roll with the punches.

Limited Magical Girls

Starting on September 1st, we'll be getting a "choose your own limited rate-up banner" where we'll also get 10 free pulls daily for a week, for 70 free pulls in total. This means that you can potentially hit the pity in just 30 pulls at the end of the free pulls. You may also freely swap between which girl you've chosen for the rate-up! Note: I'm not sure if you can get spooked on this banner or if the rates will be 100% for the guaranteed, so keep that in mind!
Available limited girls are:
  • Kyoko (Swimsuit)
  • Amane Sisters (Swimsuit)
  • Iroha (Swimsuit)
  • Sayala (Kimono)
  • Rena-chan (Idol)
  • Holy Mami
  • Holy Alina
  • Iroha-chan
  • Madoka (Kimono)
  • Eternal Sakura
  • Homura (Swimsuit)
  • Rika and Ren (Christmas)
  • Nagisa
  • Nagisa (Valentine's)
  • Homura
  • Mitama (Kimono)
All that being said, you should choose carefully! The potential to get a limited girl in a small amount of our hard earned stones/tickets is huge, and because of this, it may be a wise decision to potentially make the one you get as a 4-slot goal in the future. Which leads into...

Magia Stones and Rolls

Save them. Other than exchanging for the monthly tickets and probably dropping some on the banner mentioned above, save them. Save them for a girl you're working on or want to pull, particularly for the limited girl you HOPEFULLY get on said banner.
Something that we didn't get on NA is essentially a true pity mechanic, or known as sparking in the gacha community. Every pull will give you 1 coin, and if you do 300 pulls, you'll be able to straight up buy the girl on the banner for 300 coins! This is the exact reason as to why you should save your rolls. While the gacha can still gacha, you have much better odds in getting a 4-slotted girl thanks to the extra freebie at 300 pulls. This is primarily what you should be saving your rolls for
I'm pretty sure the coins are only for that particular banner, so don't expect them to carry over.

Spirit Enhancement

Ah yes, the elephant in the room. I'm sure a lot of NA players know about it, but don't know the specifics. I'm not going to go into the minute details of it, but as of right now, don't worry about it! Focus on getting your starting team up to speed, and when you have the few girls who're going to become your core and are ready to go, only then would I start looking into it. Just know that this is what will make your free girls that much stronger.
With all of that out of the way...

You should be grinding your butt off right now

Now is the best time to start. Not in 2 weeks from now, not in a month from now. Now. Why? The 3rd Anniversary has 2x EXP, 1/2 AP and double Support points. While this isn't much for already built accounts, this is very important for new accounts. This means faster rank ups, which means getting your max AP up, more pulls on the Support gacha AND more Support slots. This also gives us a very, very, very large amount of FREE AP. I'm currently Rank 53 with ~200+ AP. There's so much AP that I can't even waste it (and why would you?). Having this much AP allows you to get A LOT of grinding out of the way at the expense of.... well, grinding:
  • Before you do anything, progress through Arc 1 at least until you unlock Mirrors. Even if you lose, the coins will be very helpful to you. It also allows you to complete the dailies, which should always be done. DO YOUR DAILIES!
  • Complete as much of the event as you can with Supports. All of the goodies that can be earned in the event shop are great. Pick and choose what you need, but definitely grab the Memoriae and tickets. From there, the Rainbow Orbs are a solid choice in the beginning. Choosing the Destiny Bottles isn't a bad idea, but I'd wait until you do your pulls on the banners above to see what you're working with.
  • There's also a quiz that can be completed from one of the Home Screen banners (the one with Mitama's face on it). You get free stones and event medals for completing the quizzes by pretty much playing a matching game. More info on it here.
  • After the time-limited stuff is out of the way, grind the stories. Main Story, Magical Girl Stories, Another Story, all of the stories. Grind, grind, grind. You want to get all the stones you possibly can ASAP so you'll be more prepared for when banners drop that you'll want to pull on. Doing Arc 1 will also get Iroha her slots, which will make her useful to us in the beginning.
  • Follow every OP support you come across. They're the most important force that's at your disposal. Complete as much of the game as you can with them to get Stones, materials for progression, etc. Don't expect anyone to follow you back outside of the JP Supports thread.
Again, if anything is incorrect, please correct me!
If anything else comes up, I'll add more and make edits as time goes on.
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2020.08.30 01:49 annimon Why I won't be switching to JP... (long post!)

Magia Record was my first gacha game, and hopefully my last. I was a day one player. I logged in and played almost every day. I've cleared every quest, challenge included. Spent probably a thousand hours grinding all the girls up to level 80/100, unlocked all their level 5 magia and doppels, and saved my stones to pull on only my desired banners while staying in budget. Back when it launched, I told myself that every year of play, I would spend $60 at most and choose one limited banner to roll for. It felt so good when my saving paid off!

Now, while this was happening... my brain was rotting. While I was grinding for mats, I would put on a show I had already watched, absorb nothing of it, and train my brain into having a shorter attention span by switching between screens. I never used to be a "multitasker" but now when I want to sit down and watch something new, or read a book, I find my mind wandering and I'm constantly fighting the urge to check my phone. This game basically became an addiction for me. And the people who create gacha games know this. Gacha games and casinos exploit the same psychological tendencies in us - the thrill seeking of gambling, the endorphin rush when you hit the jackpot... I thought because I knew these things going in, I would be immune to being sucked in. But I guess that was a bit naive. And just like any other addict, I would feel dirty after. When I would get home after work, instead of hitting the books or cleaning the apartment or doing anything useful or productive, I immediately wanted to open the app. Then, it's 10pm already? All I've done today was play Magia Record while some anime played in the background?

When I heard the news, I was devastated just like everyone else here. Magia Record has taken up so much real estate in my head. I've been saving since Sakurako so I could try to get Ren+Rika 4-slotted. It felt like all my hard work was for nothing... but then I thought, what hard work? All I did was look at the screen and press "play again" every few minutes, not moving, for hours on end. I just feel depressed thinking about this, and I feel embarrassed sharing this. I understand Japanese so it would be no problem for me to switch over. But I think for me this is a chance to get free. I've invested so many hours into this app. Now's my chance to get out, help rewire my brain to how it was before, exercise my body, and invest into my IRL skill points and not some numbers that ultimately won't fulfill me.

I don't mean this in any sort of judging way whatsoever, just an observation, but I've seen a few comments on this sub that sound a bit to me like what an alcoholic would say when their nearest liquor store shuts down. To me, those comments were eye opening in terms of how I view this game, how I feel while playing it, and how I felt when I heard the news. So I hope that my post can help someone who might be in the same boat. It's clear that I was not responsibly enjoying this game.

I still plan on following along with the story, but I'll be watching videos to do that (without EN subtitles lol), and I look forward to reclaiming my time and mental energy.

Thanks for reading! TL;DR Learn to recognize the signs of addiction in yourself.
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2020.08.30 01:33 kite21 General tips for NA players going to JP

Hi, I am Kite Mcclure, you may remember me from topics like Tips and tricks for the average player and its sequel. Today I want to give some tips to the people migrating from NA:

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2020.08.29 23:18 firecat_reborn A FAQ of what things are in JP server

So many people are wondering what certain things are in JP, some are lost and some are not explain yet. that is why i looked through the subreddit and see which ones are the most common.
1) What is the book gem button thing?
If you played Honkai impact, it's the super boss raid that will have crazy amounts of HP. The Kimochi are the boss and we dont have any ideas on when the next one is coming. We do know it will be the new one in Arc 2 CH 3.
2) What is a Kimochi?
Gems of Embryo Eve, we dont know how they came to life but they can summon Uwasa like Nemu. They look odd because they are the body parts of Embryo Eve or UI.
More about them can be found here:
3) What are these coins in the gacha and where are the others?
Those coins are gacha coins (that what i call them), you get them in the gacha but sometimes they are event coins. You can spent gacha coins to get anything in that shop section, including the character you were rolling. you will need at least (5,000 gems) to collect 300 gacha coins. If using tickets you need (500x) in the one version tickets, (20x) in ten version tickets. You can get gacha coins using both and gems. Important thing to remember is that they do not remain and will get deleted, no conversion to coins if unused.
4) what is this middle button in the character strength screen, the one with gems?
That is the extra power level, now you can make characters go over 9,000! Also just like Doopel, you will need to farm to get the best EX powers. A EX power stays in the character(s) unless it gets removed. You will need max character, yes you can buff a character with 1 slot but characters like Ultimate Madoka, Iroha & yachiyo, Tart Ultimate and small kyube wont let you get EX skills.
What is Promised Blood main goal?
To steal the automatic purification system. They will kill anyone to get it but at the same time want it without killing. The fight with Neo-magus didnt help their cause for peaceful talks because it cause a huge misunderstanding, they also did not join to help solve the mystery of Kimochi, killed a few people, force and kidnapping UI lead to impossible talks with Kamihama and other teams.
Who are Folklore of Zero faction?
We currently do not know, they have not made any action or try to communicate with other teams.
What is Neo-Magus doing?
They were planing on telling the world about magical girls and hope everyone treats them better. However the current leaders are weak and/or crazy, thus they have not made any progress. Many past Magus members join Promised Blood due to the fact that their leader is ruthless like Nemu and Touska during that time.
Who are Tokime Clan?
I have not read much about them or really cared, what i do know is that they live to help japan and something about a book that was discovered to be nothing more than a way for kyube to get people to sign contracts. They travel in search for a way to not continue the endless killing that kyube also made to slow down their death.
Who are the new Coordinators?
The one who runs Pure Care is Livia Medeiros and her students, she also taught Mitama everything. They plan to ruin Mitama business after breaking the oath she made to them and helping iroha take down old maguis during the fight to save Kamihama.
Where is the PC version?
You will need to have a VPN for japan in your computer to get access to the game. More information can be found here:
That should be everything, you are now up to date with everything.
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