Dame Good Lovin

Parte Oscura De Mi Mente = Dark Part Of My Mind / Dame Dame Buen Amor = Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' ... ' post 'Speedo' — Crazy Elephant was the name appended to the Kasenetz-Katz production of the song 'Gimme Gimme Good Lovin''; after the master was rejected by Buddah Records, the Super K Productions duo's primary outlet, they instead shopped ... Good Lovin’ (Buen amor)- The Young Rascals » Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’ (Dame dame buen amor) – Crazy Elephant El grupo 'Elefante Loco', tuvo una vida muy corta, están incluídos dentro del genero de la música chicle. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1980 Vinyl release of Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' / Dark Part Of My Mind on Discogs. Label: Arista - 101 846,Arista - 101 846-100 • Series: Double Hit (3) • Format: Vinyl 7. ... Dame Buen Amor - Lo Oscuro De Mi Mente ... Good Lovin' Don Fardon: March 1969: Dame dame tu amor (Gimme Gimme Good Lov… Pintura Fresca: 1969: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' Giorgio: 1969: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' Society of Seven: 1971: Live: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' Brian Cadd: May 1975: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' Hot Machine: 1976: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' Tries: 1978: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin ... Grateful Dead - Good Lovin' T-Shirt SKU: 10291 Regular price $25.95 FREE SHIPPING Ships within 24 hrs Join us at the Good Lovin' Resort and Spa with this great washed blue cotton from the Grateful Dead. Lyrics.com » Search results for 'good lovin is just a dime away by the originals' Yee yee! We've found 318 lyrics, 118 artists, and 50 albums matching good lovin is just a dime away by the originals.

A story

2020.06.17 02:58 shitcockbitchfuck A story

The Chinaman Chapter (1) ACT (1) Text not found Tsukiji Rice : Give a man a mask and hell give you the truth....stops and gazes upwards…. Is that true? Fat guy : Give me a mask and I'll tell ya Tsukiji Rice : laughs... See? Now that's why I hate people...they're full of shit Fat guy : you can say that again... now come on get up... We got shit to do Tsukiji Rice: what shit? Fat guy : remember the hacker that we cought last week? Tsukiji Rice : yeah? Fat guy : He broke out jail Tsukiji Rice: k cool.... Let's get him. Fat guy : ... And the goat is back Tsukiji Rice: OH FUCK! FADE OUT ACT (2) Fat guy : Here.... "hands him the keys" drive Tsukiji Rice : k cool... (both got in the car) Tsukiji Rice: puts keys in ignition pauses Movement wait.... I'M HIGH. Fat guy : What ? fuck. I'm high too Tsukiji Rice : HIGH ON BELIEVIN. Fat guy : . how the fuck are we gonna get the guy if we both high..? The car's soundsystem playing the song Tsukiji Rice : wha? Fat guy : nevermind Tsukiji Rice: well.. are you? Fat guy : JUST DRIVE YOU FUCK Tsukiji Rice: resumes singin and drive on car passes by a grocery store * Fat guy : WAIT WAIT.... STOP¡ STOP . ¡ *car stops Tsukiji Rice: what... Is he in there? Fat guy : nah... Just Wanna get somethin * both standing in front of the counter with their shit* Tsukiji Rice : shit... thought the guy was in here.... Fat guy : nah... Just wanna get somethin to eat for the road.... Tsukiji Rice : cool... ...ay man Where we headin anyway? Fat guy :wtf? WHAT YOU MEAN "where we headin" NIGGA ? youre the one who's driving Tsukiji Rice : i don't know.... You gave me the keys I thought you knew, and besides... I'm high Fat guy : what the ffff.. I thought you were.... AHH shit.... Bag dis shit lets go.... Tsukiji Rice : but you didn't pay for th-- Fat guy : I SAID BAG DIS SHIT LET'S GO got out of the store and into the car Fat guy : driving * dails phone... Yo Tarek... Tarek : Who dis? Fat guy : your fairy godmother Tarek: what Fat guy : it's me you fucking retard Tarek : hey Abdul I told you I will give you your camel back as soon as you pay the bookie....ok? It Was a stupid bet anyway cz .. I told you goats and private jets don't go well together Fat guy : the fuck..? Tarek...... it's me..... fatso. Tarek : shit... Nevermind that... What can I do you for Fat guy : I'm lookin for someone. Tarek : oh no... I don't do that stuff nomore... Fat guy : i know man... But you owe me Tarek : no I don't Fat guy :no? well there's Thailandesi prostitute that says you do Tarek : FUCK You... YOU VINDICTIVE FUCK... I DON'T OWE YOU SHIT Fat guy: well... Then I guess I have an 8 grader that I have to convince to testify against a certain brown fella... Tarek : ahh shit... Fuck... ... who's the poor bastered you lookin for Fat guy : just some douchebag hipster Tarek :bullshit, he can't be "just some douchebag" if the great (F. G) is looking for him.... But I get the hipster part.... I swear Somebody has to wipe those fucking asshole faggots off the face of the earth.. So it might as well be you... I just dont get those people... The earings, the beards... The weird body oder or its just sweat? Fat guy : you're getting off topic here... I need to get this guy.. I'll send you his info and his picture of his ugly mug...do it fast.... Mee chao will turn 13 soon. So...(you ain't got to miss around get straight down to bessnius Tarek : fuck you man really .... I mean that ....sencerly. *ends phone call Tsukiji Rice : WOW Fat guy : what Tsukiji Rice :nothin Fatguy : what? A guy can't have reltions with people who have defrent racial backgrounds ? Is that it ? Tsukiji Rice : no.. No.... a guy can have whatever he wants... Just not.. Weird, perverted and suspiciously well connected Arab friends... Fat guy : laughs yeah you're probably right Tsukiji Rice :he sounds fun though... Fat guy : yeah Tsukiji Rice : (private jets, camels, bookies, prostitution)... Why can't I have that in my life? Fat guy : you have me. Tsukiji Rice : not sure if that covers for the camel part or the prostitution. Fat guy : laughs Tsukiji Rice : seriously though... I need to have more fun..but how though? ..I need Suggestions.. Fat guy : well, I think you should change your name for starters.... Tsukiji Rice : whats wrong with my name? Fat guy : tf? Are you serious? The first thing that pops up in my head when I hear it is constipation and vitmen deficiency.... That don't sound like fun to me Tsukiji Rice : joke all you want but rice is awesome, it's healthy. Fat guy: healthy? Nigga youre so constipated... If your shit was gay..... It won't come out. Tsukiji Rice : WTF.... that's disgusting...I'm not sure if it's homophobic or not. ....just know that it's disgusting Fat guy : disgusting or not.... It's true Tsukiji Rice :slowly looks downwards in despair yes it is Fat guy : why do people even eat rice. It's beyond me... i just don't get... It doesn't taste good... It doesn't even taste bad It's just not worth the constipation... Tsukiji Rice : wow... how Much time could you really spend talking about an unpleasant and disgusting subject like constipation.... phone ringing Fat guy : hold that thought! laughs Speak Tarek : I found your guy... He's hiding in some shithole of a motel downtown. Room 212.. Fat guy : what a coincidence.. We were just talking about shitholes... Tsukiji Rice : (unfucking believable) Tarek :what Fat guy : nothin... You were sayin? Tarek : the motel is called the (staying in) hotel Tsukiji Rice : (dont even fucking dare) Fat guy : that Wil be all Tarek, appreciate it, and hey .. Don't skip town Tarek : what? Fuck you.... You ain't even a real cop. Fat guy : no, but I know the president Tarek : really? Fat guy :yeah the president of the students union in a certain school in Philippine Tarek : hey .... I found the fucking guy didn't I? Forget about that shit . That shit is dead now... Fat guy : yeah... So is that bitch... Tarek : what Fat guy : she died in a hospital 1 week after the whole thing ... Shit .... Tarek she wasn't your wife you didn't have to beat her Tarek : FUCK YO-- hangs up phone Fat guy : laughs now let's get this motherfuck Kato Tsukiji Rice : who's Kato? Fat guy : nah... Just thinking about a movie arriving at the motel Tsukiji Rice :danm... he wasn't kiddin when he said "shithole" got out of car and walked to the door of the room Knocking * (nobody answered) Breaks door and enters Fat guy : hello anybody home? Tsukiji Rice : oh shit... It stinks in here Fat guy :where is he?look around see if he's in the bathroom Tsukiji Rice : *enters bathroom Oh shit Burfsughrh..Ahh.. Found the smell and the asshole.... Looks like he been tourtured... Fat guy :shit Somebody got to him before we did... And that's all cz you....walked into bathroom hot dame..It stinks here.... I mean I know you're a hipster... But damn....you stink more Than 3gay homeless retards after running a marathon.. Boy Tsukiji Rice : wow..... First the constipation thing.. And now this.. You never stop do you? Fat guy : well you know me Im the big mean disgusting lovin machine.. .Now gag him, bag him, let's go...before whoever who did this comes back Tsukiji Rice :wait... why me? Fat guy : cz you know.. It's ammhh.... ahh... C. I. A protocol Tsukiji Rice :.... Shit..... He stinks Fat guy : shh... Someone is coming... Get up a tall white guy with a goatee appears Goattee guy :A nigger, a fat guy, and a Korean.... Shit... All the circus need now is a jew and the freak show will be complete
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2019.12.31 00:14 deeptechsharing Traxsource Top 200 Tracks of 2019 DOWNLOAD

DOWNLOAD in 320kbps here: https://sharing-db.com/othe247799_traxsource-top-200-tracks-of-2019/
  1. &ME – The Rapture Pt.II (8:32)
  2. 3 Winans Brothers, Karen Clark Sheard – I Choose You (Old Skool Mix) (13:04)
  3. AC Soul Symphony, Joey Negro – K-Jee (Joey Negro Philly World Mix) (8:31)
  4. Adele.Be – Funkin 4 Two (6:03)
  5. Alan Dixon – Bless Me Today (12′ Version) (7:01)
  6. Alessio Cala’ – Deeplomatic Jack (Original Mix) (6:17)
  7. AMFlow, Koffee, Louie Vega – Raw Uncut (Louie Vega Remix) (6:16)
  8. Andy Bach – Systematic (Original Mix) (5:43)
  9. Angelo Ferreri – Beginners (Original Mix) (6:52)
  10. Angelo Ferreri – Izinque (Alessio Cala’ Remix) (5:35)
  11. Angelo Ferreri, Moon Rocket, Disco Town – Got What You Need (6:30)
  12. Angelo Ferreri, Seph Martin – Magic (Original Mix) (5:32)
  13. Antranig – Back 2 House (Extended Mix) (6:20)
  14. Arduini & Pagany – Caught In The Middle feat. Chanelle (Eric Kupper Remix) (7:07)
  15. Ashford & Simpson, Joey Negro – Found A Cure (Joey Negro Found A Dub Mix) (6:42)
  16. Atjazz – Everything = (Dub) (Dub Mix) (5:44)
  17. Atjazz, Jullian Gomes – Don Esquire (7:21)
  18. Babert – Time After Time (Extended Mix) (6:03)
  19. Barry&Gibbs – Let Her Dance (Original Mix) (5:58)
  20. Ben Delay – Colombia (Extended Mix) (6:11)
  21. BIRDEE – Start The Weekend (Original Mix) (6:47)
  22. Black Sausage – Space Kitten (Long Black 12 Inches Of Love Original Mix) (5:40)
  23. Blaze presents UDAUFL feat. Barbara Tucker – Most Precious Love (Marco Anzalone Remix) (6:16)
  24. Bobby D’Ambrosio – Moment of My Life (JN Closer To the Source Mix) [feat. Michelle Weeks] (9:02)
  25. Byron Stingily – Get Up (Everybody) (David Morales Rework 2019) (6:12)
  26. Byron Stingily, DjPope – Celebrate Me (FunkHut Main Vocal Mix) (10:30)
  27. Caiiro – Drummotions (Original Mix) (6:20)
  28. Calvin Harris & Sam Smith – Promises (Mousse T.’s Extended Disco Shizzle Remix) (6:26)
  29. Calvin Harris, Rag’n’Bone Man, Purple Disco Machine – Giant (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix) (5:18)
  30. Candido – Dancin’ And Prancin’ (Reflex Edit) (8:11)
  31. Change – Make Me (Go Crazy) (OPOLOPO Remix) (6:49)
  32. Change, Re-Tide – Hold Tight (Re-Tide Remix Traxsource Exclusive) (7:09)
  33. Charles Feelgood & Felipe Avelar, Charles Feelgood, Felipe Avelar, Dafunkeetomato – Bebop (Dafunkeetomato Remix) (6:44)
  34. Childish Gambino, Todd Terry, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Masters At Work – This Is America (Todd Terry & Louie Vega & Kenny Dope Remix) (5:07)
  35. ChinahBlac, House Of Omni – Any Love (House Of Omni Disko Tribute Mix) (9:14)
  36. Cornell CC Carter, Frankie Feliciano – That Feelin’ (Frankie Feliciano RBLSND Remix) (6:37)
  37. CPEN – I’m Searching (Kerri’s 6 23 Again Vocal Mix) (7:11)
  38. Crackazat – Fly Away (5:18)
  39. Crazibiza, House of Prayers – Let’s Play House (Original Mix) (5:04)
  40. Crazibiza, Qubiko – Cali Soul (Qubiko Remix) (5:27)
  41. Crispin J Glover – The Long Goodbye (Saison’s Model 1 Remix) (5:18)
  42. Danism, Train (UK), DJ Rae – No Limits (Vocal Mix) (6:15)
  43. Dario D’Attis – Space & Time feat. Jinadu (Extended Vocal Mix) (7:22)
  44. David Morales – Escape (Red Zone Mix) (8:49)
  45. David Penn – Rollerball (Original Mix) (5:30)
  46. David Penn – Stand Up feat. Ramona Renea (Extended Mix) (5:46)
  47. Dean Zepherin – Soundclash (Saison Remix) (6:50)
  48. Debbie Jacobs – Don’t You Want My Love (Full Intention Extended Disco Mix) (7:26)
  49. DISCO TOWN, Angelo Ferreri, Moon Rocket, LauMii – Running Out (Live Mix) (6:06)
  50. Disco Town, Emory Toler – Music Owns Me (Original Mix) (5:52)
  51. Elle, Universal Tongues, Josh Milan – Open Up Your Mind (Honeycomb Vocal Mix) (8:41)
  52. Emmaculate – Isis (Yoruba Soul Mix) (5:37)
  53. Emmanuel Jal, FNX Omar – Kuar (Fnx Omar Remix) (6:40)
  54. Eric Faria – Cant Get Enough Of Your Love Baby (6:21)
  55. Fabio Vela – I Can Handle It feat. Liz Hill (Gianni Bini & Fabio Vela Extended Old School Mix) (6:53)
  56. Fatboy Slim, Purple Disco Machine – Praise You (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix) (6:56)
  57. Fiorious – I’m Not Defeated (12′ Mix) (5:52)
  58. Fiorious – I’m Not Defeated, Pt. II (Honey Dijon’s Fiercely Furious Dub) (6:40)
  59. Foo Funkers & Raul Osvaldini – Deep Feeling (Extended Mix) (5:57)
  60. Four80East & CeCe Peniston – Are You Ready (Joey Negro Redemption Mix) (7:03)
  61. Funkatomic, Full Intention – It’s a House Thing (Full Intention Remix) (6:45)
  62. Groove Addix – Faith (feat. Annette Taylor) [Rocco Rodamaal Extended Remix] (6:23)
  63. Groove Assassin – Wanna Luv U (5:26)
  64. Hatiras, Angelo Ferreri – Soul On Fire (5:50)
  65. Henry Hacking, Inaya Day, David Penn – Nasty Girl (David Penn Remix) (6:00)
  66. Hondo Vega, Norty Cotto – Moody (Norty Cotto Afro Tech Mix) (5:45)
  67. Horse Meat Disco, Kathy Sledge, Joey Negro – Falling Deep In Love (Joey Negro 12 Disco Blend) (7:04)
  68. HP Vince, Dave Leatherman – Everybody Get Up (6:52)
  69. Ian Ossia – Papa’s Stoned (7:30)
  70. Jamie Jones, Darius Syrossian – Rushing (Extended Mix) (5:45)
  71. Jansons, Dope Earth Alien – Switch (Original Mix) (6:07)
  72. Joe T. Vannelli Project, Full Intention – Sweetest Day of May (Full Intention Remix) (7:02)
  73. Joeski – Hey Fellas (Original) (7:02)
  74. Joeski, Héctor Lavoe – Dia De Ayer (Extended Mix) (7:56)
  75. Josh Wink – Sixth Sense (feat. Ursula Rucker) [Louie Vega Remix] (6:35)
  76. Jovonn – Pianos of Gold (Ian Pooley Mix) (6:32)
  77. JT Donaldson – Stay Inside feat. Liv.e (Extended Mix) (5:07)
  78. JT Donaldson – Stay Inside feat. Liv.e (Extended Remix) (7:22)
  79. Julien Jabre, Purple Disco Machine – Swimming Places (Purple Disco Machine Re-Work) (6:22)
  80. Karl Sierra – Vibe All Night (Soledrifter Remix) (6:11)
  81. Kelly G. – Feels Good (Yeah!) (Kelly G. Little Louie Party Mix) (9:15)
  82. Kelly G. – Keep Wondering! (Kelly G. Shelter Mix) (6:09)
  83. Kelvin Sylvester, Lee Wilson, Dr Packer – Everything She Wants (Dr Packer Remix) (6:15)
  84. Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham – You’re In My System (Dennis Quin Club Mix Feat. Troy Denari) (5:51)
  85. Kevin McKay, Joshwa (UK) – Such a Good Feeling (Extended Mix) (7:32)
  86. Kevin McKay, Marco Anzalone – Technologic (Kevin’s VIP) (6:23)
  87. Kevin Yost – Sounds So Good (Original Mix) (7:12)
  88. Kings Of House NYC, Julie McKnight – Still Here (Kings Of House NYC Vocal Mix) (6:20)
  89. Kings of Tomorrow – Finally (feat. Julie McKnight) (Dario D’Attis Extended Remix) (8:23)
  90. Kings Of Tomorrow, Random Soul – REACH (Original Mix) (5:29)
  91. L.T.D., Joey Negro – Love To The World (Joey Negro Mizell Magic Mix) (8:32)
  92. Lakeshore Commission – Together (Right Now) (JN Tribute To Randy Muller) (7:15)
  93. Lexa Hill – La Isla de Bes (7:14)
  94. Loleatta Holloway, Dr Packer – Hit And Run (Dr Packer Rework) (6:42)
  95. Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Kenny Summit, Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper’s Unreleased Anthem) (7:40)
  96. Loui & Scibi, Sebb Junior – Who Am I Feat. Alec Sun Drae (Sebb Junior Remix) (6:12)
  97. Low Steppa – You’re My Life (Extended Mix) (6:32)
  98. Luther Vandross, Louie Vega – My Body (Louie Vega Expansions NYC Remix) (9:34)
  99. Mahogany, Michael Gray – Ride On The Rhythm (Michael Gray Remix) (7:00)
  100. Manybeat – Mamasota (Original Mix) (5:47)
  101. Marc Cotterell, Dominic Balchin – The Trumpet Track (Original) (5:43)
  102. Marco Lys, Plaster Hands – Who Dares To Believe In Me (Extended Mix) (7:40)
  103. Mark Lower – Express Yourself (Original Mix) (6:19)
  104. Mark Lower – Where The Party’s At (Original Mix) (5:24)
  105. MdCL, Ovasoul7, Frankie Feliciano – Feels Like Home (Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Vocal Mix) (7:02)
  106. Melba Moore – My Heart Belongs to You (Ferreck Dawn Extended Remix) (5:52)
  107. Micky More & Andy Tee – The Only One (feat. Angela Johnson) [Extended Mix] (7:16)
  108. Mighty Mouse – The Spirit (Extended Mix) (6:51)
  109. Miguel Migs, Aya, Micky More, Andy Tee – So Far (Micky More & Andy Tee Remix) (6:41)
  110. Mijangos – Suena el Sabor (5:40)
  111. Mike Dunn – Natural High (Mike Dunn Extended Black Glitter MixX) (6:43)
  112. Mike Millrain – Good Luv 4 U (Original Mix) (6:49)
  113. Mike Risk – Welcome To My House (Original Mix) (5:48)
  114. Mike Vale – Music Is the Answer (Original Mix) (4:10)
  115. Mistura – Do You Love Me Feat. Angela Johnson (JN Disco Blend) (5:14)
  116. Mo’Cream – Drop It (Original Mix) (6:31)
  117. Modento, Vertigini – Give Me the Sunshine (Vertigini Remix) (7:00)
  118. Moodena – All That Jazz (5:14)
  119. Moodena – Boogie Monsta (6:30)
  120. Moodena – What Da Funk (Original Mix) (6:11)
  121. Moon Rocket – Don’t Do It (Original Mix) (6:02)
  122. Moon Rocket – Fascinated By You (Original Mix) (6:12)
  123. Moon Rocket & Re-Tide – People Everywhere (Extended Mix) (5:27)
  124. Moon Rocket, TSOS – Klop (Live Mix) (5:22)
  125. Mousse T. feat. Cleah – Melodie (Mousse T’s Extended Disco Shizzle Remix) (6:00)
  126. Mousse T. feat. Cleah – Melodie (The Shapeshifters Remix) (6:36)
  127. Neapolitan Soul – Welcome to the Dub (Phunky Trip) (11:42)
  128. Nyaruach – Gatluak (Hyenah Beat Version) (5:16)
  129. N-You-Up – Jazz Bar (Saison Rework) (5:54)
  130. OFFAIAH – Somewhere Special feat. Cat Connors (Club Mix) (6:41)
  131. Paolo Martini, Dario D’Attis – I’ll Take You There (Dario D’Attis Remix) (6:00)
  132. Peggy Gou – Starry Night (Original Mix) (6:38)
  133. Peppe Citarella & Mijangos – Bongo Bonga feat. Enrie Becquer (Afro Mix) (5:46)
  134. Peppe Citarella, India, Terry Hunter – Tacalacateo (Terry Hunter Club World Remix) (8:00)
  135. Pete Heller’s Big Love – Big Love (David Penn Extended Remix) (5:57)
  136. Peter Brown, Angelo Ferreri – I’m Gonna Hold On (Angelo Ferreri ‘Funky Touch’ Remix) (6:40)
  137. Phazed Groove – It Must Be Luv (Original Mix) (5:18)
  138. Plaster Hands – Gipsy (Original Mix) (6:50)
  139. Player 2 – If You Really Want Someone (Extended Mix) (6:12)
  140. PunkPhunk – The Phunky Song (David Penn Remix) (5:29)
  141. Purple Disco Machine – Emotion (Extended Mix) (6:09)
  142. Purple Disco Machine, Baxter – Encore (Mousse T. Update) (6:03)
  143. Qubiko – Mono Tono (Original Mix) (5:14)
  144. Qubiko – U R (Extended Mix) (5:30)
  145. Rampa, Chiara Noriko – For This (6:50)
  146. Raquel Rodriguez – We Go Together (Joey Negro Club Mix) (6:17)
  147. Reel People, Angie Stone, Art Of Tones – Don’t Stop The Music (Art Of Tones Modern Disco Mix) (5:27)
  148. RNDT, Kleophazz – Check One Two feat. Kleophazz (7:16)
  149. Roberto Surace – Joys (Extended Mix) (6:40)
  150. Roberto Surace, Purple Disco Machine – Joys (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix) (6:37)
  151. Robosonic & Ferreck Dawn & Nikki Ambers – In My Arms (Qubiko Extended Remix) (6:40)
  152. Rockers Revenge & Full Intention – What About the People (Full Intention Dub) (6:11)
  153. Roger Sanchez, Park & Sons, Julie Mc Knight – This Feeling (Low Steppa Remix) (7:02)
  154. Rogerio Lopez, Tim Porta, Julie McKnight, Sebb Junior – Home (Sebb Junior Extended Remix) (6:13)
  155. Romy Black – The Love Test (Original Mix) (5:28)
  156. Ron Disko – My Feelings (Original Mix) (5:15)
  157. Roog, Georgio Schultz, Mary Griffin, David Penn – My Love Can Take You Higher (David Penn Edit) (6:04)
  158. Saison – Moments (6:28)
  159. Saison – One Day (7:11)
  160. Saison – The Last Time feat. Leon Lincoln (Qubiko Extended Remix) (6:24)
  161. Saison & Duwayne Motley – Take Me Back (featuring Tim Davis) (Original Mix) (6:12)
  162. Scott Diaz – 205 Days (6:18)
  163. Scott Diaz, Sebb Junior – We Reminisce (Sebb Junior Remix) (6:20)
  164. Scotty Boy, Adri Block – Keep The Dance Floor Goin’ (Original Mix) (4:19)
  165. Sean McCabe, Mike City, Frankie Feliciano – I Know Someone (Feliciano Ricanstruction Vocal) (8:05)
  166. Sebb Junior – Feel You Coming (Original Mix) (6:01)
  167. Seductive Souls feat. Onita Boone – Ain’t Nobody (Mousse T’s Ain’t No Good Man Mix) (5:17)
  168. Shawn Christopher – You Can Make It (Alaia & Gallo Extended Remix) (6:47)
  169. Sister Sledge, Joey Negro – You Fooled Around (Joey Negro Fooled Around With Mix) (7:08)
  170. Sllash & Doppe – Aguella (Original Mix) (6:45)
  171. Sneaky Sound System – Can’t Help The Way That I Feel (David Penn Remix) (6:16)
  172. Sophie Lloyd, Dames Brown, David Penn – Calling Out (David Penn Extended Remix) (6:01)
  173. Soul Reductions – Got 2 Be Loved (Extended Mix) (7:15)
  174. Soul Shadow – Times Have Changed (Risk Assessment Remix) (6:07)
  175. Spencer Morales, Tasha LaRae, Opolopo – I Need Your Lovin’ (Opolopo Remix) (7:53)
  176. Stacy Kidd, Michael Henderson – Let Love Enter 2019 (Main Mix) (6:14)
  177. Start The Party, Kevin McKay – Don’t Leave Me This Way (Kevin McKay Extended Mix) (6:14)
  178. Start The Party, Kevin McKay – I Feel Love (Kevin McKay Remix) (7:02)
  179. Steve Taylor, Ozzy & Stix, Richard Earnshaw – How I Feel (Richard Earnshaw Mix) (5:55)
  180. Sunlightsquare, Atjazz – Oyelo (Love Soul Remix) (6:29)
  181. Sweetpower – Happy Days (Original Mix) (6:58)
  182. Sy Sez – With You (feat. Cleveland Jones) [Extended Mix] (6:54)
  183. Sylvester – You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) [Michael Gray Remix] (7:31)
  184. Tamia, Terry Hunter – Leave It Smokin’ (Terry Hunter Club Mix) (9:21)
  185. Tape One – Funk 4 You (Extended Mix) (5:02)
  186. Tasha LaRae, DJ Spen – Wish I Didn’t Miss You (Main Vocal Mix) (8:25)
  187. The Deepshakerz – Reach (Cassimm Remix) (6:33)
  188. The Power Of Three, Vanessa Freeman, Atjazz – The Time Is Coming (Atjazz ‘Love Soul’ Dub) (5:16)
  189. The Shapeshifters – Life Is A Dancefloor feat. Kimberly Davis (Club Mix) (7:09)
  190. The UK Shapeshifters – Try My Love (On For Size) feat. Teni Tinks (Club Mix) (7:41)
  191. The Vision – Heaven (feat. Andreya Triana) (Danny Krivit Edit) (6:21)
  192. The Vision – Heaven feat. Andreya Triana (Mousse T.’s Disco Shizzle Extended Remix) (7:05)
  193. The Vision – Heaven feat. Andreya Triana (4:58)
  194. Thomas Brenner, Natasha Watts, DJ Spen, Reelsoul – Going Under (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix) (8:25)
  195. TSOS – Klop (5:02)
  196. Vertigini – With You (6:23)
  197. VIGI – Together (Original Mix) (5:59)
  198. Yuksek – I Don’t Have A Drum Machine (5:35)
  199. Yuksek – Showbiz Feat. Villa (Purple Disco Machine Edit) (7:10)
  200. Z Factor – Gotta Keep Pushin’ (Grant Nelson Remix) (6:11)
DOWNLOAD in 320kbps here: https://sharing-db.com/othe247799_traxsource-top-200-tracks-of-2019/
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2019.08.17 17:14 TomAto314 Post Pull Depression - The Boys (but mostly girls) of Summer

Hello and welcome to Post Pull Depression, the only thread that wishes summer was over!
It looks like we are doing three different summer banners are colliding? The Summer girls Foltra and Fid are getting a super soon re-release. I’m not going to cover them at all though since I did that here. To be honest that was quite a hard PPD for me to write, despite it being an all booby banner so you’d think it’d be quite a PPD for me to write hard.
Skaha and Hat Luka are back too, but I didn’t do an official PPD on them, since they were part of the swimsuit competition part 2, starring Merc Ramza for some reason!
Last but not least we have the new GLEX units Kaito and Tsukiko (oh god I have to fit them into GLEX Wars Z now don’t I…) Thankfully I am an expert on cliched anime tropes with over 25 years of experience, you wouldn’t want an expert on actual Japanese culture, because I assure you that’s not what you’re getting this banner!
Whew! That was quite the prelude, but now that we know what we are in for, let’s take a look at the units!

Tide Rider SkahaShark Week Skaha

Surfing: Bird
Skaha was apparently judged harshly by others in her clan for her pursuit of surfing.
That’s because surfing is stupid. And I say this being a life-long Californian. No, we do not all surf to school and hang out on beaches all the time. Shit, half of CA is actually farmland! What we actually do is build long irrigation canals and surf up and down picking crops! Get it straight people!
TMR: FlipFlop
Surfer’s Sandals - MP +10%, ATK +15%, MAG +15%
This is on par with Ruler’s Ring… Except you get 5% more MP at the cost of 5% HP. But more importantly her sprite doesn’t even wear sandals! So how do you get these? If you think her sprite doesn’t have them because she gives them to us, then explain Summertime Luka who gives us a hat, yet has a hat in her sprite! Maybe it's a hat trick?

Depression: 3 STARS

Not only have they stopped caring about 3* units, but now they are actively disincentivizing maxing out the units! As you upgrade her, she actually gains MORE clothes! Did they mix up the sprites or something?
3* Form As good as it gets.
4* Form Now she’s wearing a bikini skirt.
5* Form Now one of her ankles is covered! What about my ankle fetish!?
First we were penalized on LBs for awakening units, now we are penalized for fan-service!

Summertime LukaWater Luka… oh wait…

Aqua: Best Girl
Aquatic Ripple - Use Aqua skills twice in one turn
Most of her skills start with Aqua yet FFBE does not have a skill anywhere named Aqua Vitae! This seems like a huge oversight. I demand more alcohol references in the game that I can then deny and say “nuh-uh it’s latin! YOU'RE THE ALCOHOLIC!”
Plural: No
Magical Fishies - Heal (1700 HP, 14x) split over 3 turns to all allies Mitigate damage taken (25%) for 3 turns to all allies
Fishies is not an actual word. The plural of fish is just fish. Along with moose, sheep and shrimp. As this is likely going to turn into a Japanese lesson with the next two units, nouns in Japanese don’t have plurals at all. It’s all done via context or preceded by a number or a counter.
TMR: Hat
Chic Summer Hat - DEF+21, MAG+40, SPR+40 Fire Resist +50%
Wait! Don’t be fooled! She’s just a regular Luka with a stupid cheap hat!
“But she’s got a new hat!”
Haven’t I already used this joke before? Yes. But wasn’t Summertime Luka on banner before too? That’s called being META.
Btw, I’ve actually used this hat more than once. 50% fire resist in a hat slot is no joke.

Depression: SEASON 1 SPOILER

We go from Luka being “trapped” underwater to appease Leviathan or whatever and then the next we see her she’s just hanging out at the water with her floaty and bikini? She just wanted a nice long beach trip and conned us all! We’ve been bamboozled!

KaitoKaito Kid

Gintoki: Again?
So we have a white wavy haired swordsman with one arm out of the sleeve. Are we finally ripping off of Gintoki from Gintama? Wait a minute… I thought we already ripped off of Gintama with Ryuka? Even his story event was basically Gintama (old beaten down war hero finds new purpose when he meets a young, odd girl riding a giant animal).
man of very few words
Definitely not from Gintama then! Carry on!
Tide: Ad
I think the last time I actually paid attention to tides was in 6th grade when we took a field trip to see the tide pools. Guess it’s time for a refresher!
Killers: Wrong
Ikuchi Killer - Increase HP (10%) Increase physical damage against demons and fairies (25%)
Getting into the Japanese lesson early! Ikuchi is a Japanese yokai (think mystical monster like Bigfoot) that is a very long sea serpent. That is why this skill grants aquan and dragon killer! Oh wait… it does demon and fairy? Goomie do you not even wikipedia?
TMR: Water Dragon Sword
Suiryuken - ATK +140, Water Element, 2H
Remember when people were losing their shit over Bahamut Tear because it was an elemental 2H weapon? Or over Akstar’s STMR being the first 2H katana? Now we have an elemental 2H katana that’s just a normal TMR and it’s like “well that’s neat.”
STMR: Evades Me
Sea Dragon - Increase ATK (50%) Increase ATK (20%) when equipped with a katana Increase water and wind resistance (25%) Increase physical evasion (30%)
That’s nice, a 70% ATK materia with some good elemental resists on it! And HOLD THE FUCK UP! 30% evade? On a materia slot? Shit, screw the ATK and elemental resist, just give me that! Locke gives us a 30% evade dagger in the future (STMR) but both Galuf and CG WoL have a weapon as their TMR. This will let you build them for evade even easier, while giving elemental resist and leaving slots open for bulking them up. I’m not going to say this is 2x UoC and STMR moogle worthy, but shit if I manage to pull one copy I might then be tempted…


It’s looking like Kaito’s big claim to fame is going to be however his damage over time skills work out. (Since who else is going to chain with a water infused quad-cast physical dps…) And I don’t like this DoT thing one bit. For starters, I read it as dot every time, and look forward to fucking up every threshold and counter mechanic in the fight! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

TsukikoMoon Girl

Kryla: 2.0
Tsukiko wandered the world in the past, taking innocent lives in order to retain her youthful human-form.
Wasn’t this Kryla’s schtick? What the fuck is wrong with the GLEX writer for Goomie? Are they some decrepit old bat on the verge of death desperate for their youth back? Or possibly in the prime of their life fearing the day they get old? Let me reassure you once you get past your prime death starts sounding better and better! Time to go crack open another beer and wait for that sweet release!
Japanese: 101
Since they’ve decided to just fill her kit up with moonspeak I figure I’d save you the hassle of googling all this shit. Btw, the raid boss “obake” means ghost. It’s a lantern in reference to the Japanese Bon Festival which you’ve seen in 10 billion animes that pays homage to their dead ancestors and just ended on the 15th in Japan!
TMR: White Kosode/Red Hakama
Priestess's Attire - HP+100, MAG+60, SPR+35, MP +10%, enable Spirit Fire - Fox Claw Spirit Fire - Fox Claw - Magic damage (11x) to all enemies AZ frames
Armor that grants a chaining skill! And there’s an 11x mod on it too! That’s pretty high! Uh-oh, I’m saying too many nice things, let’s just go and ruin this.
Non-element single cast. There goes the chance to get a max chain unless you can guarantee it sparks! Womp womp.
STMR: Clean Sweep
Inari Broom - ATK+30, MAG+170, 50% mTDH
It’s about time we get a unit in here who can clean house! Throw any challenge her way and she’ll just brush it off! I have a feeling that Tsukiko will sweep the nation! I don’t want to make a sweeping generalization but you can really use a unit like her! The only drawback with her is soon she’ll be benched and just gathering dust! I’m so tired after all these broom jokes I’ll probably sweep soundly tonight!

Depression: FIREFOX.EXE

People are already dubbing Tsukiko the Bloody Moon Killer, but I have to admit I don’t see it so far. Sure she has innate magic killer for its type, but they are a whopping 25%! Sure she has fixed typed attacks that will bypass Moon’s mitigation, but they are single hit skills with mods that aren’t very impressive. And if you build her for the recommended surival of 10k HP and 1k SPR then her magic is nowhere near impressive without some massive STMRs.
And do you know why? THIS IS ALL A TRAP! Goomie knows that we fear the BMK bullshit they pulled on JP so they will release nothing but a steady stream of units that are just slightly better for it right up until its release! So stay strong until we get waifu magic Odin who just straight slices the moon in half!

Post Pull Depression

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this event. I enjoyed the difficulty of planning how to take down the boss with the most bonus units possible (I even lost twice!) but now that I have my plan in place… I really don’t want to do this for the next two weeks. And that 40k EP for a random (aka Delita) rainbow will take the whole two weeks. So you know what? Fuck it. I’ll farm the first week, the 18k EP 3* ticket seems like a decent goal, then I’ll summon see if I need a bit more currency and if not, then drop the event.
And Goomie, I think you forgot to include the story sequences again? If you really are going to make your own global cinematic universe then how about actually doing it instead of hiding soft allusions in the backstory? I already covered quite a bit for you before, don’t be lazy and make me do it again!
See ya next banner!


Elena Learns Japanese

Tsukiko: “In preparation for the invasion of the JP version, we will be continuing your Japanese lessons.”
Elena: “Hi, you rosh ku oh knee guy she mas, sinsay!”
Tsukiko: “As you know the yukata is a traditional Japanese robe usually worn during the summer. If you wanted to buy one you would say: Yukata wa, ikura desu ka?”
Elena: “You kahtah waaa ee coo rah dez ka?”
Tsukiko: “Next, foxes in Japan are called kitsune. Let’s try saying one is cute: Kitsune wa kawaii desu!”
Elena: “Key sue neigh waaa Hawaii dez.”
Tsukiko: “Eh, good enough. Now let’s move on to the more practical Japanese phrases. No! No! STOP!: DAME! DAME! YAMETE!”
Elena: “Dah may, dah may, ya may tay.”
Tsukiko: “Now follow up with a Japanese shriek like: eeeeeeeyaaaa!”
Elena: “They shriek differently? Eeeeeeyaaa!”
Tsukiko: “Needs to be more shrill. Next. 'Not there! Now I can never get married!' Oh... looks like we are out of time. Make sure to practice all these for the next lesson."
Elena: “Hi, ah reee gah to go zai mas, sinsay!”
submitted by TomAto314 to FFBraveExvius [link] [comments]

2018.11.22 22:18 Zianex Viper the Rapper's discography

# Viperrevolution
1 Million Vipers but Only 1 Vipa
1 Million Vipers but Only 1 Viper
1,000,000 Vipers but Only 1 Vipa
18 Wheela
2 4 U
2 Burn a Cop Alive
2 Burn a Police Alive
2 Decapitate a Cop
2 Hot
4eva Tha Realest
A Day in the Life of Lee Carter
A Day in the Life of Lee Carter
A Greater Man Than U
A Greater Man
A Hustler's Life
A Hustler's Life
A Hustler's Life
A Hustler's Life
A Loose Cannon
A Loyal Illuminati Memba II
A Loyal Illuminati Memba
A Sweet Eulogy
A Young Hustler's Life (Baller's Mix)
Ability II
Above All Law
Above All Laws
Ahead of All Tyme
Ahead of His Tyme
Ahead of U All Tha Tyme
Ahead of Ur Tyme
All 4 U Fam
All Dis Money Dirty
All Dogs Go to Heaven
All Play No Work
All Play, No Work
All the Bad B*tches Choosin' Me
Alot of Folk Countin' on Me
Always Feelin Good
An Unmatched Resolve
Aquatic Hoes
Are U Really That Stupid
Ass Floss
At Peace Wit My Peace
Atomic Bombs and Mutually Assured Destruction Is Fuckin' Stupid II
Attackin' Tha Rim Daily
Attackin' Tha Rim
Bad Apple II
Bad B*tches All On Me
Bad B*tches Non-Stop Choosin' Me
Bad B*tches Stayin' on Me
Banned from Tha Rap Game
Beach Hottie U Want
Bearin' Interest
Big Girls 4 U
Bikini so Lovely
Blessed by My Patience
Blonde in Ur Bed
Blood in, Blood Out
Body Is a Temple
Boo 4 U
Booty 4 Days
Boys Talkin' Down
Break Bread Bro
Break Bread
Breakin' Tha Ice II
Breakin' That Ice
Business Cash
Business Money
Calculated Presence
Cash Graze
Chin Checka
Chopped And Screwed-Hustlin' Thick(Viper-15 Songs)
Cloned & Copied
Cloned & Copied
Cloned While Copied
Cloudy Grinna
Cocaine Snorta
Code of Tha Streets II
Code of Tha Streets
Code of These Streets II
Combo Breaker
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle
Confident II
Cop Killa
Cop Murdera
Copied & Cloned
Cops Can't Read III
Cops Can't Read
Crack Deala
Crack Sella
Creata of Hardcore Rap
Creata of Rapcore
Crime Scene
Crime Scenes II
Cum Here Now!!
Damn I Want U Bad
Dead Man Walkin'
Deadly Weapon II
Deala of Dope 2
Deala of Dope
Death Awaits
Death Before Dishonor
Death of a Salesman
Deep in Tha Hustle
Deep in That Hustle
Dimples and Muscles
Dis 4 Real
Dis Deadly Weapon II
Dis Deadly Weapon
Dis Fight 4 Control II
Dis Fight 4 Control
Dis Liquid Fury II
Dis Liquid Fury
Dis Nigga Here!
Dis What It Be 'Bout II
Dis What It's All Bout
Dis Winna Life!
Do It in Tha Pool
Don't Fuq Wit Her Clique
Don't Knock a Hustle
Don't Knock My Hustle!
Don't Knock My Hustle
Don't Talk Down
Dope Deala
Dream Steppin
Dream Steppin
Dreams In The Penitentary
Dreams of a Rap Star
Educatin' Tha Community
Education 4 Tha Community
End Ur Life Dummy
End Ur Life Stupid
Engineered 2 Amaze II
Engineered 2 Amaze U
Eternal Parlayin'
Eternal Parlayin'
Eternal Playboy
Eternal Prettyboy
Every Dog Has His Day
Everyday a Vacation
Evil 1 II
Evil 1
Evrythang I Live 4
F!ck U Pussy-Ass N!gga
F!Ck U Pussy
F!Ck U
F#ck U Bastards
F#ck U Pussies
F$Ck 24" And Up
F$ck All 24 and Up
F%ck a Wedding
F%ck the Police!
F%ck the Pussy Police!
F%ck U Pussy-Ass N%gga II
F%Ck U Pussy-Ass N%Gga III
F%ck U Pussy-Ass N%gga
F%ck Ur Label Pussy
F%ck Ur Record Label Pussy
F%ck Ur Wedding
F*ck the Pussy Police
F*ck U
F*ck What U Heard
F*ck What U Sayin'
[email protected] the Police
[email protected] What U Goin' Through
[email protected] What U Stand 4
Find Me on Tha Beaten Path
Fish And Chips
Fish And Chips
Fish And Chips
Fish and Chips
Folk Countin' on Me
Forestry Maj-A Imma Keep Ur Lil Bears Safe
Fuck Tha World It Ain't Real I Bend Tha Spoon Wit My Mind 2
Fuck U Cops!!! II
Fuck U Cops!!!
Fuck U Little Nigger
Fuck U Pussy-Ass Nigga
Get Loose Wit It
Give It 2 Her
God Bless Rap F!Ck Hip Hop
God Bless Rap F$ck Hip Hop
God Bless Rap F%ck Hip Hop
God Bless Rap [email protected] Hip Hop
God Has No Luv 4 U
God Has No Respect 4 U
God Hates U and Luvs Me
God Hates U and Luvs Me
God of Hardcore Rap
God of Rapcore
God's Favorite Human Being
God's Favorite Human
God's Greatest Creation
Google "Rapper Viper"
Google Rapper Viper Now
Gorgeous Boy
Got Tha Models Wide Open
Gots 2 Make It Work
Gots a Wicked Pistol Game
Gots That Top Street Cred
Grind Climb
Grind To Shine
Grind To Shine
Grind To Shine
H-Town's Top Choice
Half Ur 6 Pac Higha Than Tha Otha Half
Hard Work
Haters Talkin' Down
Heartless Hoodlum (Viper-15 songs)
Heartless Hoodlum Futuristic Space Age Remix Album (RymeTymerecords.com
Heartless Hoodlum Futuristic Space Age Remix Album / Screwed and Chopped (RhymeTymeRecords.com)
Heartless Hoodlum
Heartless Hoodlum
Heartless Hoodlum
Heartless Hoodlum
Heartless Hoodlum
Heartless Hoodlum
Heartless Hoodlum
Heartless Hoodlum
Heaven Is fo' Reel Muthafucka 3
Hi Potency
Hiram Clark Hustler
Hiram Clarke Hustler
Hoes Want to See U
Hold Her Hand
Hold U Down 4 Life
Hole in Tha Sky Is Mad Real II
Holy Mutha A' God II
Holy Mutha A' God
Hot Thang 4 U
How Can I Help U?
How I Make U Feel
How It Makes U Feel II
Human Cryonics: My Burial Site
Human Cryostasis Gangsters Don't Die
Hustlin Thick, Lovin Big
Hustlin' Thick Chopped and Screwed
Hustlin' Thick II
Hustlin' Thick(Viper-17 Songs)
Hustlin' Thick
Hustlin' Thick
Hustlin' Thick
Hustlin' Thick
Hustlin' Thick
Hustlin' Thick
Hustlin' Thick
I Ain't Playin 3
I Ain't Playin
I Am a Lot Smarter Than U
I Am Betta Than U
I Am God
I Am Superior 2 U
I Am Superior
I Am Superior
I Be Real as Gold 4 Sho II
I Found Ot I'm That Nigga
I Got Tha Cure 4 a Broken Heart Right Here
I Got Ya
I Have Tha Best Piece & Chain Eva Made!
I Have the Best Piece and Chain Ever Made
I Know U Want It
I Mastaed Life
I No What U Been Missin'
I Remember All My Dreams II
I Remember All My Dreams
I Remember All My Dreams
I Seen a Skull
I Sell Tha Best Crack 2
I Sell Tha Best Crack
I Sell Tha Best Crack
I Win Always, U Loose Always: (
I'm 5-9 Piru Blood (Now You Know My Set)
I'm a 5-9 Piru Blood
I'm a 5-9 Piru Blood
I'm a Greater 1 Than U II
I'm a Greater 1 Than U
I'm a Greater 1
I'm Alot Smarter Than U
I'm Better Than U II
I'm Better Than U
I'm Gonna Kill Them Pussy Niggas That Killed 2pac
I'm Gonna Kill Them Pussy Niggas That Killed 2Pac
I'm Gonna Smoke Them Pussy Niggas That Killed 2pac II
I'm Gonna Smoke Them Pussy Niggas That Killed 2pac
I'm Gonna Smoke Them Pussy Niggas That Killed 2Pac
I'm Greater Than U
I'm Incredible
I'm Lovin' Here Dis Rap Game Money
I'm Luvin' Dis Here Rap Game II
I'm Luvin' Dis Here Rap Game III
I'm Luvin' Dis Here Rap Game...
I'm Luvin' Dis Here Rap Game
I'm Luvin' Dis Here Rap Money Cause It's Different II
I'm Luvin' Dis Here Rap Money Cause It's Different
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Game Money II
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Game Money III
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Game Money
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Game
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Money Cause It's Different Than Regular Money
I'm Luvin' Dis Rap Money Cause It's Different
I'm Luvin' Tha Rap Money Cause It's Different
I'm Much Smarter Than U
I'm so Incredible
I'm So Much Smarter Than U
I'm so Much Smarter Than U
Ice Cold
Im Better Than U
Im Talkin' 'Bout Makin' the Bed Rock Like a Flintstone
Impeccable II
In A Thug's Life
In A Thug's Life
In A Thug's Life
In A Thug's Life
In A Thug's Life
In My Gat I Trust
In Tha Life of a Rap Star
Interest Bearin'
Inventa of Hardcore Rap
It Don't Get No Betta
It Would Be Heaven on Earth If Cops Were Drafted & Not Hired
It'd Be Heaven On Earth If Cops Were Drafted & Not Hired
It'd Be Heaven on Earth If Cops Were Drafted and Not Hired
It's 4 Real
It's All Because of Me ;-(
It's All Because of U ;-(
It's Because of Me
It's Because of U ;-(
It's Not Worth Yo Life
It's Ok, U Can Judge Me
It's Real
Jagua Man 2
Judged By 12, Saluted By a Million
Just Put up or Shet Up
Keepin' It Illegal Concealment
Ketamine n Rimjobs
Kid Tested Mom Approved
Kill Urself Boy
Kill Urself Bro
Kill Urself Dude
Kill Urself Man
Kill Urself My Man
Kill Urself Nigga
Kill Urself U Fool
Kill Viper
Killa of Legends
Last Revolution
Laughin' at These Rappers Piece and Chain Compared to Mine
Laughin' at These Rappers Piece and Chain Compared to Mine
Learn from Me
Leasure Tyme
Legend Killa
Let Her Dance 4 U
Let's Do Tha Damn Thang
Let's Get It in
Let's Go Upstairs
Let's Gone Get It In
Let's Kill Viper
Letal Dosage EP
Lets Go Swimming
Life Ain't Fair 4 U
Life Ain't Fair 4 You'll
Life Is Fair 4 Me
Life Is Fair
Life Is Fun 4 Me
Life Is Fun
Life Is Good
Life Is so Fun
Liquid Fury II
Little Women
Look Towards the Horizon Your Death Awaits You There.
Loose Cannon!
Loose Cannon
Loved by All, Hated by None
Luv at First Sight
Luv Her Like U Do
Made of Money
Mafia God
Mafia Hitman
Make It Work
Man of My Word
Mild Mannered Mayhem
Mo Than They No II
Mo Than They No
Mo Than U No II
Mo Than U No
Money 2 Burn, No Need 2 Earn
Money Is Evrythang
Money, Meth & Murda!
Most Prized Possession
Murda Broka II
Murda Broka
Murda Hustla Vol. II
Murda II
Murda Thug
Murda, Vol. 2
Murder Me
Murder Viper
My Addiction
My Collection of Guns
My Eulogy
My Fight 4 Control II
My Gangland
My Ghost Army
My Liquid Fury, Vol. 2
My Most Prized Possession
My Piano Cake 3
My Piano Cake
My Prize Possession
My Prized Possession
My Riches Untamed
My Soul Be Sold 2 Tha Devil Vol. II
My Soul Be Sold 2 Tha Devil
My Soul Is Sold 2 Tha Devil II
My Soul Sold 2 Satan
My Soul Sold 2 Tha Devil II
Naturally II
Naturally Real II
Naturally Real
Needs Ur Tenderness
Neva a Foul-Calla
Neva Callin' a Foul
Neva Callin' Fouls
Neva Eva a Foul-Calla
No Foul-Calla
No Fruntin Pure Stuntin
No Fruntin' Just Stuntin'
No Hesitation II
No Hesitation
No Marks in Space
No My Rules!
No My Rules
No One Prettier
No Tha Rules
Non-Stop Bad B*tches Choosin' Me
Non-Stop Bad B*tches Choosin'
Not a Foul-Calla
On Point
On Tha Beaten Path
Ot Wit Tha Old, in Wit Tha New
Ot Wit' Tha Old in Wit' Tha New
Paper Man
Paper Man
Paper Man
Penitentiary Years Wit My Peers
Phat Ass Aimin' Ur Way
Piece of Mind
Piece of Mine
Pill Poppa 3
Pill Poppa
Pistol Play
Play Maker
Pledge 2 Viper!
Pledge 2 Viper
Plush Player
Plush Player
Plush Player
Plush Player
Plush Player
Plush Player
Plush Player
Points in Tha Paint
Poppin' My Shirt off Everyday
Prayin' 2 Throw Acid on a Cop's Face
Pretty Boy Muscles
Preyin 2 Throw Acid on a Cop's Face
Pure Ability
Pure Evil II
Pure Evil
Pure Genius
Pure Stuntin'
Purely Evil II
Purely Evil
Put Sum Relish and Musta on It It Ain't Extra 2
Put That on Somethin'
Put Up or Shet Up
R U Tryna Fuck?
Rap Cash
Rap Game Money 2 Wild
Rap Game Money Is Different
Rap Game Money Is Much Different
Rap Game Money Is so Wild
Rap Game Money Is Wild
Rap Made Me into a Man
Rap Made Me into Tha Man
Rap Money
Rap Paid Me into a Man
Rap Paid Me Into Tha Man
Ready and Willing Futuristic Space Age Remix Album (RhymeTymeRecords.com)
Ready and Willing Futuristic Space Age Remix Album / Screwed and Chopped (RhymeTymeRecords.com)
Ready And Willing
Ready And Willing
Ready And Willing
Ready and Willing
Ready And Willing
Ready And Willing
Real Estate Checks
Real [email protected] Only Dunk 2-Hand Hanga
Real Rapcore
Real Talk
Recipe 4 Success
Relax When U Come Home Baby
Relax When U Come Home Baby
Rememba Me?
Resolve Unmatched
Respect the Peace (Piece)
Rest in Peace
Rich and Not Famous
Rich And NOT Famous
Roll Call!
Rotten 2 Tha Core II
Rotten 2 Tha Core
Rotten Thru Tha Core II
Rotten Thru Tha Core
Say Hi 2 Tha Twins
Scenic Route II
Scopin' These Nothin' F!Cks II
Scopin' These Nothin' [email protected] II
See Through F*ck Into
Sellin Dis Dope II
Sellin' Dis Dope
Sexies 4 U
Sexy Dance 4 U
Sexy Lady 4 U
Shadow People
Shadow People
She Been Asking 4 U
She Bought These 4 U
She Eyeballin U My Man
She Got a Kik
She Lookin' for U
She Luv U
She Need Ur Lips
She No U Got Powers
She No U Want Tha Booty
She Say She Want U
She Still Suckin
She Thinkin' of U
She Told Me She Want U
She Treat U Like a King
She Twerk Hard for Ya Boi
She Wanna Make Luv 2 U
She Wanna Play
She Wants U to Untie This
She Wet 4 U
She's Ready
She's Strip Teasin' for U
Shet Up Idiot
Shet up U Stupid Idiot
Shet Up
Sick Stangin'
Slide into Her Dms
Slither EP
Smarta Alternative
Snitches Get Ditches
Snorta of Cocaine
So Much Cash I Got
So Much Money I Keep
So Pretty
So Sick Stangin'
Soul Sold 2 Satan
Soul Sold 2 Tha Devil Vol .5
Soul Sold 2 Tha Devil
Soul Sold 2 That Devil Vol 3
State of Art
Still Sellin' Crack
Still Slangin' Crack
Str8 Stuntin' Stupid
Str8 Stuntin'
Str8 up Stuntin' on Boys
Str8 up Stuntin' on Em'
Str8 Up Stuntin' On U
Str8 up Stuntin' Stupid
Str8 Up Stuntin'
Straight Up Stuntin'
Strike Of The Viper
Supa Crunk
Swung a Hit Whea Tha Fuck I Seen It, Vol. 2
T.R.A.P. Boy
T.R.A.P. Boy
T.R.A.P. Lord (Tall, Rich And Pretty)
T.R.A.P. Lord (Tall, Rich and Pretty)
Take a Pledge
Take No Prisonas II
Take No Prisonas
Take Tha Pledge!
Takin' No Prisonas
Takin' No Prisoners II
Tha Bad Apple
Tha Best Creation of God
Tha Code of Tha Streets
Tha Cop Murdera
Tha Crime Scenes
Tha Deadly Weapon //
Tha Deadly Weapon II
Tha Deadly Weapon
Tha Definition Of Gangsta
Tha Dreams of a Rap Star
Tha Evil 1 II
Tha Evil 1
Tha Fight 4 Control II
Tha Genius
Tha Gorgeous Boy
Tha Greatest Thang Made by God
Tha Greatest Thing Eva Made by God
Tha Greatest Thing Made By God
Tha Greatest Thing Our God's Ever Made
Tha Hiram Clarke Hustla
Tha Incomparable!
Tha Incomparable
Tha Journey as a Rich Man Begins
Tha Journey Begins
Tha Leada of Hardcore Rap
Tha Lord of Rapcore
Tha Originata Of Rapcore
Tha Rap Cash
Tha Realest 2 Eva Rap
Tha Realest 2 Eva Rap
Tha Realest
Tha Recipe 4 Success
Tha Rocketship Bus 2
Tha Scenic Route
Tha Turf War
Tha Worl C'mon Who Ben Round Ta See It Shit Don't Xist
That Gorgeous Boy
That Gorgeous Boy
The 6' 2" Shorty
The 6' 2" Shorty
The Beast of the Best
The Best to Ever Ball
The G V
The Gorgeous One
The Greatest Creation of God
The Greatest Creation of God
The Grind Climb
The Hiram Clarke Hustler Futuristic Space Age Remix Album (RhymeTymeRecords.com)
The Hiram Clarke Hustler Futuristic Space Age Remix Album / Screwed and Chopped (RhymeTymeRecords.com)
The Hiram Clarke Hustler
The Leelicious
The Music of Viper, Vol. 3
The Oath of an Assassin
The Paper Man Futuristic Space Age Remix Album / Screwed and Chopped (RhymeTymeRecords.com)
The Paper Man
The Paper Man
The Paper Man
The Prettiest Boy
The Prettiest Prettyboy
The Rise Of Viper
The Rise Of Viper
The Rise Of Viper
The Rise Of Viper
The Rise Of Viper
The Southwest Hooligan Futuristic Space Age Remix Album / Screwed and Chopped (RhymeTymeRecords.com)
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Southwest Hooligan
The Threshold
The Top-Choice Assassin
There's a Recession?
These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The Pen
These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The Pen
These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The Pen
These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The Pen
These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The Pen
These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The Pen
These Rappers Claim They Hard When Them Fags Never Even Seen The Pen
These Rappers Claim They Hard When They Never Seen the Penitentiary
These Rappers Claim They Hard
These Rappers Claim They Hard
They Know Me
They Lookin 2 Clone Me
They Lookin' 2 Copy Me
They Lookin' Towards Clonin' Me
They Lookin' Towards Copyin' Me
They Pen Ain't Mightia Than My Pistol
They Tryin' 2 Clone Me II
They Tryin' 2 Clone Me
They Wantin' 2 Clone Me
They Wantin' 2 Copy Me II
They Wantin' 2 Copy Me
Thick Ass 4 U
Things Thugs Do
Things Thugs Do
Things Thugs Do
Things Thugs Do
Things Thugs Do
Things Thugs Do
Things Thugs Do
This Come Up
Thug's Passion
Thug's Passion
Thug's Passion
Thug's Passion
Thug's Passion
Thugs Of A Feather
Thugs Of A Feather
Tit 4 Tat
Titties 4 U
To Be or Not to Be
Too Cute
Too Pretty
Top Goonin'
Top Notch
Top Winnin'
Top-Notch II
Triple Delite
Try Ta Stop Me III
Try ta Stop Me
U a Means 2 an End
U a Means to an End
U A Snitch B*tch
U a Snitch
U a Stupid Dummy
U a Stupid Idiot
U Are a Dummy
U Are an Idiot
U Are an Idiot
U Are an Imbecile
U Are Below Me
U Are Beneath Me
U Are Dumb
U Are Inferior 2 Me
U Are Nothin'
U Are Nothin'
U Are so Dumb
U Are so Stupid
U Are so Trash
U Are Such a Dummy
U Are Such a Moron
U Are Such an Idiot
U Are Trash
U Are Useless
U Are Worthless
U Broke Lil Nigga
U Can't Be That Stupid
U Couldn't Be That Stupid
U Coward F#cks!
U Don't Know Me Little Nigger
U Fallin' Off
U Fallin' Off
U Have No Value
U Like It
U Make Her Smile
U on Her Mind
U on Her Mind
U Snitchin'?!
U Ugly Big Nose Dude
U Ugly Big Nose
U Ugly Boy
U Ugly Dude
U Went to County Jail Not the Penitentiary Pussy Nigga
U Wish Ur Gurl Was as Bad as Mine
U'll Neva Amount 2 Nothin'
U'll Never Amount to Me Boy
U're a Moron
U're so Dumb
U're so Stupid
U're So Stupid
U're so Stupid
U're Stupid
U're Such a Dummy
U're Such an Imbecile
U's a Snitch
Uppin' the Ante
Ur Girl Dressed up Just for Me 1
Ur in Her Dreams
V the G
Viewa Discretion Is Advised
Vigilance Always Pays Off II
Vigilance Always Pays Off
Vigilance Pays Off II
Vigilance Pays Off
Vipe Dogg
Viper's Storytime
Walkin' Dead Man
Watchin' These Snitches
What a Relief It Is
What a Relief
What I Live 4 II
What Recession?
What the F$Ck Is a Recession?
What U Gone Do?
What U Wanna Do?
Where U @ Boo?
Whip It Real Bad ;)
Wicked Pistol Game
Will U Ever Feel My Name?
Will U Ever Know My Name?
Winna Life!
Witot Hesitation
Wrapped In Win
Wrapped In Win
Wrapped In Win
Wrapped In Win
Yo Baby Boo Handcuffin' Me
Yo Baby Boo Holdin' Me
Yo Baby Boo Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Yo Baby Mama Handcuffin' Me
Yo Baby Mama Holdin' Me Down
Yo Baby Mama Holdin' Me
Yo Baby Mama Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Yo Baby Mama, Main & Side Holdin' Me II
Yo Baby Mama, Main & Side Holdin' Me
Yo Baby Mama, Side Thang & Main Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Chic Chose Me
Yo Chic Holdin' Me Down
Yo Chic Holdin' Me
Yo Cutie Pie Holdin' Me Down
Yo Cutie Pie Keepin' Me in Her
Yo Dame Holdin' Me Down
Yo Girl Chose Me
Yo Girl Handcuffin' Me
Yo Girl Holdin' Me Down III
Yo Girl Keepin' Me in Her
Yo Girlfriend Handcuffin' Me
Yo Girlfriend Holdin' Me Down
Yo Girlfriend Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Yo Lady Holdin' Me Down
Yo Main & Side Holdin' Me Down II
Yo Main & Side Holdin' Me Down
Yo Main & Side Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Main Chic Holdin' Me Down
Yo Main Dame Holdin' Me
Yo Main Girl Holdin' Me
Yo Main Girlfriend Holdin' Me
Yo Main Handcuffin' Me
Yo Main Holdin' Me Down
Yo Main Lady Holdin' Me
Yo Main Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Yo Main Thang & Side Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Main Thang Handcuffin' Me
Yo Main Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Main Thang Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Yo Main Woman Holdin' Me Down
Yo Old Lady Holdin' Me Down II
Yo Old Lady Holdin' Me Down
Yo Pretty Thang Holdin' Me Down
Yo Pretty Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Side & Main Holdin' Me II
Yo Side & Main Holdin' Me
Yo Side & Main Thang Holdin' Me Down
Yo Side Thang & Main Thang Holdin' Me
Yo Soulmate Holdin' Me Down II
Yo Wife Chose Me
Yo Wife F*cked Me & Fell in Luv
Yo Wife Handcuffin' Me
Yo Wife Holdin' Me
Yo Wife Keepin' Me in Her
Yo Wife Luvin' Handcuffin' Me
Yo Woman Holdin' Me II
Yo Woman Holdin' Me
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack Futuristic Space Age Remix Album (RhymeTymerecords.com)
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack Futuristic Space Age Remix Album / Screwed and Chopped (RhymeTymeRecords.com)
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack 2
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
You'll Never Smoked Crack
Your Fall Off
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I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful afternoon! It's yoo girl IvaginaryFriend back with your weekly dank AF Presidential recap! It's been another tremendous week of constant winning and BTFO VERY fake news - AND WE'RE STILL NOT TIRED OF IT! On that note 'Pedes, let's get this recap started!!!

Sunday, June 4th :


Monday, June 5th:


Tuesday, June 6th:


Wednesday, June 7th:


Thursday, June 8th:


Friday, June 9th:


Saturday, June 10th:



Here's a couple jams to help you go through all on this WINNING!!
On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
Daylight - Matt and Kim
This Is the House That Doubt Built - A Day to Remember

EDIT: Some more tunes for you 'pedes thanks to my music lovin, DJ 'pede Mbuuqw

Das EFX- East Coast
Rae Sremmurd- Up Like Trump
Kanye West- Can't Tell me Nothing
Future- Xanny Family
4Chan X Childish Gambino- Shadilay Redbone
Childish Gambino- II. Zealots of Stockholm (Audiopedes beware! Song is straight bass 1:23 onward!)
Childish Gambino- 3005

EDIT 2: No Recap is complete without some THUG LIFE - Thanks to the DANK af ThugLifeNewShit

President Trump Tears Regulations A New Asshole
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2014.10.29 00:20 Just2_Stare_at_Stars The whole enchilada: r/ripcity's Predictions, 2014-2015 Edition

EDIT: Now with very appropriately suggested paragraph breaks!
First, I talk a lot and am a fairly detailed person, so I'm sorry for typing all of the following. If you're bored, and you can't wait for the Blazers' first game, then give it a shot maybe, lol. I absolutely love talking about the NBA, so I'd really like to hear what everyone else's observations and predictions are for the '14-'15 season! SO EXCITED
  1. Spurs
  2. Warriors
  3. Blazers
  4. Clippers
  5. Thunder
  6. Mavs
  7. Rockets
  8. Grizzlies
  1. Cavs
  2. Bulls
  3. Heat
  4. The Canadian Team
  5. Wiz
  6. Pistons
  7. Nets
  8. Hawks
West Analysis
No, you do not see the Suns or even the Pels. It's not that I think the Pels or the Suns don't have a chance (the Pels less so, even though they have AD), it's simply that there is no room given the following observations.
I do think the Rockets are going to slip a lot this year. Their coaching is piss poor, and I believe Harden and Howard's ceiling together has pretty much been reached. Both players, while certainly "superstars" by perception, are just not complete players, especially mentally, and that's pivotal. They don't have it, so to speak. They lost a crucial part of their composition with Parsons departing, and the icing on top for this franchise continues to be the ineptitude of McHale.
On the other hand, I actually think the Suns will not improve this year, and I'm probably the only person on record to say that. Chemistry can be odd with young players, especially when their nucleus gets a bit jumbled. Plus, if people think Portland is going to regress, then why does Phoenix get a free pass on this? They're much younger than us, and that makes a huge difference in the second half of the season. Further, I don't see more chemistry and more options for their growth going well by continuing to acquire guards. They also lost Channing Frye, a big man, and their stretch big man. Hornacek is fantastic, but they have these roster limitations...which they kinda imposed on themselves.
Okay, so enough with what I consider the mediocre teams in the West. But then again it's the West and those teams really are not that mediocre at all, haha. So, before I move on, let's just say the Grizzlies are always good for a playoff spot, but not much more than that.
The teams start getting real ridiculous at around the 6th seed. Mavs are gonna be so good this year, I swear--the combination of Carlisle, a returning nucleus, and with the addition of Parsons and Chandler means the Mavs are continuing to be gritty and now with the player material to really surge. They can crash some serious parties in the West this year.
Along with Houston, I think the Thunder are really slipping too. On that team I don't think you find the ideal mentality in the right places--not in certain players and not in a very certain coach. Obviously they have playmakers that can get it done. But with KD not being able to be the team's perennial crutch for the first 1/4 of the season, I believe they will fall hard under the pressure that's been mounting on them for a few seasons now. That's a lot to bear. Although Brooks may be a good cheerleader, I don't think he has the stuff to take them to a next level. Their only x-factor is Russ. And that's a huge x-factor, make no mistake about it.
I think the Warriors are going to be dangerous as hell--they look absolutely fantastic under Kerr. Iggy and Klay will be the biggest, hugest beneficiaries of having him as a coach. Career year almost guaranteed for Klay. I think the Clippers will, unfortunately, continue to underachieve with this roster. I don't think they made great personnel moves besides adding Hawes, and they have bench issues and problems at the 3 spot. Their starting five are going to have to run serious, serious minutes into the ground to keep them at the pace they've been on. I just don't see them cracking the top 3 in the loaded west because of it.
Blazers: I think we are quietly going to destroy people's expectations barring significant injury (I'm assuming this for every team, though). LMA and Dame look even more polished and improved, and so does the rest of the team. They're hungry, they want more, and they want it for the right reasons and play the right way. Their team chemistry is top 3 in the NBA, and it's consistent. The bench has improved with Kaman and Blake being signed, and our young'uns have become competent and understanding of their roles. Our starters will get to rest and watch some scoring and some great second-team play I think. Not out of this world bench play, of course, but they went as far as they did last year with the worst bench in the entire NBA. If Portland has the misfortune of meeting the Spurs in the second round, we will fall to them again, but it will be a lot closer--perhaps Houston vs. Portland 2013 close. If we meet the Clippers or the Warriors, we have a huge chance to make it to the WCF.
Further, I think the Jazz are going to destroy expectations this year. They will finish behind Phoenix, but I think they could do something like that. Snyder is a nasty mofo who people like to play for, and those dudes are CLICKIN' you can just tell. Lovin' it too, but terrified a bit of our NW brethren :/. Finally, the Spurs...yawn okay, done.
(I totally homered on the Blazers. I know...I know.)
East Analysis
These Bulls vs. Cavs games are gonna rock our fucking world, guys. If you thought Pacers vs. Heat was nasty, well, the only thing that matchup was missing were the feisty, body-pounding, chest-bumping spirit freaks called the Chicago Bulls. These dudes have been waiting. And waiting. And they're out to settle some scores this year with their family returned. D-Rose has an above average year I think, but that's all they need from him, especially being an even smarter player now who has gained in maturity.
The Heat doing what the Heat do--consistency at high levels. However, their talent took a bit of a hit even with Bosh, Deng, and McBob having greater freedom. The Raptors have improved just by losing John Salmons, and Jonas(<3), Lowry, and DeRozan are going to have a great season together--improvement all the way around. Their bench, too. Wiz might take that 4 spot actually, I will easily concede that. Beal and Wall getting even better and hungrier? Good shit. They made the right management decisions this off-season: love the re-signs in the front court while nailing down The Truth for their young backcourt.
The Pistons can be really great--I'm kinda gambling on them here. I believe in SVG, and I'm a huge, huge fan of Drummond. I think they can pull some strings in the wide-open East. The Nets still have some talent for sure, especially with the return of BroLo, but what I think they'll REALLY benefit from is having hired Lionel Hollins. ATL has the talent and the foundation laid down, and with a returning Horford and a Spurs' former assistant as a second-season head coach I think the Hawks can pretty easily take the 8th seed or even higher.
I really, really wanted to say Charlotte would make the playoffs. And I actually hope they do. I love me some Kemba, and I think Lance was a fantastic sign for them. I just didn't think the Nets, the Pistons, and the Hawks would miss the playoffs. Maybe I'm premature on the Pistons for this season, but they seem ready to strike. I think Indiana has a terrible year, there's just no way they're going to recover. If Frank Vogel couldn't keep their mentalities aligned when they were stronger, I think this emotionally fragile team just falls apart. I hope I'm wrong because that's a bleak picture for sure.
I think the Knicks are interesting, but not good enough for a first-year head coach named Derek Fisher. Carmelo is great, but overrated as a championship caliber best player. The Knicks don't make the playoffs, but fight for the 8th seed, and have a much more hopeful year than last, which I'd be happy to see. I really like the Knicks franchise because 90s, etc.
WCF: Spurs vs. Warriors
ECF: Bulls vs. Cavs
THE FINALS: Spurs vs. Cavs
NBA CHAMPIONS: San Antonio Spurs
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2014.10.20 05:02 zsghost ESPN's "Call Center" Casting Call

Reddit wasn't around back then and I'm bored, so let's chat about this (amazing/terrible) thing.
Back in 2008, Awful Announcing leaked a casting call for a series of ESPN ads that would've featured basically a number of personifications of basketball programs working at a call center. The problem was that a lot of them were very particular in a lot of ways, including race, which came off as either (a) offensive, (b) weird, and/or (c) unnecessary, depending on the posting or who you asked. On the one hand, of course Cuse is gonna be a Jewish kid from Long Island, on the other, Notre Dame basketball is an Asian scrapper? What the hell? Probably the most stark example:
MALE. What can we say about Memphis? He's a southern BLACK kid, really culinary and polite. He's artistic, and draws comic books really well.
MALE. African-American. Young Obama. Think Toofer - the straight-laced, Harvard grad writer from 30 Rock (Keith Powell).
On top of that, some of the ones asking for females.... well:
FEMALE. Tennessee is orange crazy. The ice tray in her orange fridge, that freezes the water she dyes orange, is that orange. The party girl cowboy hat she wears is a white and orange zebra print. The tattoo on her lower back is Pantone 3 for that Tennessee orange. The only thing that's not orange is her dog, which is the mascot Smokey. Did we mention she's crazy? A slutty girl who would hang out at the cowgirl hall of fame.
FEMALE. Marquette, on a scale of 1-10, she's a six. A B-, C in every category you can define a person by. Her defining characteristic is you don't really remember her. You're not breaking your arm to get to her, but you're not chewing it off to get away. She does have a winning personality though. Midwest, sweet girl.
Needless to say, a bunch of people said "problematic," the whole thing was (correctly) scrapped,. Rest of it's below:
MALE. Our guy for Duke UNIVERSITY is a smart, with it, young WHITE male. He's handsome. He's from money. He is, in short, the kind of guy everyone can't stand. He is the kind of guy everyone wants to be.
FEMALE. She's a Southern bell. She is the counterpoint to Duke. Being young and pretty everyone wants to be around her. She's charming. Not a dingbat, she's sharp.
MALE. Straight out of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, Texas is a young man's man. He is the kind of guy that could field dress a deer and then take you to the debutante ball in 20. Polite, farm boy. He's good at everything. Except call centering.
MALE. Kansas is straight off the farm. However, he takes great pains to point out that Kansas is very cosmopolitan, as witnessed by their record, their burgeoning tech industry, and their hybrid corns (bonus: modified by fish genes!).
MALE. Connecticut is all things Connecticut. He's a little bit older. He's a little bit thicker around the waist. He's WHITE. He's also competitive. Very. Waspy, blue blood.
MALE. Oklahoma is awesome and he thinks everything is awesome. He's very enthusiastic about all things call center and all things life and he wants to share this contagious enthusiasm with everyone he meets. Wide-eyed, as naive as they come.
MALE. Louisville is very true to place. He's short. He's HISPANIC. And one day he hopes to carry on in proud Louisville tradition and race thoroughbreds.
FEMALE. Tennessee is orange crazy. The ice tray in her orange fridge, that freezes the water she dyes orange, is that orange. The party girl cowboy hat she wears is a white and orange zebra print. The tattoo on her lower back is Pantone 3 for that Tennessee orange. The only thing that's not orange is her dog, which is the mascot Smokey. Did we mention she's crazy? A slutty girl who would hang out at the cowgirl hall of fame.
MALE. Child prodigy. 14-year-old. Or open to an 18-year-old who looks 14. Aeronautical engineering. Wiz kid. Think McLovin from Superbad.
MALE. Villanova is the poor man's Duke — he's not quite as handsome, he's not quite as rich, he's not quite as dapper. After 2 or 3 beers though, who cares? As he's friendly enough.
MALE He's an ASIAN kid who is in to all things Notre Dame, ridiculously so. Oh, and he's always fighting. Every time we encounter him he always has some words or another, be it the faint traces of a black eye, or a scab or whatever. He epitomizes the fightin' Irish.
FEMALE. Pittsburgh is a tomboy. She obviously grew up in the neighborhood and isn't going to take any guff from anyone and she'll wallop you in the eye with a crowbar if you suggest different. So don't. Think Tina Fey type.
MALE. Jewish kid from Long Island that is loving the college experience. It has opened up a world he never knew existed. All you can eat buffets in the cafeteria — who knew? To Syracuse, everything is a party.
FEMALE. Georgetown, a 4.36 GPA who's lived in 9 world-class cities, but all the time in her sister's shadow (her GPA is 4.37). She's sort of the female Duke, except most people like her. Think Reese Witherspoon.
MALE. No one knows what Gonzaga looks like because no one knows where to find him. He is still stuck in the grunge look, reckless, in from the wild. Flannel look. Chews tobacco. Guy that would go to school in the Pacific Northwest.
FEMALE. Marquette, on a scale of 1-10, she's a six. B-/C in every category you can define a person by. Her defining characteristic is you don't really remember her. You're not breaking your arm to get to her, but you're not chewing it off to get away. She does have a winning personality though. Midwest, sweet girl.
MALE. Blue collar to the core. Michigan State is one tough kid that grew up by putting a few down. That's just Michigan State's way. Big beefy kid.
MALE. What can we say about Memphis? He's a southern BLACK kid, really culinary and polite. He's artistic, and draws comic books really well.
MALE. He plays lacrosse. A dude. Low key. Mid Atlantic, wears baseball hats and chinos.
MALE. He looks like Jim Tressle (head coach of Ohio State football) in the dress code. Red sweater vest. Always. Doesn't care for swearing either — of course we never really test this out as they are commercial advertisements and no one swears in them, but it's true nevertheless. A Republican.
MALE. African-American. Young Obama. Think Toofer - the straight-laced, Harvard grad writer from 30 Rock (Keith Powell).
FEMALE. She's a fun loving girl, Oklahoma born and bred. Decided not to travel out of State so she should be closer to home. She's a flirt. She's a hot chick.
MALE. True to the region, Texas A&M is one tough dude. He's not big physically, but he is imposing. He's an ROTC kid and his 100-yard stare lets you know it.
MALE & FEMALE. Baylor is not one people but two. It's a couple. In fact, we're not even sure which one goes to Baylor. We only know they are madly in love. Their world is each other, which is really sweet or really sickening, depending. Think Sheri Oteri and Will Farrell as the cheerleaders.
Motivating questions:
  1. Was the stereotype of your school accurate then (2008)? Is it now? Was it ever?
  2. What would your school have been?
  3. Who would be in the Cowgirl Hall of Fame?
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2014.07.16 07:57 shadyshoelace Introductions

Just to make sure we all know who we're playing with, I've aggregated the intros given in the FTA thread and this sub here.
beachbum78 (The Barr Tender): "I'm a 23 year old college graduate. Graduated last month with a degree in Computer Science. Currently unemployed but hoping to fix that soon. I apply for jobs online constantly so I'm quick to respond or see stuff posted unless I'm in a job interview. Some of those fuckers are long though (7 hours and change is my interview PR) so sorry if I end up taking a long time to post a pick on occasion. I'm a 4 year Fantasy Sports player (football, baseball and basketball) and before that, I played football for 7 years in HS/College. Also played baseball for about ten years growing up. Root for the Vikings, Timberwolves, Yankees and Ducks. When I'm not watching sports, I'm golfing, writing code, reading or playing chess."
XZheng (dolphinlvr69): "I'm a 22 year old college graduate. Graduated a year ago with a degree in Biochemistry. Currently in medical school and chilling during the summer until the year starts again. I'm a 7 year Fantasy Football player. Before that, I did not play football in any capacity. I've dabbled in some league basketball but even then I'm fairly un-athletic for my size. Root for the NFL NBA and College Football. Don't really have an affiliation for any teams except for the Thunder. When I'm not watching sports, I'm reading about my favorite sports, watching someone die on GoT, and eating."
Hawtzi (Ryan's Team): "Im a 23 year old college graduate from the greatest college in the county, Univeristy of Kentucky. I graduated two years ago with a finance and marketing degree and currently work as a banker. I am a Bengals fan but I try not to own any Bengals players in fantasy; I don't want the two mixing."
KJrunfree (The Montee Ball Problem): "I'm 22, just graduated college a month ago with a chemistry degree so Beachbum I'm right with you on the job search! I'm taking a year to just work and relax before going back to grad school. Currently living in Los Angeles but a month from now who knows. I ran cross country all through college, so this is the first time in years that I'm not running 70+ miles a week. The free time and energy is overwhelming (which explains the June fantasy football draft!). I'm a 49ers fan and don't watch other sports much, except the World Cup right now."
secsbox (Stafford Infection): "I'm 30 years old and am currently a full-time police dispatcher. Got a lolBA in philosophy, worked a few shitty jobs and taught English overseas a bit. During that time I played poker part-time to help pay some bills but never had a big break so was only slightly profitable. Started fantasy sports with hockey 3-4 years ago then moved on to football and basketball. I also play daily fantasy sports and have been profitable over a significant sample size. However, I got destroyed last year after moving from Draftday to Draftstreet, but that's no surprise seeing as I played mainly large field contests with ridiculously high variance."
shadyshoelace (3rd and Lynches): "I'm Zach, 18 years old from South Dakota. I'm an Eagles fan, but I'll be a freshman studying engineering at Northwestern University this fall so I'll probably have to start supporting the Bears to some extent. This is my third year playing fantasy football. I watch MLB (Twins), NBA (Celtics), NHL (used to be Sabres because of Thomas Vanek, but I'll probably bandwagon over to the Blackhawks once I'm in Chicago), and college sports (Northwestern). Music is pretty huge for me in my spare time, I play a couple instruments and mostly listen to rock and rap (Led Zeppelin, Rush, Kendrick, Tech N9ne, Foo Fighters are my favorites at the moment)."
thesatntmatador (Romo's Broken Clutch): "Rainy day here, so I suppose I'll introduce myself. My name is Mitch, 33, Native Texan. I'm a construction superintendent by day, excellent bartender by night. Looking forward to the Mitch bowl. This is my third fantasy football season, and I don't know what I was doing before, because I'm totally obsessed. Last season I took home the championship in three of my five leagues (would've had four if it weren't for a ridiculous scoring setup with insane bonuses, hate that crap.) I'm actually going back to school in the fall to get certified in Solar Technology, so hopefully I'll do my part to make the world a better place through clean(er) energy. I also work on vintage motorcycles/mopeds/scooters as a side business/hobby. I've created a yahoo league this season with only the best players from my other leagues, it's early but if it doesn't fill up before the season starts any of you are welcome to join, judging by your drafting I can tell you're all qualified."
sup4949 (Winnebago Warriors): "My name is Kevin, 26, from California. Lifetime niners fan. I graduated a year ago with a BS in mechanical engineering, I'm currently working as an energy engineer doing energy audits on various buildings in my area. Last year was the first year I played fantasy football for $$$, making it to the championship in both my leagues(and losing both). Just like all of you, I couldnt wait another few months to start drafting."
AstroMunkey (Tootsie Sproles): "I'm Nick, 28 year old aerospace engineer from Colorado. I got my Bachelors from the University of Colorado in 2009, and last fall completed an online program for my Masters. My wife and I just had our second child so in addition to working full time, the time that I was spending on school is now committed to taking care of another baby. This will be my fifth season in fantasy, and only my second playing with strangers (I participated in the reddit NarFFL last year). I usually do pretty well in leagues with friends, but competing against skilled players like yourselves should prove to be much more challenging. Being from Colorado, I can't wait for the Broncos to get another shot at a Super Bowl after that disgraceful "game" that I wish I could forget (if you think it looked brutal on TV, it was even worse in person). At least the halftime show was good... "
Mitchy27 (Reuben's Sandwich): "First..I am Dylan (sorry.. No Mitch bowl this year). I am heading into my 3rd year of Uni where I am majoring in Statistics. I am Canadian so of course I play hockey, but football is my #1 fantasy 'sport.' Also, I am way more of an NFL fan than I am CFL - Fun fact if you guys haven't already heard; Ocho Cinco signed to play up in Canada, so maybe I will get to see him play. Eh. I hope to one day also see the Packers play at Lambeau or just about anywhere - the 27 in Mitchy27 comes from Lacy whom I would of liked to draft if I didn't have 2nd overall! (Hmm.. maybe a trade will be in the works?). I will be out of town this Friday - Tuesday but I might be able to get wifi from my hotel. If not, my apologizes for not making a pick in time."
Optimusfine_ (Browncoats): "My name is Mike, I'm 20 years young and I go to IUPUI in Indy. I am a junior and my major is Media Arts and Science. Unemployed right now, I only played FF once last year and I did pretty well and now I'm hooked. I'm always busy with school which means I will be glued to my laptop, so I will be fairly prompt with trades, messages, etc. And, I am a die hard Colts and Notre Dame fan (fight me). I play a little of everything for fun, but I love to run and bike the most. I was training for a duathlon before I hurt my knee (again), but I'll be back soon. I'm easy going and ready for an awesome season!"
breathofsmaug (Dirty Mike & The Boys): "Hey, my name is Joe, I'm currently a lab manager at a small college in Wisconsin. I have a masters in biochem so I am lovin' being in a league with so many science nerds. Obviously being from Wisconsin I am a huge Packer fan, but I also got into fantasy football a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. Usually I play in a few leagues each year and manage to be reasonably competitive."
Looks like the people we're missing (let me know if I just missed you) are audorocket (The Jenning Solution), and bofosh0 (Ndonkey Kong).
If anyone wants to add to or edit your intro, just comment here and I can edit it into this OP.
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{DISCLAIMER} I Don't Own This Song No Copyright Intended This Song Belongs To Its Respective Owners Please Support The Artist By Buying Their Songs/Albums g spot puttin down that ol school soul back in 2000 One of my all time favorite songs from the great Gerald Levert may he rest in peace. This song is from the album 'G' Subscribe to Riley Green: https://RileyGreen.lnk.to/SubscribeID Follow Riley Green: https://www.facebook.com/RileyGreenMusic/ https://www.instagram.com/riley... Subscribe and press (🔔) to join the Notification Squad and stay updated with new uploads Listen & Download 'True 2 Myself' by Lil Tjay out now: https://LilTj... Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Damn Good Goodbye · Mike Ryan Blink You'll Miss It ℗ 2017 Rock & Soul Released on: 2017-10-20 Auto-generated by YouTube. SUBSCRIBE AND CLICK THAT BELL TO BE NOTIFIED FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER - https://twitter.com/TheSIJW JOIN THE DISCORD - https://discord.gg/vxuX6GK CHECK OUT MY PA... Justin Timberlake Greatest Hits Full Album - Best Songs Of Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake Greatest Hits Full Album - Best Songs Of Justin Timberlake Tha...